hey you guys today is December 3rd and I just finish posting vlogmas number 2 conquering my fears it was a family blog family day yesterday and shout out to these people for being the first to comment so I didn't vlog the whole morning but I was telling snapchat that I woke up with this super painful feeling in my back like whenever I turn like my head this way then I can feel like back pain like right here like in the middle like next to my shoulder blade I'm super bummed because tonight we're going to Benji and Judy's dance number event for influencers and I wanted to like busto a bunch of dance moves tonight and my back hurts we are on our way now to pick up my sister just gonna fuss I have my neck pillow sitting behind me because that's how much my back hurt hey Lilly I'll find the runway over here all right we made it here there's a giant in-and-out truck right here how awesome is that Erica's looking for something he dropped yeah but the doulica gifting you on this photo booth really cool [Applause] so grateful for your support and awesome in first bring your kids and hey I just want you guys to have a good time so I'll grab some drinks and hors d'oeuvres or the food truck out pie which I'm sure all you guys know by now but they have a video presentation we're gonna play this video for y'all as you Milliman more information about what dance number really is little bell so we're gonna play this video try so hard to have people help us Kevon kid this one deal this is so little right but that's like the whole world they've been walking two hours walking two hours in one wheel laughter underlashes by breathing in the dirt away here we have complaining that dirt that Lloyd's had a huge passion for kids and to see them in poverty levels you know every child deserves better than that I think that's a whole point of my comment is here because if they weren't here we've got their one meal their biggest meal where would they be it gives you more motivation to push harder and to spread the word dance ember is all about coming together in a positive way in a fun way I truly feel like we were called to do this one meal at a time I want it at a time they really have so much hope in the highest enjoying and [Applause] we saw how happily how joyous they ate this food is what you would find whatever extra money to feed another one of those days yes this year we have the most ambitious goal which is a million dollars that's a big deal we know this we're just so grateful for all your help all these years so this year we asked you to donate to Dan and Sarah to help calm people see these kids thousands and thousands of kids there's literally over a hundred thousand kids on their waiting list and we need your help if you don't have the money to donate to dance number comm you can spread the word you can dance and share it on your platform share it with hashtag dance number and tell your family and friends what this dance ever movement is and remember it's so simple we're dancing for donations to feed hungry kids all over the globe thank you guys so much thank you we have over a hundred thousand kids on our waiting list waiting to get into our program so they can be fed some of them the meal they're receiving Conway Pope is the only male that fed in a given day so it's a huge problem it's a serious problem but with Benji duty and with your guys's help and your influence I think we can do amazing things I can reach a million people I think we can take a bunch of those kids off the waiting list and put them into the feeding program so thank you so much yes once you guys know I've been doing this YouTube thing because amazing its duty time for ten years and I'm gonna get emotional so I'm sorry if you guys get emotional I know how much work it is to be a youtuber I know like the amount of time you invest and the crap we put up with the haters and they eat ibbity the trolls I know how much recognition you guys don't get from all the things are you behind the camera right when you guys are up at night to one two or three in the morning and you guys being here means a lot to us I know that Judy at one point is to cry if she's not already seriously we get emotional that people want to help us Dan's ham was something that was started by Judy nine actually Tim was part of that first year when he was fundraising money we remember birds at Global we were doing that thing with them it was like five thousand bucks and it was nothing we never thought we would be here one day but because of our viewers and a lot of partners like you guys and hopefully new partners you guys have been able to make it go where it is if there was a living one thing we would ask you it's like used to hashtag tonight just help us build awareness and everything you do after that is moving up to you whether you want to dance silly or you want to like put on the whole show dancing for donation to help us build awareness to feed kids all over the world and hopefully raise a million dollars to feed a lot of kids so thank you so much [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hey guys we just got back from Judy and Benji Stan's number event this year their goal is to raise 1 million dollars so if you want to learn more or help them achieve their goal I'll put all the links to this wonderful cost down in my description box they also gave us a tote bag with some awesome t-shirts inside that I wanted to share with you guys this is one that says cnv y which stands for convoy of hope and I also got this one right here which I really like because it has a stripe on a sleeve and it says dance number I forgot I wanted to talk about my back pain so I took some Advil and it went away so I took some Advil and the pain went away now for me to be able to be comfortable comfortable comfortable and dog to bus some dance moves out tonight it was super fun I'm sure I'm gonna feel a lot more pain tomorrow but it was totally worth it let us know down in the comments if you want to see more dancing videos from us I think we'll do some more to support dance number and you guys should too alright see you guys tomorrow fine

Michael Martin

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  2. My cousin has gone rock climbing and the exact same thing happened to her, so rock climbing definitely messes with the back. Lol

  3. You have a great spirit, I love the fact that you are not only a vloger u as well have a human side in you and you are into charity work.. God bless you and your team❤

  4. Love that you are supporting #dancember, I've followed Judy and Benji from the beginning…and girl, you can dance!!!

  5. Yes girl! You got movesssss💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 what a great cause, I’ll definitely check out all the links!

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