D23 Expo 2017 Disney Legends Award Ceremony

welcome to the 2017 d23 please welcome Disney Legend over went please really a legend is about the common experience that we all hold and share and every day on that show I was able to tell our common story so I thank you for honoring what I consider to be sacred work I've never been known as a man of few words I loved Walt Disney so to me he was bored that a man he was he was an inspiration he was something to reach for to be like em of course I can't leave without saying a selfie or thank you Carrie Fisher was an original and there never will be another Carrie may the force be with you always well as an avid collector of rare Disney memorabilia it will be hard to top this one Disney made you feel that no matter where you came from you were welcome and I like that I'm thrilled thank you for letting me be a legend I'll try not to mess it up I had the honor of working with a very many talented creative personnel it made and created these attractions that have been enjoyed by so many millions of people throughout the world seen by over 90 million people across the world but we as artists what we were born here why we're here on this planet what art does what it can do is unified

Michael Martin

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