Dance Moms: Full Dance – Pressley’s Solo “All or Nothing” (Season 8) | Lifetime

to pick it up with a solo contemporary, “All or Nothing.” [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC – LOUISE DOWD & JASON
TARVER & MARC WILLIAMS, “ALL OR NOTHING”] (SINGING) Sparks fly with you. I want to start a fire. Can I put it out there? Dazed and confused. Is this love or is this desire? Can I make you care? It’s all or nothing. It’s all or nothing. There’s no other way. No holding back,
no holding back. It’s all or nothing. It’s all or nothing. There’s no other way. No holding back,
no holding back. Breaking through,
what more can I do? What more? It’s all or nothing. It’s all or nothing. There’s no other way. No holding back. It’s all or nothing. No holding back. It’s all or nothing. No holding back. It’s all or nothing. No holding back. It’s all or nothing. No holding back. [APPLAUSE, CHEERING]

Michael Martin

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  1. Pressley has such an amazing talent and great potential, but I have to give it to Abby, her feet and knees need lots of work.

  2. I know everyone says that Abby’s dress looked better but she changed it because it was uncomfortable if she feels more comfortable and confident in this costume then Good for her good job pressley !

  3. She was a hot mess no dress would have covered that up. But she is a young dancer and really talented once she corrects some of her technique she has the potential to be one of the best dancers on the team. Im sure Abby sees her as a work in progress.

  4. Tbh, the little train/skirt in the back looks like when you have toilet paper stuck to you after you use the bathroom

  5. Wow, now lifetimes mentioning the names of the songs? I had to search up the solo name song in order to find the song

  6. Pressley is not really a lyrical dancer to me. She’s done a lot of contemporary solos but I would love to see her do something jazzy!

  7. I love the other costume it was more beautiful more flow it would have made it beautiful and not like she was rushing and for her mom to say that it was gonna trip her everything I don’t think it would I know Abby wouldn’t make a dress that long to have one of her students fall and get hurt

  8. I think Pressley would have looked amazing in either costume. She is a beautiful dancer and definitely my favourite girl

  9. Let’s be honest, if this was the original costume and the purple one didn’t exist, then nobody would have said the costume was bad

  10. Abby is right. If she would’ve worked on her feet and would’ve straightened her knees her dancing would look so much better and technical .Also her arms are kinda messy but that’s easy to fix. Overall she’s a great dancer but if she would work on those things she would be no less than amazing imo

  11. Sometimes people just don't feel the clothes fit them but they take a video of themselves and look back and see themselves in the clothes sometimes they would end up liking how it looks… The purple outfit is one that it takes time for you to appreciate with the dance while the white sash thingy looks nice by itself when you dance it seems to be hindering the flow of the movement…

  12. she did amazing but in my opinion the costume abby picked would have looked better with the dance. but she did amazing either way!

  13. Well I actually feel like this one was actually a better costume..And Press danced awesome I feel like it'd be harder for her with the other costume 🤷❤️

  14. Pressly is adorable. I think this is the best solo she's done on the show so far and you can definitely see her improvement. She looks longer, more flexible, there's more articulation in her feet and legs. I hope you see this kiddo – you're doing great!

  15. I'm sorry but yall need to stop coming at these children for not winning💀 most of the time they consistently place in the top 10 out of how many solos??🤣🤣🤣

  16. am i the only one who feels she did her turn sequences as if she was about to fall out of them . in this dance only though🤷🏽‍♀️

  17. at the end she tried to be like maddie and doing her facial expression like her but i think only brady and lilly can do them

  18. The dress Abby picked out was awesome this one looks stupid and the dance would’ve been prettier with the dress Abby picked out that Side thing looks dumb

  19. Even tho I started to hate her mom and which made me hate Presley but she put a smile on my face when she danced💋💕x

    btw I'm not gonna say anything about the costumes cus there's already too many comments about that 😉

  20. This was so advanced!! Just me?? Anyway, Pressley did a fantastic job and this solo convinced me that she deserves her jacket ❤️

  21. personally i think the original costume was better because it would’ve made the dance a lot more fluid and gentle x

  22. She rushes through her movements a lot I feel like she doesn’t let the moves happen all the way instead she stops them right before they can fully extend

    Idk just me maybw

  23. To me it seemed like the movements were rushed and or not done completely and I can’t tell if that’s because of Presley or if that was the choreography or if I’m just imagining in 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  24. Here’s what I think the style of the longer dress did look better but the colors were hideous I think the longer dress with the color scheme of this costume would have been perfect

  25. Abby & Gianna were 100 percent right about the costume!! Ugh her mom wants her to become her and it’s such a shame.

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