hi everybody my name is Rhys Barber I’m
the audiologist here at audiology associates we upload new ear wax removal videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 9 p.m. UK time so please consider subscribing hi everybody this is Rhys Barber from audiology associates thank you very much watching our ear wax removal video today so this patients come through with a very blocked up here lots of difficulty hearing general day-to-day sounds not coming through very very well struggling to hear family talking no pain in here but just just really blocked up so what you can see is we’ve got the standard size on the tube in here at the moment we’ve got very soft bubbly ear wax here at the entrance to the ear canal patient has been using a few drops to try and soften this up a little bit has been a regular producer of ear wax in the past but has neither reason cleaned up for a few years so hence why there’s quite a bit in here so what you can see here is we’re lifting the ear wax from the ear canal wall first we’ll try to unstick it now if the ear wax is quite a solid block by unsticking it we can take it away in one large piece but because this is this softer most of bobbly ear wax here at the entrance then you’ll find it it’s it unsticks but it you don’t get enough grip to take a whole chunk away in one go so just train our best to leave this out the you peeling away from that bottom right hand corner of the ear canal wall there it’s a little bit of whiteness and release which is a little bit of dry skin in there which is just detached away from the ear canal wall I’ll still trying to work on that bottom section there just to try and then stick some of it from the ear canal wall now you can with very sticky ear wax like this use a little bit of olive oil as I’ve said to you in the past though excuse me you you can it can sometimes be a bit of a blessing and a curse because it will reduce the stickiness to the ear wax but you do sometimes lose some of the visual so I’m trying to hold off I use another violet and so we really need to do it especially where you can see there’s lots of these little finds Cilla hears around the outside which are quite pronounced so the olive oil would stick to that and block the view so Tracy we can go in a bit deeper before we have to use the olive oil as you can see now we’ve managed to get a little bit of leverage to this right-hand side a little bit of purchase on the ear wax it’s very very dark in colour can you see the consistency of the ear wax no has changed we’ve gone from that very bubbly bubbly looking ear wax on the outside sectional to a much thicker darker looking ear wax a bit of a slightly smoother surface to it so the outer section you can see is where the drops have come into contact with ear wax and she reacted with the ear wax itself and started to break it down but now we’ve got to the pieces that the drops haven’t touched so it’s this much smoother thicker darker type of ear wax in there don’t forget that things like peroxide people use peroxide a lot but things like peroxide drops actually melt the fat and dissolve the fat that’s in actually in oils that means binding the ear wax together which is where you get that bubbling effect to the actual ear wax itself we’ve introduced a little bit of olive oil now just to try and help us to loosen some of these thinner pieces off the ear canal wall just slow in a video down here we’re just going to take some of this away to the left hand side gives you actually managed to get a piece that’s broken away there see it you saw somebody get sucked into the machine and then we’ll take the next piece out and then we’re just gonna work our way down to the next piece you can see that we’ve got these smooth they’re much thinner sections of ear wax against the ear canal wall these are gonna be quite firmly attached there so if we just lift slightly the olive oil can work underneath it and which would reduce some of that stickiness there in that adhesion to the ear canal wall really just trying to lift we can see how firmly wedged in here this is and yeah but the colour of it the very very dark colour we know that new ear wax is almost white cream in colour older ear wax dry or ear wax tends to very very dark that much deeper Browns and black colours so you can see here that we’ve got this this really is a deep brown colour this chestnut brown colour ear wax so it’s really old old stuff what the patient had been say they’ve been using drops intermittently over the last few years getting a problem of the rear canal a blocked up put some drops in which has alleviated that hearing issue but what’s been happening is it’s just created a small gap in the ear wax so it has been allowing some sound through but not getting rid of the underlying cause it’s just alleviated the symptoms for a few months so what we’ve ended up with is ears and years of ear wax that is all impacted together very very deep in the ear canal that’s the reason at the moment I’m you know I don’t really want to use the Jobson horn in here because I can see just how thick and hard this ear wax is if we go in when it’s this deep we run the risk of pushing we could definitely push up against the eardrum so best not to use the jobs on hold as you’re working on the outer portion of the ear canal just for patient safety reasons really so I’m using the edge of the there’s on the tube to try and break break some of this ear wax down so try and loosen it a little bit you can see we lost the visual again there so we’re using the suction to hold onto the ear wax and we’re using the edge of this on the tube just to press against the bottom of it just a break maybe out as you can see there just a just to slightly loosen and break up this section to the right-hand side you can tell just how firmly wedged in it is there so I’m moving to a slightly different spot trying to break it down again just to see if we can get to this top section now we’re not getting much luck there in the bottom right so we’re gonna move across this left-hand side just try to gently scrape along the surface of the ear wax throughout there you go now you can see that pieces broken away that’s what we’re trying to use by by using the side of the sauna tube is just trying to break little chunks off you can see how we’ve got almost like a little overhang at the top so we’re gonna be able to pull that down there we’ve got rid of that bottom section when you’re removing ear wax so this is a case of chipping away little sections creating space to move other pieces of the ear wax into that space so we’ve got to the bottom sections now we’re pulling this top section down into the ear canal using the same technique of just gently brushing along the outside of the ear wax looking for movement and breaking the ear wax down you can see as I passed along that a little bit of movement to the bottom section here that shows me that that’s loose so let’s take that away now there we go you can see the whole thing is starting to get a little bit of movement there not a tremendous amount so just put a little bit more olive oil in and you can see what I mean about the visual now it it can blur the camera slightly sometimes so it’s it’s always a difficult one to judge when it’s you know you’re always weighing up the loss of visualisation compared to how much how much benefit you’ll get from putting the oil in loosening the ear wax itself this whole right-hand section is starting to move we can see it just you can see the actual oil compressing out from the sides as we move it so we know the whole section is moving it’s just trying to find the right position on here to be able to hold on to it see you again a little bit more movement there it’s loosening up there we go let’s pull across to the right again this even get some gum there now we’re starting to see the movement there you go so now we’ve got it so as it pulls away now on this right hand side you can see the whole thing move forward so we’ve got it to the outer part of the ear canal now so we’re going to try and get this out with suction if we can if not because we’ve got it to the outer section we can switch the tools now and put the jobs in horn in if needed but let’s see if we can get this out just by moving this ear wax down the ear canal it gives some relief because you imagine that piece of ice was perfectly formed to the ear canal walls very deep in the ear canal so it’s it’s really uncomfortable for the patient to have the ear wax there and especially when you’re trying to remove it as well because you’re moving the ear wax out of its normal position or you’re pressing against the ear canal walls so it can be quite uncomfortable so they you do get a sense of relief not only with hearing but as the sensation in the you as well when this moves out you can see what I’m trying to do in a moment is fold this left hand side turn the ear wax basically to bring it forwards because it’s too big to fit up the ear canal it’s not really budging so we can use the jobs and home really safely and effectively here so just creeping over the top if we pull down out comes the ear wax you’ll see it there we go there it is so that’s the block that was sitting really deep now if we look behind that now you can see little white blob at the top a little looks like a little pearl you’ll see it again there when the suction tube moves that’s how she’s something called exostosis basically it’s it’s a little bony growth that you find in the ear ear canals you talk about we call it swimmers ear here in the northern hemisphere in the US and suddenly hemisphere they call it surfers ear so what you have is its little bony outgrowths that you get in the ear canal so a secondary layer of bone that grows on top and it forms these little kind of pearly pearly sort of lumps in the ear canal now this one was very small its benign is not gonna cause any problems at all but it’s yeah it just starts to appear at the top of the ear canal although this last section to take away from close to the eardrum that’s all come away nicely there we go take a good look at the eardrum I’ll point out that Alexis doses there it is so you can see it just at the top there’s nothing to worry about it’s just something we keep an eye on basically with this but other than that everything looks looks okay in there this is what we removed so you can see the the chunks of ear wax that came away in the colour that reddish brown thicker harder type of ear wax that we get there and there we are so probably just under an inch if we squished it all together thank you very much for watching our video today if you did enjoy the video then please like if you’re not subscribed already you’d like to do so you can click the subscribe button here if you’d like to check out some more videos there also update now if you want to follow us you can do on Facebook Twitter Instagram and also check our website if you want to know a little bit more about us as always guys until the next time take care

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  18. I love watching your videos and learning, but for some reason I can't watch this kind of wax. I like hard dark wax but not when it's mushy like that. Eat wax doesn't gross me out usually. Even cholesteatoma doesn't gross me at all, but for some weird reason sometimes the wax like in this video turn my stomach . Then again it could all just be nausea from the flu LOL

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  23. Not sure if it’s just an issue on my side but the closed caption has like double lines??? Anyone else?? Super excited to have CC though!

  24. Great video as always!!

    Question: A friend of mine here in the US has to go in somewhat regularly to have his wax cleaned out. He's talked about how painful and unpleasant it is, when I asked what method they use he said they simply shoot a steady stream of water in to irrigate it out. This sounds like a horror show compared to what I see you do. Is water irrigation of earwax something that is commonly practiced? If so, is it for specific types of wax?

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