Disability Marriage Love and Relationships

[music] We get asked alot of odd questions How will you manage? How do you., well, you know I was finishing school in Tucson,
never expecting to share my future with anyone I was living in Alabama, still recovering
from the loss of my mother A chance encounter at a martial
arts seminar brought us together One look into her deep chocolate eyes, and
I knew she was the one Through our shared passion of writing,
our connection grew, until we couldn’t deny our love any longer On our wedding day, we defied all
odds as I stood and walked my bride down the aisle Over the years, our lives have been
full of adventure and unpredictable experiences, from navigating hurricane flooded streets to finding ourselves stuck in the airport
for days, to finding the courage to follow our dreams
of empowering others We learn and grow from one another,
and come out laughing and loving more deeply When we are met with questions of how we manage
caretaking, work, and disability, we pull people out of their old way of thinking through
laughter, a look, and a smile Laughter is transformative,
it carries the power to open doors to new conversations,
shatter barriers and burst illusions There’s this moment, when you can
see the barriers breaking down When someone finds out that we are married,
it breaks down all of their perceived limitation and then they ask what can become possible
for them Ink in the Wheels Stories to Make
Love Roll is more than just a memoir of our lives as a married
couple Our story is a tool for others
with or without disabilities to find the inspiration and courage to transform
their lives and discover profound freedom So come join us, open your heart
to the journey that is calling you Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll
by S, Barton and Megan M. Cutter

Michael Martin

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  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story. May God Bless you in all your plans. You encouraged me a lot.I would like to buy your book. Great Big Bear Hug for you both. Ariadne

  2. God brings out the best of us

    bad condition? i didn't know Love was a bad condition…last time i checked God is Love……Shalom

  3. This story is beautiful, My now fiance proposed a few months ago we been together for over 10 years before that.The day he proposed was one of the happiest moments of my life and in a since the saddest.See if we marry the state will take all of my benefits if we marry and live together.We still set a wedding date but pushed it far out because of funds and the fact that since our situation will be different and not legally on paper we still have to find someone who will perform the wedding.

  4. my boyfriend at I want to get married too…. he has CP and I have other Disability (APD/Hearing Disability) but we love each other so much!

  5. Your love touches our heart so deeply because I can see in both your eyes and actions the love you have for each other. We are so very touched, may your friendship, your love, your bond last forever more. Thank you for sharing your story. 

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