gonna take us more seriously good morning kids another day another car crash so we couldn't come up with anything else to film today so we decided that we're gonna do couples yoga except that's gonna be me and my little sister desperately we're on our way tour started trying to pick up some yoga outfits because none of us have you outfits I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of and I his friends today and let's just say I wish I had you know the first half an hour being there one of the her friends are puking in the trash can which play right here why is she picking us it's because of hideous cooking apparently these group of these girls they like to eat so much to the point where they have to puke it out because they eat so much because you can't you can't digest it it's a problem funny because before it used to be a thing where girls that didn't want to eat like they wouldn't eat in public I know I wouldn't want to die in it like now girls are just like I'm gonna eat whatever I don't want I don't care if this is fattening I don't care how many calories this house I'm eating it we're so different now I think that's great I think it's important that he died had finally found friends like to eat her cocaine just pastry right yeah I feel like I shouldn't count if you got stopped by a police officer and you take out your permit and he sees me filming all the time I don't think that's a responsible adult watching you drop do you not know where it is that you don't you go though all the time dingy sales right by the mall I don't go shopping for athletic clothes Dane Wells I exercise left Riverside right here the road this is Riverside on it I just didn't think that you couldn't drive and can read you know what else is confusing you job sheneka Zane is the one that's on the side of impact you don't zoom out that happens it's not really the active hidaya it's a Dick's Sporting Goods oh you just gave me some night feed this video is not sponsored by the Association of America this is the challenge right now we'd to find something that fits me and something that's very loose on you but not very loose that it's like see what I'm gonna do is this general so you try to impress the boys on all YouTube maybe should check the plus side section that's for you that's a good oh you're the entire time over there we parked on that side he's a pushover YouTube friendly yeah because I wanted to see how far you and you want to be blue or pink I'm gonna do like a slide you gotta plant your feet pleasure we're never gonna finish I just did that I am reciting a whole chakra let's go dance la no get to push your back straight you can't be the bottom no bodies off the ground okay [Applause] [Laughter] alright guys thanks for watching make sure like this beef you enjoyed it subscribe to my channel few want to see more stuff for me and all my friends shall be guts etapa thought thank you so much you keep me up with all myself and watching all my videos I really appreciate anything yeah one question why are we using Home Depot under construction life because this is always a pop you know seems like your channel is always under construction just go maman did you say cry you should've told me just call my you should you should have been smarting gun you knew where the car was you could have just said if I call mom tell her you should have done that we've been so low my god told me you knew the car was gone like that would've been so good it would have played out perfectly because I would've been panicking and me calling her I would have cried because I'd be so scared saying you should have done that you're so like you don't think I know I know I know don't compare me to David that's not fair that's not okay yeah let's just I need a post on this there I should go like and subscribe and tag make sure to follow my Instagram had Zayn and you know keep up with myself that's where I mean

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