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How to Make a Cute Pencil Shaped Box for Kids This is a wonderful paper organiser box for children to keep stationary materials. This pencil shaped paper box can also be made as a DIY school project. Things You Need… Color Papers, Scissors, Glue Stick, Cutter, Ruler, Pencil, Sketch Pens Mark the dimensions on a white paper as shown. Cut the white paper stencil as shown here Run a cutter lightly on the markings for easy folding. Apply glue and join the tip of the pencil box. Cut out color paper strips of 4*9 cm and 4*6.5 cm for the pencil’s body and triangular tip respectively. We need different color strips for the body and multiple same color triangles for the tip. Now paste the color paper cut outs on the pencil box as shown. Highlight the pencil shaped box with black paper cut outs to paste them on the tip. Mark the dimensions as shown and cut out the hexagon. Fold along the margins. Paste a small black color hexagon in the center as shown. Paste the colored base on the white base with glue stick. Now draw your favorite cartoon character and color them as shown. Now cut out the cartoon character along its outline. Make some cartoon characters in this way. Paste and decorate your pencil box with these cartoon characters. Wow!! your cute pencil box is now ready. Hope you enjoyed making this kids craft. Thanks for watching and happy crafting!!

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