Cracking the Codes: Aeeshah Clottey, Interpersonal Relationships

the professor the first day of class he said how many wasps were in the classroom and so I was looking around because I was looking for this like wasp that sting people and so as I was looking around I think I saw people raising their hands and finally I raised my hand and but I was raising my hand acts a question and the professor's knew I wasn't a wasp so he looked at me he said how may I help you and then he's a you and I said yes what is a wasp and so he looked at me with such disdain and such venom ease of white anglo-saxon Protestant of course and then everybody in the class laughed and when they all laughed I was just like you know I felt horrible I sank down in my seat and that's when I realized that to speak was not the right thing to do

Michael Martin

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