Destroying Full Parties of Sweats..🔥 (BO4 Swagg's 24/7 Team) *Episode 2* – COD BO4

Oh a dog's a tux mustard place is that that guy with that motion picture picture yes I want to see I'll give this guy oh what's up brother you'll congrats on the team bro that's a good thing I'd have probably iris are we gonna rent here that Bob Bashara so we're gonna rent here he's gone the cop and da think they're leaving losing it they're leaving are they kept they couldn't hang there's only one dude bro oh yeah baby oh yeah oh my god I think the spawning world is like five of them and I'm gonna move enough [Applause] domination Oh [Applause] I secure the objectives huh [Applause] shit gonna take Bravo I'll take Bravo I got you ready [Applause] jeez [Applause] Danyelle that's fine okay tango Down oh geez geez okay okay [Applause] okay okay huh Oh [Applause] take a crash course to evening fuck I can't see attempting to preacher systems our baby's game over that's what I'm talking about Charlie oh my goodness game over has been destroyed right here oh my god we're destroying these kids right now employed make it offline scores go Oh your back your watch No are they spawning price ere's baseball unable to tap ah geez destroy team mission let's go with that case mommy these guys got destroyed here get them get them get them get them there's baseball situation man hangin pubstomp passage good uh-huh don't go go bro come on man Oh huh oh the smokes we destroyed them you're a doctor sick you holy shit 19:25 84 and 2865 in twenties Athena forty nine and thirteen yeah we absolutely slapped these guys here man Jesus it's the big four right here man you know Eddie Mamba and abducts that's a nice shit anyways guys hope you guys did enjoy the pop you can sign off here Mikey I'm getting late man like I just I got you guys all the next one man oh you

Michael Martin

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  2. Man , that is seriously some heavy pubstomp dude . And that three in a row streaking ( UAV , Snipers nest and Strike team ) during that second round was sick !

  3. .•♫•Jazz •♫•. Those guys left what dicks. Jeez all I hear are Maddox. The team work they had was impressive. I'm still not a fan of this nuketown, but it has its moments. Jeez that smile with that laugh, evil as hell. The way you track people with the guns is so nice to look at. That one guy kept getting you, no matter how good we all have a guy who kills us more than once. Anyway good video and I'll see you in the next one.

    Question: do you think players who play with high sensitivity is bad or good? I think it's both because it depends on the player I play with a high sensitivity on all shooter games. Right now I have my sensitivity at 11, 11 then my aiming is ×4, ×4.

  4. Don't be alarmed Mamba, I changed my name from Gamerish to something that describes how I play…stealthy 🙂

  5. Man I feel bad for the other team going against BEASTS!!!!!!! 😂😂💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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