Dillinja…Deadly Ceremonies

Michael Martin

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  1. Oh man, this is BAAAAD. Response & Pliskin are bringing this sound back fortunately. Love the 4/4 amen style.

  2. interesting to see most people feel Dillinja's best work was around 93 to 96 era ('You Don't Know' is what got me into Jungle in fact) – I'd have to agree – BUT, I remember going out during 2000-2004 and though a lot his tunes sounded pretty wack on home hifi,  on the club floor they killed it every time.

  3. I'm pretty sure a secret society or some other unknown force gave him a visit in the late 90's and told him "You can't do breaks like that any more".

  4. always on the edge of darkness
    listen the simple but everlasting
    killah drum patterns – im in the nether realms

  5. @ncshuriken I’ll always be into DnB mate but I hear what your saying. I don’t think the music can ever be the same, whatever your into, especially what once get a bit older. Just keep looking out for cream, it always rises to the top! Respect

  6. @cyriledher

    I'm just an oldskool die hard man lol. I do like SOME new DnB & Jungle (hardly any jungle these days apart from the same few artists on labels like Scientific Wax and maybe Paradox), but I just cant get into all the filthy grime & jump up DnB of modern times. A lot of DnB just sounds like pop to me these days (a bit cheesy), always using the same 2step drumloops, same jump-up synth patches (or more likely sample CD's). I'll have to check that Rising tune though! peace

  7. @ncshuriken I hear what you saying mate but a little harsh. You have to move with the times and you get older, you can’t produce the same style forever, things change. As good as the early Valve and Test Recordings tunes are some people, some people might say they were the same tune but with different make up. Anyway, this is indeed a bad boy tune, one of his best long side ‘The Rising’ on Target Records.

  8. I swear Dillinja needs to step into the time machine, cos these days his tunes are WHACK. Compare this, or 80% of his other early tunes under ALL his aliases to ANY of his new style tings and you'll see what I'm getting at, but if you know your jungle, then you already know the score. THIS… is Dillinja!!!!

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