Dear Comrade Pre Release Full Event | Vijay Deverakonda | Rashmika Mandanna | Bharat Kamma | MMM

Michael Martin

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  1. Don't say…no background no background …who had no background they won't tell people will know automatically ..Plz don't blush on people many times that words

  2. Rashmika what u taking really its not from your heart ,u jus trying to get ppl good impression on u but no u pls stop ✋🏻 and vijay dhevarkonda 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 appreciating each and everyone and your speech is soulful

  3. All the best to #DearComrade…It will definitely be a Blockbuster 👌👍 Heartfelt LOVE to #VijayDevarakonda and #RashmikaMandanna

  4. @1:21:00 chudandi ppl, stage mataladali ante maamulga undadhu, see how he's scared, Vijay speaks without any hesitation and fear malli content untadhi.. only very few can pull audience like that..

  5. I think Rashmika is hurt because of all the hate she's getting. She is strong and she will become extremely successful because of her passion and talent. Power to you girl 💪

  6. Andari Life lo ekkado oka chota Luck untadhi antaru Kani naku matram
    Andari Luck nee okkadi lifeloney undemo anipistundhi 🙄

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