now watch this
verse six so they are no longer two he says but one therefore what God joins
together let no old boyfriend old girlfriend or lawyer put asunder who God
joins together he says let no lawyer no judge no Ex boyfriend girlfriend or spouse
or even prophet put asunder the emphasis here is whom God joins together God does
not marry everybody the only people that God actually marries are the ones
Jesus says qualifies in the beginning so every marriage that is not in the
beginning qualification is married by the state. Let put it another way
coming to a church building and standing here does not guarantee that God join
you together most of the marriages that I have seen in churches should not have
been done in churches they should have gone to the downtown registrar office
and let some legal person just kind of speak over them why because if they join
you together when you ready they can put you asunder let me prove how that's so
crazy you come before God you say to get married but then you go before the
lawyer and the judge to get divorced that's confusing to me if you come
before God to be put together then when you're ready to be put apart invite
everybody back come on let's talk about this
get the bridesmaid get the groomsman get the music get all the flowers and make
sure God is present and say now we want to be put asunder
I dare you how dare you come before God to be married and go before the judge to
be divorce you hypocrite you. I have a suggestion whenever you are about to
print your wedding invitations put on the bottom and if we plan to get a
divorce keep this invitation that's how
ridiculous it is to walk down these aisles in a white dress
and in dark suit and tell God I do before him and go before a judge and says I
don't verse 9 anyone who divorces his wife except for marital unfaithfulness
and marries another woman commits adultery Jesus said look I didn't create
divorce I don't agree with it he says but at least I'll give you a standard
the standard is you shouldn't even think about divorce unless the other party has
violated the marriage bed in other words the only qualification God allowed for
you to do what you invented was sexual corruption now why does he use the word
adultery I'm gonna give you a quick lesson according to Jesus there's no
other grounds for divorce you can't say well I don't love him anymore I don't
love her anymore it doesn't qualify for divorce or we we outgrew each other
still ain't qualified or I got saved still ain't qualified the only way out of what
you can't wait to get in is adultery that means that right now in heaven
God have a lot of people who are still married who already divorced on
earth if they're still married in heaven God says NO they aren't qualified so they are still
married that's why they keep committing adultery over and over again with other
people because far as heaven is concerned you are still married mm-hmm
let me give you another challenge if you get married listen carefully this is
scriptural standard now not religious standard because religion you know they
make their own standard Christianity is a religion it makes it's own standard I'm
talking about the Bible now the kingdom the kingdom says if you marry a person
and you decide to separate you cannot marry anybody else no matter how long as
long as the other person does not commit adultery so a lawyer
and a judge cannot destroy your marriage in God's kingdom the only one that can
destroy a marriage in God's kingdom is an adulterer so if you decide you can't
live with somebody anymore not on the grounds of adultery and you
live apart God's watching because in heaven you're still married and I don't
care many women who wink at you or how many men wink at you and say they love
you you can't get involved why in heaven you're still married as long as
that other person does not commit adultery you are married before God this
is Kingdom standard now when they commit adultery and you know and prove it you
are free to marry again that's the grounds of Kingdom do you know why
because whenever you get married and you consummate that marriage with sex blood
is spilled that's why two men cannot consummate a marriage and that is why two women cannot
consummate a marriage why there's no blood covenant possible see marriage is
not about rings you know in San Francisco they keep
putting ring it ain't about ring it's about blood oh you don't understand it's
about blood that's why the Bible talks so much about the blood because the
blood is the foundation of both life and death, life and death is in the blood
that's why every female comes to Earth locked up completely locked up comes
packaged locked up every female every female comes to this planet locked up
and the Designer did a good job He locked her up with a little film of
skin called the pinna and that pinna that skin is filled with blood is
actually an organ the doctors say and all the organ supplies is blood it
locks her up and the only way to open up a female is to spill blood on yourself and her
it's a blood covenant so when a woman is opened by a man for the first
time there's a covenant cut no matter what you say God marks in Heaven a
little note covenant, follow me now that's why sex is only relegated to
marriage because you don't want to cut a coenant
with anybody who ain't gonna be with you forever so my wife and I cut a covenant
on our wedding night blood on both of us matter of fact if
you read the scriptures carefully you'll understand how deep this thing is to God
God told Moses that when a man woman got married when they went into the wedding
bed the first night the priest had to stand outside the door waiting for the
sheet and standing next to the priest read the
Old Testament was the whole community and their parents with stones in their
hands and if the sheet came out and there was nothing on it somebody died ("we
need to bring that back") clap loud don't get nervous I know some of y'all ain't
got no sheet at all right now but I'm gonna help you but that's how serious
God takes the covenant I'm talking to singles watch this so when the blood
covenant is cut between me and my wife in that marriage bed undefiled that
means there's no problem in the bed then if I was to have sex with another woman
I cut another covenant now you know the principle of covenant is the only way to
break a covenant is to cut a new one that's why you got the Old Testament
covenant and the New Testament covenant I wouldn't prove the Covenant it was
blood on the cross oh you don't get it so the blood of bulls and goats and sheep
and turtle doves in the Old Testament was a covenant that lasted for one year
but here comes Jesus the Lamb of God he gonna cut another covenant this one is
for ever but it was what…Blood! hi thank you so much for watching please
remember you can support our work on our patreon page and you get access to
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Michael Martin

44 Responses

  1. This video didn't explain the meaning of "qualified from the beginning" and it wrongly interpreted verses on marriage, adultery isn't a ground for divorce, it is only fornication, when Jesus gave this Scripture, a men was allowed to divorce a woman if it was discovered that she wasn't a virgin when he married her, hence it mean she committed fornication elsewhere and her husband couldn't/didn't enter into the blood covenant with her. Now, adultery as practiced in modern world, better known as cheating, certainly is violation of marriage covenant, but not the ground for divorce.

  2. The hymen is an unreliable evidence of virginity. Less than 50% of women will bleed or show signs of penetration trauma. The hymen is not a barrier but more like a scrungee which may appear solid but it does have a hole in the middle. In some women it will stretch allowing entry with the penis without any damage but other women it will tear. Marriage is both a physical and spiritual union.

  3. It says let no man separate so if you want to expound on it how you think it should be expanded on your out of your mind. You're an idiot and keep preaching this s*** to people because you keep them idiots and shame on them for following you because you don't have the voice of God

  4. I agree with adultery being the reason, but what if something tragic happens like where someone losses thier mind and comitts murder and kills their children. Is that man or woman suppose to stay married? There is so much more wickedness, that wasn't as prevalent then as it is today.

  5. Deautoronomy24:1-4

    These are all the verses dealing with divorce and remarriage. Remember that if a believer is desserted by a non-believing spouse or if the spouse becomes so vile or corrupt that it is impossible to stay with them, then the believer is not bound by covenant. They are free to remarry.

  6. Hold on, all hymens are different. Some bleed, some do not. In fact some are born without a hymen…. erg…I'm 16, and upon…"self-experimentation" some years ago…I shed no blood. What then can I do to uphold this…blood covenant to my future husband?

  7. This doesn't happen these days thats the truth. Very rarely a young man will find a women who is a virgin and vise versa a women find a man who is a virgin. Its a great lesson youve given but sadly most of us have broken the commandments most of us have either been cheated on by a partner or at some stage cheated on a partner. This is nothing to be proud of but its the truth. Most of us have broken at least 1 of the 10 commandments if not more. This is sad but the truth. Im not perfect and I am a sinner. I do my best not to sin. But I fail day by day i try again only to fail. Does this mean I am condemned to hell? Because I am not strong or wise enough to know how to stop sinning. And Im not just talking about sex. Im talking about life. Reverend will you please say 1 prayer for me in private just you and the lord lord Jesus and ask him to forgive me for my sins and to ask him to fill me with the spirit of God. So I may live my life for him and the way he wants me to live my life. Amen

  8. Its so sad how people don't tell others what he says because they want to be loved and twist everything for their selfish gains and those of s who are not knowledgeable suffer for this. God bless this man for interesting the lies of this world.

  9. Hey. I have a question. A female friend of mine wants to divorce from her husband with whom she no longer lives for 2 years. The reason is because she felt that the man was not at all in love, not for that, she was no longer her self. From the beginning she saw red flags , didn't want to get married anymore, but people talked her into getting married. That man does not want to sign the divorce documents, but he is saying untruthful stories in the church where they both went. If that man really loves her, he should make every effort to rectify matters. he is also an introvert. I will definitely show her this video. what kind of advice do you have for me to her?

  10. I agree with most of what he is saying here. But where does the Bible allude to, insinuate, hint or say, "If the husband commit adultery himself then the already divorced wife is finally free to remarry?" This is what he said at about the 6 minute mark. I always thought unless the husband dies then and only then will the divorced wife be free to remarry.

  11. I did not bleed the first I had sex the Hymn can stretch and some women are born without one. Therefore people in those days and some still today are so misinformed but yes I do otherwise agree with what he said but MEN need to stay pure too.

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