Daybreak 天空渐渐亮 – Ep 2

Defence lawyer Get up You’re up Your Honour Done with your exercise? Yes Thank you for being understanding Your Honour It can be seen from the footage
shown in court just now… that my client observed driving rules… and drove slowly towards the parking space But the victim wanted to
get the parking space first, so he disregarded driving rules… and drove in the wrong direction My client is a delivery driver… who races against the clock every day Although he was in a hurry that day… and there were limited parking spaces, he still abided by the rules The victim was driving an expensive car, yet he has no regard for the law… and driving rules Objection The defence lawyer is making
a baseless conjecture He’s trying to play the sympathy card All right, I’ll retract my statement My point is, the victim… Honestly, I don’t wish to call him that If Mr Bai had followed
driving rules that day, the incident would never have happened, because he wouldn’t have
got the parking space in the first place My client may be at fault
for assaulting Mr Bai, but the latter is partly responsible too It’s unfair to only punish my client It’s also unfair to law-abiding people
who follow driving rules Why are you eating again? Here, have one Eat it yourself Why do you keep eating? I’ve nothing to do anyway Surely you don’t expect me to sleep here? What a small world Boss, you know her?
Introduce her to me Don’t be absurd. She’s my wife She’s your wife? He’s your husband? Let me do the introduction.
This is Shasha Hi “Debt collection in progress”? Didn’t you say your husband
owned a company? That’s right. This is my company,
Sky Debt Collection Service I’m the boss, Zheng Weilong Nice to meet you, Mr Zheng Don’t be so formal with me.
Just call me Zheng Weilong Why don’t we have coffee together? The café ahead
serves pretty good coffee Aren’t you working? I knock off in 30 minutes Besides, we’ve already gone to three places Can’t be helped since business is good What’s wrong with your eye? Don’t block the entrance!
We’re running a business here Why don’t you go over first?
We’ll be right there If you pay up now, we’ll leave right away It’s not a crime to stand here I shouldn’t get in the way. Bye Your Honour The point is, the defendant
shouldn’t have assaulted my client… just because he didn’t observe driving rules
to get the parking space He disrupted public order… and behaved like a road bully In fact, the defendant assaulted my client
although he wasn’t provoked His offence cannot be condoned Defence lawyer, is there
anything you’d like to add? Your Honour, I’d like to request
a rewatch of the footage Objection The defence lawyer is making
an unnecessary request It is absolutely necessary Rewatching the footage will allow us… to see if my client was provoked
before he assaulted Mr Bai Objection overruled Let’s rewatch the footage Thank you Your Honour This chart is taken from
the fitness tracker my client wears At 4.45 pm on the day
the incident took place, my client’s heart rate
rose from his usual 80 bpm… to 130 bpm It clearly shows that
my client was provoked Mr Bai might not have hit my client, but he hit his van It’s clear from the footage that
when they were talking, Mr Bai displayed a snobbish… and disdainful attitude He was unrepentant There is good reason to believe… the victim said something
to provoke my client, causing him to lose his cool Objection The defence lawyer… -OK… Let’s take it that he said nothing He blatantly disregarded the law
and failed to obey driving rules, yet he’s put at an advantage It makes one feel indignant and livid Oftentimes, a nasty attitude… can be more harmful than a knife, and more hurtful than words Dear Cool down. Why are you so upset? I never asked you to tell your friend
I own a big company What could I have told her, then?
That you’re a licenced loan shark? I’m no loan shark I own a licenced debt collection agency… that resolves problems for others What’s so embarrassing about that? Moreover, I was already
a debt collector when you met me The only difference is that
I’m my own boss now Isn’t that an improvement? Don’t you bring up the past I was too naive
to have believed you back then What’s that supposed to mean? You said you wouldn’t be
a debt collector forever You said you merely hadn’t got a break, and that you’d achieve great things one day I was stupid and gullible
to have believed you Zheng Weilong What? That woman is pretty, isn’t she? Which woman? I was talking to you, yet you were
looking at another woman Have you any regard for me? That isn’t true.
She was the one looking at me Excuse me, can you help me
take a photo, please? A babe is asking for your help.
What are you waiting for? Sorry, I can’t Why? Because my wife will get angry After listening to the closing arguments
of both the prosecutor and defence lawyer, I’ve come to the conclusion that
the victim Bai Lianhe… flouted driving rules,
causing the incident to happen On top of that, he displayed a bad attitude I agree with the defence lawyer
Mr Zhang on that However, the defendant Su Zhongming… was at fault for assaulting the victim Considering it’s his first offence, and the victim only sustained
a minor injury, I hereby find the defendant Su Zhongming… guilty of assault, and sentence him to a $5,000 fine Court, rise Thank you, Mr Zhang If not for you, I’d have
been sentenced to prison Don’t be so impulsive in future You won’t be so lucky every time Got it I still owe you half of your fees Can I pay you when
I get my pay next month? Next month? Of course not I’ll see what I can do What can you do? You won’t have any money to pay me
after paying the fine Just pay me when you have money You mean it? Thank you, Mr Zhang! Go pay your fine Otherwise, you’ll have to go to prison Will do I’m surprised you were willing to
let him delay payment That’s why I enjoy brisk business Besides, there’s nothing I can do
if he can’t pay me Surely I can’t sue him? I hear you often take on cases pro bono I don’t do that all the time I only help those who are desperate, or underprivileged elderly people Otherwise, I don’t work pro bono You have a sense of justice You flatter me It’s a chance to gain more experience I have time on my hands anyway When you were a student, did your teachers often reprimand you
because of your ADHD? I was either made to stand… or given a demerit point by the principal That’s why I’m grateful to you
for being so tolerant of me You’re a refined person Think nothing of it I do have some knowledge about ADHD So long as it doesn’t affect
the trial proceedings… or court operations, I’m fine with it Forgive me for asking, but does ADHD get better with age? You get used to it Do you get used to others’ reaction, or do others get used to your behaviour? Excuse me Your son wants to see you Talk to you again. I have to go Sure Ray, please listen to me and come down You’re scaring me I can’t take any more blow Be good Ray Daddy Daddy Daddy, I missed you I missed you too, my ray of light Daddy, play football with me Not now, since I’m not in sportswear I don’t care. Play with me -OK, Ray… I don’t care… -Be good No… -OK, Ray… He won’t do as you say You know he only waited patiently
because he wanted to see you You’re going to meet
that woman, aren’t you? Don’t say that in front of Ray Ray, listen to Daddy We’ll go out and play next Saturday, OK? Be good. Come, give me a five Yeah Stop deluding yourself You know how tough it is to take care of
a child with autism and ADHD Ray needs you I’m well aware of that I’ll do everything I can
to be a dutiful dad How are you planning to do that? You think financial support is enough? Can’t you give that woman up
for Ray’s sake… and give him a complete family? I’ve told you umpteen times… I broke up with you
not because of another woman It has nothing to do with anyone You dumped me for someone new You abandoned me and Ray
because you fell for that woman Ray Come I’ve to go to work Listen to your mummy, OK? Come, I’ll give you a kiss Good boy Bye-bye Before you and your wife got married, she never told you
she’d worked as an escort? If my current business partner
hadn’t told me about it, I’d have still been in the dark I can’t believe I’ve been a fool
for nine years You mean, if you’d known
she’d once worked as an escort… I’d never have married her But that was before she married you She stopped working as an escort
after marriage, didn’t she? Moreover, you’ve been married for years I’m sure there’s love between you two You’ve never thought of forgiving her? Forgive her? No man can accept
this kind of thing You don’t know that for sure That you can’t accept it
doesn’t mean other men can’t Whose side are you on – mine or hers? Sorry, that was just my personal opinion Has she agreed to a divorce? She has no choice How do you want me to help you? She wants custody of our child… and company shares How old is your child? Son or daughter? My daughter is eight this year I’d advise you to have
a proper talk with her It’d be best if you could reach a consensus
and avoid going to court But she’s not someone
who’ll compromise easily If mediation fails,
you’ll have to go to court Ms Wen, are you confident of
winning the case? I’ll do my utmost to help you But there is never a winner
in a divorce case A battle over custody of the child
and company shares The husband is filing for divorce… because he found out his wife
had worked as an escort before marriage How sensational Some things are better left unknown I think it’s good to remain hopeful Take Amy for instance Her boyfriend suddenly disappeared… but came back recently Now he treats her really well Is this new? It’s lovely,
looks good on you It’s a gift from Zak A gift from your boyfriend? Wait a minute. Didn’t he disappear? He didn’t disappear. He was merely ill He was ill? What was he suffering from? Was he so seriously ill that… he had to disappear for two weeks? He said he had chickenpox He daren’t tell me because
he didn’t want me to worry He stayed away from me
as chickenpox is contagious Love expert, what’s your take on this? Do you think her boyfriend’s excuse
is acceptable? He might as well have told you
he got stranded on a deserted island, and his phone had no signal Honestly, I don’t really believe him either But at least he went to the trouble of
cooking up an excuse to placate me That’s sweet of him You think that’s sweet?
You must be kidding To put it mildly,
he feels he can depend on you But to put it bluntly,
you’re just a substitute A woman must live with dignity Don’t let a man stay or leave as he pleases Our resident love expert
is dispensing relationship advice again Boss, you need any advice on love? Look at my palm My love line doesn’t even exist What right have I to ask for advice? Boss Once you’ve lost your dignity, it doesn’t help no matter
how well you dress up Learn to protect yourself, OK? Someone doesn’t quite
agree with what I said I just don’t get it You end your relationships after 100 days Surely you’re not qualified to
give people advice on love? I’m different I like to be in control Before I enter a relationship,
I set the rules first If the other party
can’t accept that, I’ll pass Never did I think my landlady
would be a feminist It’s never a bad thing to be
in control of your feelings So, how did your case turn out today? My client is very pleased Really? You’ve received your fees? Half of it So you haven’t got the other half? Come on, don’t be so mercenary What matters is, justice prevailed Yes, you can uphold justice But it doesn’t mean you can forgo payment Can’t be helped. He’s hard up I can’t make him borrow
from a loan shark, can I? Aren’t you hard up too? I see. You’re hinting to me… that I haven’t paid
the office rental for this month That’s not true I’ve transferred the money over You have money? Weren’t you having instant noodles
for your meals every day? Money can always be earned You worked as a renovation worker… and stole other people’s jobs again? I’m hard up, you see I’m not pressing you for rental You’re a lawyer after all You ought to take care of your image What if the ceiling collapses
or there’s a voltage leakage? It can be dangerous You’re being paranoid I get to de-stress and make money Oh? Then take me along If I take you along, I’ll be stressed out
and not enjoy myself What’s the matter? Did Yi’en upset you again? He’s still a kid,
be more patient with him I can be patient with him
since he’s still little But what about my hubby? Me? What about me? If I weren’t there with you today, would you have helped
that woman take a photo? You’re still going on about that incident? Please Please? She said “please” once
and you remember it till now Whatever you say My instincts never fail me If I weren’t there today, you’d have
taken the initiative to help her Then you’d ask for her number
and go on a date with her Then… Then what? I daren’t think what might happen next Dear, don’t keep imagining things I’m not that kind of man You are You’re a bad guy We’ve been married for ages You’re the only person I love How am I a bad guy? If I were a bad guy, I’d do this to you Don’t touch me.
We’re strangers today Let go of me -No I won’t let go Here’s a flower for you It symbolizes my faithfulness to you You mean it? But of course You’re the only one I love She’s calling? Hello I’m lunching with a colleague Of course it’s a male Should I pass the phone to him? When did I become a man? OK, we’re eating. I’ll call you later We’ll have a meal together tomorrow Bye-bye You’re really meeting her tomorrow? What else can I do? You said, you’re faithful to me
and love only me I haven’t broken up with her I’m just humouring her Then break up with her asap The salad here is delish, dig in Don’t change the subject I’m asking you, do you love me or her? I love you, of course You’re the only one I love
for the rest of my life Why did you sigh? I didn’t. I was just breathing harder Any problem with that? I want you to hug me tighter You OK? I’m OK Dear Will you protect me… and love me always? Wake up Don’t go to sleep yet What is it? Will you love me forever? Of course I love you If anyone else had woken me up like that, I’d have given that person one tight slap I knew it. You don’t love me anymore How much is it? $8.50 That’s so expensive It’s not, since you ordered fish Forget it, I don’t want it anymore You can’t do this I can’t possibly just discard everything I can’t afford it, OK? Why don’t you give me a treat? Just my luck I’ll take away the fish Surely you have $3.50? I don’t want it without the fish Boss I’ll pay for him I don’t need your pity Just making friends with you.
It’s not a lot of money Here’s your change I’m not interested in being friends with you Why, you! Never mind. I’ll take this Hi What a small world Can I join you? Do you remember me? You were in the restaurant that day I happened to walk past… I don’t remember you That’s OK What matters is, I remember you You bought me coffee the other day Now’s my turn to buy you a drink What would you like? I’ll go get it No, thanks Next time, then I’m sure we’ll meet again Oh, right Would you like some fish? Have it yourself I haven’t eaten it I don’t like ginger, you see.
I don’t eat any dishes with ginger I’m Mrs Wu You should know who I am You need to talk to her?
I’ll move to another table No need for that If you’re her friend,
then you should stay… and find out what kind of person she is She’s my husband’s mistress,
a homewrecker who broke up my family Please retract what you said Don’t try to humiliate me I’m humiliating you? Can you explain these photos, then? You’re a homewrecker through and through You agreed to a divorce four years ago Your divorce will be finalized
in another three months We only got together this year So your marriage problems
have nothing to do with me I didn’t come between you two
or break up your marriage I owe you a cup of coffee Do you think I’m a mistress? A mistress is a woman who’s in
a relationship with a married man You only got together with that man… after he and his wife agreed to divorce That means you’re not a mistress But the problem is, nobody knows when
you started seeing him Nobody cares either To everyone else, when a divorced man
gets together with another woman, that woman will be labelled a mistress Then again, it’s your own life So long as your conscience is clear, don’t be bothered by what others say This man stole milk powder
and walked out unabashedly He thought I didn’t see him Did you steal this? Hello I’m a lawyer May I ask him two questions? You have kids at home? Is this milk powder for them? Your tenant moved out not too long ago… and you’ve already found a new one I rented out the room to a DPP.
She’s moving in tomorrow Tianliang also stays at a rented place.
Why didn’t you rent out the room to him? Tianliang and I already share an office You expect me to see him
even after work? Spare me Wouldn’t that be more convenient for you? If we’re always together,
other people will think we’re cohabiting I’ll have no more suitors Then you two can finally be together Are you trying to get me
or him into trouble? You’ve got a point there Your relationships don’t last
more than 100 days You two should just remain as friends Otherwise, we can’t even
meet up for drinks in future Sorry, I’m late What took you so long?
He almost got me drunk Never mind that you’re late You can just foot the bill later I was at the supermarket
when I met a man… who had been caught by
security guards for stealing What did he steal? Two tins of milk powder He must’ve been desperate What happened after that? I bought two tins of milk powder
and delivered them to his place That’s why I’m late Don’t try to play the sympathy card Our drinks tonight are still on you I’m not trying to seek sympathy Any idea what I saw at his door? What did you see? His wife is pregnant She was holding a baby, and two other kids were making a din There was even an old lady
lying down on the sofa OK… Drinks are on me tonight Aren’t you thirsty from
all that talking? Drink up I often come across such families… when I go around collecting debts We always talk about how good
and developed we are, and the number one spots we’ve clinched In reality, there are still many
underprivileged people in society Looks like our overly
compassionate Mr Zhang… is going to take on another case pro bono His wife begged me. I couldn’t say no Besides, he only stole
two tins of milk powder It’s excusable What’s that supposed to mean? As a lawyer, you should know
theft is a crime Doesn’t matter what he stole.
Theft is a punishable offence Criminals have legal rights too We should help needy families
whenever we can OK… Stop arguing We met up for drinks,
yet you were arguing non-stop Thanks You’re a hotshot lawyer You can help them
by representing them in court I can’t do much since
I’m just a debt collector What can I do when
I encounter needy families? I can’t possibly pay off
their debts for them, can I? Excuse me, another jug of beer, please Ignore that, thanks What was that for? Spend less money on drinks… so you can donate the money you save
to needy people Great idea. I’ll take the lead No more drinks for me tonight The amount of money we’ll save
is too little to help them I wish someone would
donate money to me as well Why don’t you do that? Fine. Drinks are on me tonight (Dear) Hello What took you so long
to pick up the phone? Where are you? It’s noisy I’m drinking with Tianliang at a bar Tianliang? Are you telling the truth? Of course it’s the truth.
Don’t be so paranoid all the time I want to see him via video call OK, hold on Hi Hi Happy? Come back earlier Got it Your wife cares a lot about you, huh? We’ve been married for years, yet she still monitors me
like a CCTV camera Didn’t you say that was
what bliss was about? Exactly You said single people like me
wouldn’t understand Drink up Quit talking Dear, I’m home I bought your favourite Hokkien mee I queued up for a long time to get this I’m too angry to eat What are you angry about? Oh, I know. Yi’en must’ve upset you I’ll lecture him tomorrow, OK? Don’t try to feign ignorance You know who I’m upset with Why did you lie to me? What did I lie about? You said you were with Tianliang Why didn’t you tell me
Shuying was there too? You saw her in the video call, didn’t you? I only found out she was there
through the video call Or else, you wouldn’t have
told me she was there That’s because I didn’t want you
to imagine things You kept me in the dark
because you had something to hide I’ve known Shuying for over a decade If we’d wanted to get together,
we’d have done so long ago I can’t trust you because
you don’t give me a sense of security Dear, I already told you beforehand
I was going for drinks I even made a video call to you Will you only be happy
if I wear a camera on my head? Don’t you argue with me You’ve let me down You’re not eating? Eat it yourself Wan’an, you have so little stuff? I don’t have a lot of belongings I’m not fond of shopping You’re a minimalist? I’m working towards that goal I’m impressed. I’m not cut out for that I like shopping That’s how I reward myself I’m a materialistic person Sometimes, materialism makes one
become better and stronger Nothing wrong with that, so long as
you get something through your own efforts Looks like we’ll get along just fine.
I reckon we’ll become good friends Let me take your luggage upstairs I’ll do it myself The mattress is new.
See if you like the firmness It’s very comfy Did you bring your own bed sheets? Yes Let me know if you need anything Make yourself at home I’ll leave you to unpack Hello Why didn’t you tell me you’d moved? I could’ve helped you move Do you like your new place? Why don’t I go back with you… to see if you need anything else? It’s not convenient.
Only the landlady and I live there I see I know you’re upset with me She looked you up… and embarrassed you You’ve found out? Why didn’t you tell me? I was accused in public… of seducing a married man
and breaking up his family Who would want to repeat those words? I just wish to be alone You and I both know that isn’t true Don’t take it to heart Our relationship… is perfectly appropriate It’s not that I want to take it to heart Even if I feel I’ve done nothing wrong, I can’t change what others think of me I’m sorry I didn’t handle the matter well When we first met, Chulin and I had already
been separated for a while Her accusation was baseless I don’t want a repeat of this situation That’s why I kept my distance from you When people talk about you
behind your back, it feels awful And… she even hired a PI to follow me I didn’t expect her to do all that We separated back then… for a simple reason We were incompatible We have different mindsets and values We were miserable, so we came to a decision Wan’an, I hope you know that… she isn’t doing this out of love She’s being possessive But legally speaking, she’s still Mrs Wu Am I right? Bear with it for three more months Just three months Fine. I’ll wait three months Let’s not meet during this period of time Dad Why did you make a video call? Can you see me? Yes I was going to call you, but I accidentally made a video call You need to talk to me? Have you moved house?
How’s it going? Rest assured everything’s going well Have you eaten? Yes, what about you? I’ve eaten too By the way, remember to
take your meds as prescribed, OK? Will do My landlady is a nice person, so… Wan’an! Wan’an! Wan’an Wan’an Wan’an… Wan’an… Subtitles: Youshi, Mediacorp TV

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