Davina Rankin laments ‘morning sickness’ and being ‘too big’ on update

Pregnant Married At First Sight star Davina Rankin is on the countdown to welcoming her first child in November  And with only 11 weeks until her due date, the 27-year-old reality star showed off her growing bump to fans on Tuesday     Taking to Instagram, Davina could barely contain her excitement as she said she’s  felt amazing over the past few weeks and couldn’t wait to meet her baby   ‘We are officially at 28 weeks and babygirl is moving around like CRAZY!’ Davina began the post  ‘I’m actually thinking these last few weeks have been my favourite so far, apart from the stress of moving house, I’ve felt amazing,’ she wrote   She continued by noting some of the downsides: ‘I’m in between the stages of throwing up every 20 minutes from morning sickness and being too big to do anything ‘ Now in her second trimester, Davina went on to say that she knows why this time in a pregnancy is called the ‘honeymoon period’ Davina went on to say that while in bed with partner Jaxon, she is often ‘big spoon’ so the cafe owner can feel the baby kick  ‘At bedtime I actually turn into big spoon so Jax can feel all of her kicks in his back (as she just loves to get physical as I lay down to sleep),’ she said  She finished by gushing over her unborn daughter, saying that both she and Jaxon can’t wait to meet her  Brisbane-based Davina and Jaxon moved earlier this week, with the pair purchasing a Queenslander cottage ahead of the arrival of their bundle of joy  Taking to Instagram, Davina shared a snap of the couple outside of their new home  ‘And here we are. Sitting out the front our very own Queenslander cottage, with our little baby girl on the way,’ Davina wrote  Davina first announced she was expecting a child back in May. The baby is be due in November She rose to fame on Married At First Sight last year and was famously involved in a love triangle with Tracey Jewel and Dean Wells   

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