Dimash | Interview | JSTYLE Awards Ceremony | 11.01.2020 (ENG/ ESP subtitles)

Happy New Year!! Happy New Year!! Sending our new year blessing Later, Dimash will open the JSTYLE Awards Ceremony by bringing a magnificent show and perform with super models that creating a new form of this grand show I won’t say anything Can you reveal a little bit about the show to arouse our curiosity? I’m screaming ah~~~ Happy New Year~ I love you~~ He has revealed the major information already! I think his fans all have guessed correctly Later you (audience) can also leave messages on our live stream channel to see if you have guessed it correctly We are really looking forward to his performance The opening show is gonna be astonishing!! Now I would like to ask Dimash Have you celebrated Chinese New Year in China? I have been in China for almost three years and yes, I have celebrated Chinese New Year in China I think everybody might have noticed that I have participated in CCTV Spring Festival Gala also sharing the happiness of celebrating CN new year so I am happy I can celebrate CN new year with you We have you to celebrated CN new year together that is a great thing to us For Chinese New Year customs We not only eat dumplings but also watch Spring Festival Gala There is a song that accompanying us to grow up in Spring Festival Gala It’s called “Unforgettable Night” was sung by maestro Li Guyi Do you know this song? I suppose… not that familiar with it But you can sing this song, right? Can you sing “Unforgettable Night” for us? Okay? Can you (staff) play “Unforgettable Night”? Dimash: sure, sure ( XDDDD) We can’t play it, can we? oh, Dimash is not familiar with this song It’s okay!! I believe you would sing this song after watching Spring Festival Gala this year We will wait for you singing this song together next year, okay? OK!! (sooo cute) We can play this song now Please try! I want to scream!! You’re amazing!!! Thank you!! the singing is amazing! a rendition of “Unforgettable Night” For the opening show we also welcome spontaneous surprises on stage Now I would like to invite Dimash to send the most sincere Chinese New Year blessing for live stream audience Wish you happy Chinese New Year For upcoming Spring Festival, I wish everyone a happy family in advance Happy and peaceful Thank you!! We also wish you a happy Chinese New Year Good luck on everything Thank you, Dimash! Thank you!! Now we wait for your astonishing opening show!!

Michael Martin

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  1. Dimash! You are busy early in the new year. Although you are young, please value your heart and body. Also, please make and sing a Kazakh song.

  2. Thank you so much for the translation!!!! You are kind and wonderful! And Dimash.. – wow, his voice, every time again and again I fall in LOVE ..

  3. Димаш даусынан айналаин!!! KDear Pan ,подписалась , поставила лайк! Спасибо за видео!

  4. KDears_Pan gracias por este hermoso video de Dimash es grato poder entender parte de la entrevista, besos para ti

  5. Dimash esta super hermoso 😍😍😍😍Gracias KDear_Pan por los subtitulos en español sos una genia total.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  6. 🤣🤣🤣Pobrecito, esta entrevistadora puso al staff y a Dimash en un momento 😳 pidiendo que tocaran la canción Noche Inolvidable y a Dimash a cantarla cuando no está familiarizado con ella. Pero me encantó como Dimash resolvió con su oído privilegiado y la tarareó, hasta ella dijo que quería gritar! 🤣🤣🤣 Yo quería abrazarlo, tan lindo siempre! 🤗🤗🤗💓💓💓🇵🇦🇰🇿

  7. Thank you so much for your translation! It was so awesome how he heard that song once and repeated it perfectly, I guess that's how the advanced version of perfect pitch works lol

  8. 😀👍Merci,c'est toujours agréable de regarder et écouter Dimash ,il est toujours humble,souriant et professionnel.que du plaisir !!💖🎶🗼🇫🇷

  9. Thank you for sharing this and translation!
    "Dimashi"is really beloved in China, he is always so sweet and adorable!

  10. toujours charmant ! ….esperons l annee 2020 pleine de nouveautes de DIMASH! on ne s en lasse pas! bonne annee DIMASH !

  11. Well, I almost go out without comments, but it was because of the poor entreviewer, she doen´t seem very smart, it´s not you fault. And Dimnash doesn't look relaxed nor cozy. Please keep on doing your best and thaks for the translation.

  12. Да ….китайский язык самый скоростной, за одну секунду столько слов…

  13. I think Mr. Dimash handled the interview fairly good. It’s understandable because of the language barrier. It’s hard to communicate between 2 different nationalities without a common language to meet on their own. As per my personal taste, I think the hairstyle doesn’t fit the suit. He looks like he has just gotten up out of bed. Sorry, Mr. Dimash…I would have preferred that he have separated or divided his hair on one side, brush it down a little on one side and brush it up a little on the other side. I think he will look more formal in a suit with a hairstyle like that. And as I have always observed with male celebrities in the US or ENGLAND or AUSTRALIA, in live shows, interviews or in the movies, a man in suit upon sitting down needs to UNBUTTONED the suit. And once he stands up, BUTTONED it back again. I think it’s the right way to do it, Mr. Dimash…may you get used to it. The best thing in this interview… you’re a true gentleman by offering your hand to the lady host for a handshake as gratitude and respect for her. And for that, a billion bravo for you, Mr. Dimash.

  14. НЕТ ТЕБЕ РАВНЫХ. 🍐🌹🌹💋😆😃🇰🇿🇰🇿🍐🌹🎶🎵🎵🎻🎺🇰🇿🇰🇿❤

  15. Раньше думала лающий язык немецкий….оказывается ошибалась. Димаш как всегда впереди времени. Какой красивый казанский язык! Мелодичный благородный!

  16. Is the host pushy or what Dimash already told her he is not familiar with the song Unforgettable Night and she still insisted on him singing it.

  17. Our diamond, he is real son of his country, patriot.
    We r proud of him!
    Great love to Chinese and Korean people from Kazakhstan.😘🤗❤

  18. The opcón must have been deactivated and if you see my comment it is because it was activated again

  19. Димаш Канатович! С Новым 2020 годом! Творческого долголетия в искусстве! Здоровья и безопасности! Вы – ПРЕДАННЫЙ ОРФЕЙ! Вы – энергия ЛЮБВИ и ДОБРА! Обожаю песни на казахском языке. Махаббат бер маган – одна из любимых. Вникаю в перевод, все песни с глубоким смыслом и мудростью. Я русская, мне 74. Ваши песни для меня услада для души, утешение в печали. И жизнь, и слезы, и любовь… Большой РАХМЕТ!

  20. It could be because the English speaking world doesn't understand what either of them is saying. I will say that I am very impressed about all the awards Di receives. It is very well deserved. I will also add that he gets more gorgeous every day . i also want to add that he is a very good sport

  21. Thank you very much for the subtitles. Dimash looks handsome… as always 😉Hopefully we will hear him performing "Unforgettable night" very soon 😊👍👍 ❤️

  22. Ничегошеньки не поняла , но по Димашику видно , что беседа не напрягла , не было провокационных вопросов , просто мило побеседовали .😆😆😆🎷💌💐💌💐💌💐💌💐

  23. Я только увидела. Уже посмотрела на других влогах раз пять. Но не устаю смотреть. СУПЕР, спасибо 💞❤️

  24. Аллага шукир Казак елин барлык мемлекетке танытып журген биздин мактанышымыз Димаш ага.Рахмет сизге сукпатынызды казак тилинде айтып жатканыныз ушин.

  25. Thank you for posting. I only see an English translation of the things the hostess says. Dimash's words are not translated.

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