Dawn of Titans – Frozen Arrows – Future Planning Too

hello everyone it's vintage and welcome back to Donna Titans okay so my display looks a little different I'm actually having some issues with one of my tablets I'm having to do this on my phone so bear with me so here we go frozen arrows new at Allis and we're gonna talk about a lot of stuff today and we might as well start with controversy okay so Donna Titans got a lot of hate when you know they released Artemis originally they hype the hell out of her you know solder to a large chunk of the game and then three months later made her just way way better and then basically resold her to the same people that got the original Artemis okay and you know I disagreed with that tactic but okay and I understand I might get a lot of hate for this however if you are going to re-release a Titan I think this is the way to do it okay I understand it is fundamentally the same thing however eat Alice is a little over two years old okay I mean he's one he's one of the original Rangers so it's been over two years plus he's part of the Pantheon as in if you want to get the ice tome relic out of the Pantheon you got to have a talus and you have to have him at level 40 so in addition to that you know the talus hasn't been made available that often I think he's come out you know definitely two or three times but I think there's a lot of people that just don't have a Tallis in releasing a Tallis with the same old skills mmm I mean I just I don't know if that is you know gonna cut it so on one hand I fully understand all the folks out there that want to throw hate at donna titans for Reese killing an old Titan but I just I think it's different this time you know it's over two years it's a Titan you need four Pantheon collections etc alright I said my piece feel free to flame me in the comments if you must that's totally fair but um I just wanted to address the controversy right up front all right here we go it's Hallas now he used to have two you know regular defensive imperial skills you know you could get elemental resists you can get armor you also get horrific things like i used to get like Imperials resist versus flanking Imperials resist versus titans and all that crap okay now you're guaranteed to get the two defensive ex skills you will get a tech skill health you will get X skill armor for your Imperials that's fantastic in addition you're also going to get an imperial offensive X skill now we all know we all want armor-piercing oh my gosh I really really really want armor-piercing and then you know because I guess there's got to be some level of gamble in the game you're gonna get a tier two in a tier 3 Imperial offensive skill you can get damage you can get armor-piercing you can get critical and you can get the dreaded horrific awful my god why is it still in the game Imperials damage versus so watch out for that so that's the skills I mean you know you're guaranteed 3x skills you know you're gonna get the two defensive X skills you're gonna get one offensive X skill you know go god forbid you get two Imperials you know damage versus Titans oh good god that would be like a nightmare but hopefully you can come up with some armor-piercing in here because that is what can turn this at Alice into a monster I mean if you want to give me three Imperial armor piercings Oh fine I'll take it okay you know because if I can get on the right the tier two tier three armor piercing and then the the damage x skill oh my gosh that at Alice would be awesome or if I can get like an armor piercing in a crit and then the armor piercing x skill that would be fantastic etc anyway I don't want to go on on and on and try and decode every single role you probably have something in mind and man I hope you get it so here's del Farah I am not gonna spend much time on this you know it's a paladin you know if you're an early castle guy del Farah can undoubtedly be useful you know I have defense theory crafting videos you can go back and look at those I have war academy playlists and stuff like that you can go back and look at those videos on how you want to set up your paladin's you know because if your castle 14 or something Mandell Fiera might be your best option garrison defender you know it's just it comes down to the role I mean typically paladin you know I'm talking standard paladins as in they are self buffing typically paladin roles are really hard to get a good role on because you want as many unique elemental resist as you can get and for instance this Titan defense X that is not going to be an elemental resist honestly you probably want armor and then you know you want to get as many elemental resist as you can possibly get all right that's all I'm saying about the elf era she is not an in-game Titan and man it doesn't seem like they're ever bringing throne Wars back all right we got some relics well we're gonna look at all the four-star stuff like normal and okay um maybe this is us calling out you know Arya's bounty for instance as being a fraud well you can actually use it and you can get max boost with it so good on dunno Titans for recognizing that problem let's hope this starts a trend of being able to use these soul boosting uh you know rings trinkets or whatever alright fish on a stick you know man there's just not very many good Elath and Titans you know Aria is probably the best thing in there but uh you know do you want to spend money doing casino slot machine gamble pulls no and there's some lore okay let's start looking at our stuff now hopefully this has a change let's go to ranking good top hundred alliances can get a copy of the feature Titan whether that means you get two shots at a Tallis or you know if you're in the 80 to a hundred you know Alliance range you can do a chunk of this event you know you get everybody in your alliance to do I don't know like four or five thousand souls man you can get in at Alice that's fantastic because most of the good stuff in this event you probably already have it as far as relics go there is the one new one but anyway you don't have to finish this event in order to get an at Alice I really really like that otherwise you can get some gems and this is one of those occasions where I'll say I would rather have the the feature Titan than the gems so yeah sign me up for two at Alice this time because that like a you know I said last night in last night's video I don't have a good ice attack I don't I mean it's just it's it's incredible that I've played this game for three years even my Krampus are garbage everything I've got nice is trash so man for once can I please get you know the good gamble rolls please please let one of my two at Alice be useful okay reward slider our below 2000 is pretty standard I like seeing the relic token as always get two batches of portal stones and there's your third event relic at 2000 more portal stems of 2500 I love that divine gems at 3000 that's nice here's ultis he's going to be Guardian fusion food for one of your good Guardians three star frost Bell three star hero's soul I like seeing the Titan XP get some gems another event relic at 6000 here's the Avalanche at 7000 don't worry we're gonna look at all this for star stuff here's your pull at the casino at 8000 and if you're new to my channel the the reason I call the epic token a pull at the casino is because it's just like going to Las Vegas walking into the Bellagio putting your epic token in the slot machine pulling it and God knows what's coming out of that thing usually it's junk so that's why I call epic token pull at the casino here's the frost shield del fear at 10000 here's four star Titan XP I like seeing that as always 1,300 gems here's hundred divine gems here's the Spartan helm yet again here is mr. a talus here's the chains of winter divine gems up at 17,000 and there's the chilling of vile all right so what is this stuff let's take a look good news the avalanche is not the Battle drop okay the only thing that drops and battle drops is the Titan version of the Avalanche well here's the troop version and of course it has Imperials armour piercing this is a very critical relic it's a great relic got to have it yeah it's just it's a good relic I'm gonna leave it at that all right frost shield this is a battle drop and I actually do have a four star frost shield with poison resist nevertheless one of the absolute elite attacks in this game is Artemis you better have poison resist on your defense so if you do happen to have you know a decent Imperial defensive setup man there's nothing wrong with having some poison resist so good relic yeah here's chains a winner this is kind of bizarre this is a Krampus relic and it's just not very good now if you have like a great Aria or a good Krampus or something where you can attack high-end stuff with it okay change the winter it was probably pretty good you know you get a it's probably tightened damage for the most part but um you know you get armor piercing and then resist versus fire maybe that works maybe it doesn't it's just a very situational relic I got my chains of winter and you know due to my desperate relic storage situation I actually forged this thing but honestly if I'm gonna be real with you I'm probably gonna Forge this thing again I just I don't think I'm gonna have a use for this any time soon so yeah so that's changed the winter we get Spartan helm we've had ax – this like it seems like 15 times at this point well here it is again now this we're gonna go and file this under planning for the future so I very specifically asked or requested I guess maybe is the better way to say it you know I requested in the live stream on Wednesday I said you know man can we get a viable imperials defender because let's be honest the new Avalos is garbage it only has two Imperial skills and it's the defensive X skills it's just junk there's no elemental resist it's terrible you look at Poseidon okay yep he's a summoner you can't have a lot of armor but again you have no elemental resist so Poseidon is okay on defense I mean he's an island defender at best but he's okay you know and beyond that probably the best ice defender in the game is old-school Avalos okay and not only do not have access to him even you know he's just not very good because he's got the old-school skills I have I have one good Avalos and I can get 90% resist on for almost 5 elements but you know he's got no armor he's got no excuse got no help and as we know you know 90% capped elemental resist doesn't do it these days it doesn't okay you know even an Avalos right man you take in high-end star maidens and it's gonna obliterate my old-school Veloz it doesn't have a chance and Zeus lightning storm spells and stuff like that you know it's just we desperately desperately need a viable Imperial Guard okay Chernabog doesn't quite cut it because you get three 72% elemental resists that's a good start but then you know he's got the t store maiden skills you know and defensive store maidens are awful so Chernabog doesn't cut it what we need is we need to go the next step with Chernabog give you know the the defensive x skills you know get some health get some armor now you're talking about a viable Imperial Guardian good news is I was talking about that specifically on the livestream and they you know didn't say yep it's coming but they gave us the you know I don't know maybe wink wink watch this space kind of indicator so I feel like there's a gonna be some kind of good Imperial Guardian coming I'm all my gosh I hope I hope that that is the case basically a valoran for Imperials right I mean I really hope that's coming but anyway that is a wandering tangent I apologize for that but Spartan helm let's get back to that if we get a good Imperial Guardian Titan Spartan helm is gonna be awesome for that so yeah like I said I wandered all over the place with that I apologize but that's where I was headed okay Spartan helm is gonna be awesome now I'm not saying it's not gonna be awesome for this at Allis it's just uh you know it's probably makes more sense for an imperial Guardian in the case that we ever get one all right now the new dude all right you know this is a trend we suspected was going to happen and you know it continues great relic Imperials health and Imperials resist against all elements this is a fan-freaking-tastic titan and again if we get a viable Imperial Guard this is gonna be an amazing relic for that Titan but in the meantime it's gonna be good for the new at Alice because here's the new at Alice now let's take a couple minutes to talk about the new note Alice in yes I see the third slot oh my god for the love of God go in in the entire game all the code and do a search and replace you know search for Imperials damage against Titans replace with Imperials damage that's all you've got to do get it out of the frickin game it's trash no one wants this it's garbage it's awful it has no place in the game okay you know I'm just beating that dead horse and I will continue to beat that dead horse cause it's trash it's crap okay now at Allis slots 2 & 4 are fixed you're going to get Imperials armor and Imperials health both rx skills you're gonna get them that's fantastic love it already this at Alice is better than the new Avalos okay that alone all right because the talus is a ranger he actually brings something to the fight so already at Alice is probably our best Imperial defender okay now slots one three five okay this is where you got to rely on some luck and everyone has their own agenda some folks want double critical x skill damage that's fine if you want just if you basically want to turn this dude into Hades for Imperials that's your deal get have at it awesome do it here's what I want I want as much armor piercing as I can possibly get out of this thing because this at Alice is damn near Artemis for Imperials and we all know how ridiculously strong Artemis is man this at Alice can into that neighborhood okay now if I could handcraft this Titan I would probably go you know tier two first slot Imperials armour-piercing Tier three third slot I'd probably go Imperials critical and then finally X skill fifth slot armor-piercing that would be my dream role because holy crap this at Allis would be a you know I think Ron gamer called it a lawn mower okay I used to call a Tallis way back in the day when I would attack with Imperials I used to call it my steamroller here's this kind of this slow moving just wall of destruction and it just plows through everything dude this at Allis with some kind of armor piercing can be that the singular drawback to this at Allis well beyond the trash Imperials damage against Titans the drawback is there is no elemental resist so it's gonna be on us to provide the elemental resist you know for which we are attacking given my dream roll all day absolutely you can set up this a Tallis to take out Minotaur valoran Chronos named it this at Alice can handle it it might struggle with range damage because it's not a summoner okay it's not a summoner this is not Dionysus so this goes back to classic old-school and I actually I miss actually having to use tactics when I'm attacking is right now you just drop summons all over everything and range damage dealers are trash well this is a Tallis there's no summons you actually have to use some kind of tactics so you need to protect your Imperials against range damage dealers and yeah I miss it I do you know the back when my mesh was good on defense because of the grenadiers and stuff like that I actually missed the old days because you actually had to use you know thought strategy tactics when you are attacking so watch out that is the thing you got to be aware of when you're attacking with a Tallis if you're attacking a Chronos that actually has archers you need physical resist okay you're gonna need some physical resist because those archers are nasty and you can't just drive summons on them so you got to kind of butt back it up a little bit you got to rewind and remember how we used to play this game so nevertheless this at Alice oh my gosh man you're gonna need a frost shield or Spartan him or whatever works out for you you got to put some kind of elemental resist on your a talus depending on what your attacking but this at Alice could be a freaking monster okay I have no doubt so may you avoid Imperials damage against Titans I hope the luck is with you I just avoid that thing like the plague and like you know I hope you get the role you want you know if you're gonna be top hundred alliances and you're doing this event well hopefully you can get two cracks at this thing and get the role you want for me I'll take as much iron ore piercing as you want to give me that's what I want obviously I don't want damage against Titans now saying that I don't want folks to over react if you get one damage against Titans it's not it's not like you just throw your talus in the trash you can probably still make him a good Titan if you can definitely get the X scale armor piercing the absolute nightmare roll on a talus is doubled damage against titans and ex skill damage that's the role I don't want okay and I hope nobody gets that role but if you if you just get one damage against Titans man you could probably live with that of course it depends what the other two skills are so anyway holy crap this is we're starting to approach a half an hour I apologize it's so long but honestly I really think this is gonna well it has the potential to be a really really good Titan and even when you max him if you retire him to island defense as of today he's instantly the best Imperial defender in the game I'm almost positive of that because now I do get the defense of X cos you're gonna get some kind of offensive skills so uh yeah I think that alice is you know this at Alice is really good so anyway as always maybe I missed something yeah you know if you want to flame me and hate on me for thinking you know Rhys killing at Alice is okay that's fine I want to hear about it just all that stuff and what else did I miss you know I'm thinking at Alice has one drawback no elemental resists you know again personally I want armor-piercing I really think this could be a good Titan so yeah anyway decision time we talked about this last night decision time man the next ten days at Alice wild arrows and frost bow followed by well we're almost positive we're almost certain at this point it's Cronus because they said somebody's coming back and they're all like wink wink I don't I don't know why they just just don't say it cuz then people could plan for this exact reason right you got at Alice you got the the relics you got Chronos man if you got a pic man that's a brutal decision I wish they'd just can't say actually Cronus is coming out at the end of the month because then you could probably do this save relics for a couple weeks and then do Chronos my god why don't they just say it I hate they think they got to build height for whatever reason anyway I don't want to get off on that tangent cuz we're already at almost a half an hour all right guys yeah we'll see you soon Cheers

Michael Martin

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  1. I got Delphira with triple physical resist… Facepalm. Don't know what Etalus is about to throw at me. My last Etalus got 2 damage against Titans and flanking resist. Hmm…

  2. My alliance mate got this new Etalus with double Resist against titans.
    His last Etalus had triple Resist titans.

  3. The skills are too squirrelly for me. Like my former Thorhild (2x damage vs titans). Too much risk for the work.

  4. Ive got my fingers crossed for you no one deserves it more please pm me and let me know how you made out good luck bro. I agree about having a strong defensives ice titan but the real problem is imps dont handle lighting really well if you have 100 percent resist to lighting and high super high armor they get nuked tested it with zues since he has xskill health and armor.

  5. When they gave out vixia I pulled a triple dmg vs titans. Event cost me a new phone and plaster for my wall.

  6. The new build has a 68.8% chance of rolling skills that give better offense than Crothos. Old Etalus had only a 42% chance of no Dmg vs. Titans skills and only about a 19% chance of being better than Crothos for attack skills. The defense skills are debatable, but I think Orb of Justice makes new Etalus much better than the old one against Minotaur, since you can easily get to 88% physical with the orb and frost shields.

    I will put out a video with a breakdown of what relics work best on which builds in what ranges of target armor, but the triple armor pen build does look great against Minotaur… the full piercing relic build with three piercing rolls has its sweet spot right at the 320-330 armor range that you want to hit against Minotaur with full attack relics and around 260 armor with a physical resistance attack build.

  7. You don't need Ω troops. Any Titan can carry a Blood Vial and Ancesteral Heart. That's basically 6 Ω troops.

  8. I have no problem with a two year old Titan getting new skills , like you said "if they want to re-skill a Titan , that's the way to do it"

  9. I was already happy with Etalus. I use him as a change-up attacker Vs Minotaur and a my main Titan for Conquest. This new guy is solid improvement.

  10. The new etalus can be better, but you have to get the right skills. I'm personally not going for him because of the awful damage against titans.
    BTW Zeus isn't the worst enemy against Imperials, it's Tolland and cerberus. I always kill Imperials with full physical resist with my Tolland. Works 100%

  11. My best Imperial attacker at this point is Jotunn with the X skill ap and damage. I'm excited to get this Etalus and see what he can do against the Minos and Valorns. Fingers crossed I only get 1 Damage against Titans. Because if what's past is prologue I'm destined to get not 1 but 2 damage against titan skills! See all of the Thorhilds I have ever gotten. Haha

  12. The other issue with this titan is lightning storms. Back on March 13th livestream, it was brought up that lightning resist does not protect imperials from lightning storms which I have confirmed many times with my max lightning resist Vixia. It completely destroys the imperials in 1-2 storms and in many cases, results in a failed raid. If the raid is successful, you literally lose your whole army. Until that issue is fixed (Matt did say it was a bug), I do not see Etalus being viable because of their vulnerability to lightning storms.

  13. Etalus skills look impressive but no resistance?!?! Last relic only has 16% resist?!?! How players are impressed with the same old smoke and mirrors bewilders me.

  14. I agree with you vintage, this is how you bring an old (2 years) original titan and revamp it. But I think the original etalus is better, only my opinion because back then no one wants lightning resist and earth resist, that's what I have….and I think now my Etalus is the best.

  15. Your bang on about the reskill situation . Its been long enough. Artemis was a massive timing issue .
    Informative and entertaining as always . Thank you vintage

  16. I like the idea of redoing all rangers, but I hate how they're essentially pushing X-Armor and X-Health really hard without resists on most titans. To complement this they keep making resist against elements relics that are either at the end of events or on terribly short events at the beginning of weeks. So I'm happy their making him relevant, just it seems they want to put a lot of pressure on us to force us to go for resist against elements relics.

  17. I actually think the devs are bringing the game back around. It only took over a damn year. Seems like there is more strategy involved now and that makes me happy! No more click and go

  18. I regularly use crothos with earth resist against kronos and 100% crit 100% phys res Vixia to melt valorn/mino defences.

    This titan is a beast with the right rolls. With trash rolls, well it's still decent even if you bummed out with 2xDAT skills. Youve got the defense, X skill offense and 6 relic slots.

    The new imp relic is too pricey for me at 18k souls and likely only 16% elemental resist. But with the forest bow, that ranged res Norse relic, spartan helm and lightning res frost shield puts up a good fight against zeus.

  19. Thought
    Tactics…. May the dot godz be with you when pulling for o-1 dmg v titans
    Got it

  20. Make another titan and apply the new skills to that one. Leave the old titans alone.

    Take all the old or obsolete titans and place them in a “Titans classic” alter so players can fill out their pantheon.

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