(daily review) Wale- Matrimony ft. Usher

what a YouTube this your boy down go back for another plan for before domes talk about something that's going on in music industry match so Kanye West did a speech out there Oxford and such man which this shit got like a lot of damn hike behind it he filled up 1,600 seats was not bad i mean you kind of expect that from Kanye and these students make Twitter hashtags with a quote is pretty much everything that he did and that shit was trimming the entire way even though we all know he's still doing this for his probation shit man but it just shows you the power of his fame that he has and why a lot of people who co-signed anything that he fucking does but I did read some of the things that he was saying man he was saying some very entertaining shit but anyway on to today's replying today he applies to that one lady shun I should matrimony and this track is dope as fuck dude honestly this is why every fucking single he's ever drop has gone gold man even though this song is a commercial song man it has sold to it it has depths and have great music to go behind see Wally is tapping into his poetic side with this one man and having I should do a damn great hook on top of a don't beat man it makes this project what a fucking poaches see this just gives me fucking height for that album about nothing man which is dropping launched the 30 folks and I cannot fucking wait for that shit I'm really anticipating this to being the best album of this year man see the thing that I really like about wale is for these songs that pretty much totaled it towards women in such man he makes them so good that it's respectable across the board for anybody who just likes music in general dude so definitely go on out and get that one man but anyway on to today's all who from download com and today's article is about playing catch up this is something that everyone has to do eventually my do because life just happy but it's something that you avoid at all costs to be a success at anything man you're going to have to grin on the daily level you did everything there's something that you need to do whether it's wrapped whether it's school no matter what it is you do there's something on the daily level you need to take care of and if you don't take care of it on a daily level that in all adds up and eventually if you get to the point where you take like a week or two weeks off the amount of work that you're going to have to catch up on it's going to be so massive that you won't be able to catch up on it because every day the grind is going to continue this is why a lot of people really don't even try to play catch up man like when they fall behind they just let that shit and then just pick back up where they can but that ultimately means you lost so much time so much work and you failed fucking behind I hope you enjoyed the show you can follow me at twitter up to and you can go to download past calmness down there to leave today's article

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