Diana Hated Charles’s Relationship With Kids!

Even though it has been two decades that Diana
is gone, we still are talking about her and her relationship with Charles and their kids! What we are sure of is the beautiful and strong
bond she had with Prince William and Prince Harry but what is less talked about is how
she was jealous of the bond the kids had created with their father Prince Charles! Stay with me to find out why Diana was jealous
of Charles and even the kids’ nannies! Getting in a royal family at such a young
age was one of the reasons why Diana found herself very lonely and isolated! The only thing that got her out of this feeling
was welcoming her two sons! Right after that, she found a reason to live
for and started becoming a very hands-on mother! Diana’s world changed for the better with
Harry and William in it so she wanted to make sure that they are living as much of a normal
life as possible! Something that was more familiar to her than
a royal life! Do you remember what your happy place was
when you were a little kid?! Mine was an amusement park and one of the
normal things that Diana did for her sons was taking them to amusement parks! Everything about this was what normal kids
would do! Meaning they had to wait in line just like
everyone else! They were also volunteering at charitable
organizations which helped them with being in contact with the rest of the non-royal
people! And my other personal favorite thing that
they were doing was going to McDonald’s! Diana was even making the kids take the London
buses and taxies! Considering their position, Prince Charles,
as expected, was not happy with the way Diana was raising kids! At some point, he even asked her why she made
their kids ride a bus! And of course, he confronted her about taking
the kids to McDonald’s when they actually had a good chef at home! The royal chef even said that he would make
them burger if they wanted but Diana explained that the kids wanted the toys! That is how, William, Harry, and Diana would
spend their Saturday night eating McDonald’s Big Mac and fries while watching “Blind
Date” on TV. Judging by the things the princess did with
her sons, the bond was real and strong and so was her jealousy towards the ones that
her kids loved! According to an Amazon Prime documentary,
Diana was jealous of Prince William’s nanny because of how much the young prince was attached
to her! William would climb into the nanny’s bed
before breakfast every single morning and there was a side of Diana that didn’t want
this so she was soon sacked when William was only 4! This nanny was not the only person Diana was
jealous of! Even though Prince Charles was a busy father,
he always made time for his kids to take them on vacations all around the world and play
with them! During all this time, the kids were away from
Diana and that left her in a great deal of sadness! But things got to the next level when Charles
took the kids on a ski trip with two of their friends! A photo that was published from this trip
made Diana even sadder than what she was already feeling! The image of Prince Charles play-strangling
one of his son’s friends made the reporters say that he had a great relationship with
both of his sons and their friends and that is exactly what Diana didn’t want! She always thought of herself as the closer
parent to the kids and now, here was Charles stealing that away from her! This whole thing came out when she was already
pretty hurt and aggressive towards Charles so I am guessing it added to her anger towards
him! Thinking about it, Charles gave her nothing! She came into an arranged marriage without
knowing much about it thinking she would have her happily ever after with her partner! Poor thing fell in love with him but he didn’t
love her back! There was always a third person in their marriage
and that was no one other than Camila! She stole her man from her, her royal status
and now, she probably thought to herself that Charles was planning on doing the same with
her kids! Just put yourself in her shoes! It is unbelievably sad! I give her all the rights to be jealous of
Charles’s relationship with their kids even though I am well aware that this is not the
right thing to do! What do you guys think!? Do you believe Diana had all the right to
be jealous of Charles’s relationship with Harry and William?! Let’s talk about it in the comments and
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Michael Martin

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