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Terry Pettit was a bit of a wild child she had strong opinions and often dragged her friends into trouble in the name of adventure she rolled her own cigarettes and drank whiskey and was proud to challenge the traditional idea of what a woman should be she was also very smart she finished high school at age 16 and enrolled at the University of Alberta she spent a year studying engineering before switching her focus to the arts she worked on the college paper which is where she met the man who would eventually become her husband Ron yeah kentuc Ron was the oldest of six children and grew up on a farm outside of Andrew Alberta in contrast to Terry Ron was very laid-back and down to earth he was very intellectual and held a lot of progressive ideals Terry ultimately decided to leave school and take a job as a proofreader at the Edmonton Journal despite not having a college degree she worked her way up and eventually became a reporter at the paper after finishing school Ron became a teacher in 1973 the couple set out on a cross-country adventure the couple had plans to attend a wedding in Montreal and decided to keep on driving East afterwards hoping to find new jobs somewhere in the maritime region of Canada's East Coast the wedding was scheduled for June 16th On June 9th the couple loaded up their maroon 1959 Volkswagen bug strapped a canoe to its top and begin their journey across the country they stopped to visit friends in Brandon Manitoba along the way they mailed a postcard with just the word yeah written on it to a friend back in Edmonton from Dryden Ontario it is believed that the message was meant to tease the friend who did not believe that the couple's beat-up car would make it as far as Ontario that quickly he had bet Terry $50.00 that they would not make it that far that fast and the postcard was presumably meant to be proof that they had succeeded so that she could collect on the bet this postcard will be the last anyone ever heard of Terry and Ron the couple never arrived at the wedding and neither they nor their car has ever been located their bank accounts have remained untouched the two seemed to vanish into thin air somewhere between Dryden and Montreal there were a few leads to follow early in the investigation because authorities were not even sure where the couple had gone missing in November 2007 the Edmonton Journal Terry's old employer Rena story about the case and a new witness came forward Viviane McCrory claims that she saw the couple along with another unknown man broken down on the side of highway 69 just outside of Paris and Ontario in July of 1973 she says she remembered the maroon Volkswagen with an Alberta license plate after all that time had passed because her husband had to slam on his brakes and swerve to avoid hitting it as it was still partially in the southbound lane according to Vivian the hood of the car was up as though someone was working on the engine a small blonde woman and a man about the same height as her we're standing by the front of the car and another man was standing closer to the ditch on the side of the road she initially thought the man and the woman by the car were the couple because they were standing so close to each other however Ron was significantly taller than his wife it is possible then that this unknown man was standing so close to Terry because he was trying to intimidate her none of the three people at the scene so much as acknowledged the McCrory's car as it narrowly avoided hitting them Vivian says she called the police to tell them about the stalled vehicle but they did not seem interested in the report the major problem with Vivian's account is the timing she is positive that she saw the car in July because she and her husband had waited to make their own cross-country drive until after the end of Klondike DS Klondike days which today are known as K days are a 10 day exhibition in Edmonton that takes place every year they always end on the last Sunday in July if it were Terry and Ron that Vivian saw that means that their plans had somehow drastically changed and they had been driving around Ontario for over a month Terry's parents have both passed away her brother Gordon says that the rest of the pettit family has accepted the fact that Ron and Terry are both dead and are trying to move on past their loss the Yakima truck family however still hopes that they will someday find out exactly what happened to the couple Ron's father hopes to one day win the lottery not so that he can live a luxurious life but so that he can hire a private detective to solve the keys Vonnie Beckwith 15 and Mitchell Weiser 16 were in love but separated in the summer of 1973 Mitchell was spending the summer working as a photographer's assistant in Brooklyn where he and Bonnie lived with their families while Bonnie was working as a mother's helper at camp well met a Jewish camp 90 miles outside of New York City that July Mitchell was planning to attend Summer Jam a massive outdoor concert festival headlined by the Allman Brothers and the Grateful Dead that was being held in Watkins Glen New York he and his friend Larry purchased tickets with plans to travel to the concert together but at the last minute Larry's mother refused to allow him to go rather than waste the ticket Mitchell decided that he would pick up Bonnie at camp and go with her instead on July 26th Mitchell picked up Larry's ticket from him and told him that he would see him the following Monday he then travelled by bus and by cab to Camp walnut which was just outside of narrows burg New York he used up almost all of the $25.00 he had left home with in making this part of the trip when Mitchell arrived at the camp on July 27th he and Bonnie had breakfast at the camp's dining hall bonnie asked for time off from work to attend the concert when her request was denied she quit her job while this action sounds harsh Bonnie had not been happy with her job all summer she told her supervisor that she will be back on Monday to collect her belongings and her final paycheck her supervisor then let the fifteen-year-old simply leave the camp property neighbors had seen Bonnie sneak into her home in Brooklyn the week before Mitchell came to pick her up Bonnie's parents had been on vacation at the time the only thing she seemed to have taken from the house was the $80 she had been saving to buy a new bicycle it is unknown how much of that cash she still had when she and Mitchell set off for the concert someone from the camp agreed to drive the two teenagers in Denis Roseburg and drop them off along state route 97 since they could not have had much money on them they had no other option than to hitchhike to Watkins Glen approximately 75 miles away with only backpacks and sleeping bags the two teenagers stood on the side of the road with a sign advertising their destination as the camp employee drove away the person who gave them a ride is the last known person to see the couple on the following Tuesday someone from the camp finally called Bonnie's parents and told them that she had left he also told her that she had not come back on Monday as she told them she would Mitchell had not arrived back in Brooklyn either the two families first went to the New York City Police Department since Bonnie and Mitchell were residents of the city the department was obligated to provide resources for law enforcement up see the families were dismissed by the police in Brooklyn they did not have better luck when they spoke to officials in Sullivan County where narrows burg is located and the last confirmed place the two were seen because of the couple's age in the concert they were hitchhiking to authorities dismissed the Paris hippies who must have run off to San Francisco or some other countercultural hotspot it was later revealed during an investigation by journalist Eric Greenberg in 1994 that the lack of concern by the Sullivan County authorities at the time had resulted in the loss of several important documents in the case including the original missing-persons report and Bonnie and Mitchell's dental records while bonnie and mitchell were considered to be very modern by their more traditional appearance they were definitely not hippies their most controversial decision in the eyes of their parents appears to have been their choice to become vegetarians Bonnie's mother did not like that she wore jeans and went without a bra but these fashion choices do not mean that Bonnie would run away to live some sort of vagabond lifestyle like authorities seem to believe Bonnie and Mitchell attended John Dewey high school an experimental school for the academically gifted they were both very smart and involved at their school and seemed very focused on excelling in their education a very traditional pursuit it is true that Bonnie and Mitchell were both dealing with their own stressors at the time they went missing which some might argue would give them reason to run away bonnie was prone to crying fits over her father's health her father Theodore was suffering from a degenerative neurological condition that eventually left him unable to even leave his home Mitchell had been hoping to go away for college after graduating high school but his parents weren't able to afford for him to do so so he was set to attend Brooklyn College instead while these issues would be difficult for teenagers to work through they are not the sort of problems that would make them want to run away Bonnie was worried about losing her father so it does not make sense for her to cut herself off from him Mitchell wanted the best education possible so it does not make sense for someone so concerned about his college education to drop out of high school the Wiser's and the Bick wits both insist they're running away was not something their children would do and the circumstances of their lives seemed to support their assertions in February of 1974 with still no sign of their friends students at John Dewey high called a Valentine's Day themed fundraiser to raise money to fund a search for the couple by traceurs incorporated the fundraiser was very successful but the search was not in 2000 the classes of 1974 and 1975 collected money to plant a tree and dedicate a plaque to bonnie and mitchell the media coverage of the event as well as eric Greenberg's ongoing reporting of the case and the Jewish Week magazine garnered more interest in the case and more cooperation from investigators at the state and local level in 2000 Bonnie and Mitchell's case was featured on MSNBC the show prompted a new witness alan smith to come forward Smith told police that he had attended the summer jam in 1973 and hitched a ride to start making his way back home the day after the concert in an orange Volkswagen bus with a Pennsylvania license plate he claims that Bonnie and Mitchell we're also getting a ride in the van Smith says that he and the driver were both very high at the time but Bonnie and Mitchell were not the group stopped off by a large river to cool off although Smith does not remember which one Smith says that he heard Bonnie screamed from the river and when he turned around Mitchell jumped in to try to help her the two teenagers were then pulled downriver by a strong current and disappeared from his view around bend Smith and the driver then got back in the van but did not report the accident authorities deemed Smith's stories credible even though he could not identify the couple in pictures they checked with coroner's offices up and down the two major rivers in the area but none of them had any record of unidentified remains matching Bonnie and Mitchell's descriptions a forensic expert Mitchell's older sister consulted told her that if Smith's story were true the couple's remains should have been discovered both the Vic whatand the Weiser families have remained active and Bonnie and Mitchell's case over the past 40 plus years their extensive efforts have evolved from newspaper ads and mailing campaigns in the 1970s to media inquiries and a website in more recent years in spite of their dedication they still are without answers in the young couples mysterious disappear William and Margaret Patterson were living a privileged life in 1957 the couple had moved to El Paso Texas from Dallas in 1940 and built up a successful business the Patterson photo supply company William also owned a share in a boat business the couple lived in a nice home on Piedmont Avenue drove a Cadillac and owned property in Mexico in early March the Pattersons had another couple over to their home for dinner Cecil Ward and his wife had a nice meal with the Pattersons and afterwards Cecil and William went out to the garage to put a coat of acrylic on a boat that William had been building the following day William and Margaret stopped in it's Cecil's business the ward Auto Clinic to say hello a few days later on Wednesday March 6 Cecil Ward came in to work to find the Patterson's Cadillac parked in the driveway of the auto clinic later in the day a man named Doyle Kirkland came in and told Cecil Ward to service the Cadillac and repair a problem with its steering wheel the old Kirkland was a manager at duffy photo service a rival business at Patterson photo supply he was in spite of this still a friend of William Patterson Cecil ask Doyle why he was arranging for service for the Patterson's Cadillac Doyle told him that the Patterson's had left for a small vacation this immediately bothered Cecil Ward the Patterson's had not mentioned a vacation to Cecil or his wife at dinner or the following day at the auto clinic William Patterson and even made plans with Cecil for later that same week there was no indication that the Patterson's had plans to leave town Doyle Kirkland continued to be involved in the Patterson's affairs that week on Friday the 8th Cecil called Patterson photo supply about having his electric sander returned he had left it in the garage of the Patterson home and needed it back because one of his employees needed it to complete a job it was brought into the ward Auto clinic by Doyle Kirkland Doyle claimed to have seen it in the Patterson garage on the night of March 5th while he was hoping William work on the boat the Patterson still being in El Paso on the 5th is confirmed by the last known sighting of them by anyone other than Doyle that evening their neighbor Jerry cash went to the Patterson home to drop off some boxes of Girl Scout cookies she says that Margaret seemed upset and that Williams seemed bothered by having company in the house so she did not stay very long a new layer of mystery was added to the situation on March 15th that day the Patterson's accountant Herbert Roth received a telegram with instructions about the Pattersons estate Roth was to serve as the business manager for Patterson photo supply he was instructed to rent out the Patterson family home for at least nine months and sell a mobile home William and Margaret owned to help with the expenses of the business Roth was also told to hire someone to manage the photo supply business and Williams absence that person was supposed to be Doyle Kirkland the telegram had been called in to the western union office in Dallas it had been signed WH Patterson Williams middle name was Darrell so if he did send the telegram either he forgot his own initials or the Western Union worker made a mistake since the telegram had been called in there is no handwritten original to examine Herbert Roth followed the instructions in the telegram and had the house prepared for renters the state of the house did not seem to indicate that the Pattersons had knowingly left home for an extended period of time the home was in disarray but the couple's clothes and valuables were still there they were dinner dishes still in the sink the Pattersons had clothes including an expensive fur coat still at the cleaners and none of the utilities had been turned off they continued to receive the newspaper in spite of all this the house was still rented out the final straw that resulted in the police being called about the couple's disappearance came in November in the form of a cat the Pattersons nine year old orange tabby cat Tommy turned back up at the Patterson home and was discovered by the people renting it tommy was thin and ragged and had clearly not been taken care of for some time Margaret had loved Tommy dearly and had treated him like her child there was even a rumor that she went so far as to feed her beloved pet caviar when the Pattersons traveled they always boarded Tommy so that he would be well cared for in their absence when the neglected cat who turned up at the Pattersons doorstep was confirmed to be Tommy the police were finally called an inquest into the couple's disappearance was ordered but was muddied by the couple's secretive nature none of Margaret's family gave testimony at the inquest as they had not had any contact with her in 20 years they did not approve of her marrying William because he had grown up traveling with a carnival and when she chose to go through with the wedding she was disowned Margaret was very guarded even with her friends about details of her early life she claims she had a difficult childhood but would not provide any details about it she would not tell anyone her birthday or how she and William had met Williams father Luther did come from Chicago to speak at the inquest although he was not concerned about his son and daughter-in-law he believed that his son was still a carny at heart and told authorities that he had expected William and Margaret to drop everything to go on the road at some point ever since they've gotten married after a few years with no sign of them however Luther did concede that the couple was probably dead in the course of the inquest it was also discovered that William had a mistress 20 year-old estefania Arroyo Morphin who lived in Juarez Mexico the Pattersons were declared legally dead in 1964 but their case stalled for decades in 1984 a new witness came forward Rinaldo and anger a had been the caretaker of the Patterson's home at the time they went missing at the time he had also been in the United States illegally since he was a US citizen by 1984 he felt comfortable talking to police he claimed that shortly after the Pattersons went missing he had found blood in their garage and skin from a human scalp on the propeller of the boat the couple was storing their not wanting to be deported if he spoke to police he had simply cleaned up the blood he also claimed that he had seen an associate of the Patterson's putting bloody sheets from the house into the trunk of a car although he could not identify who that associate was Rinaldo died in a car accident in 1986 due to the fact that the couple vanished during the Cold War espionage was tossed around as an explanation for the disappearance but the theory did not get any real credibility until 2009 that year El Paso County Sheriff Leo Samaniego told the El Paso Times that he believed William and Margaret had been spies and that they had vanished so abruptly because they had been recalled by whatever foreign government they worked for he based his belief on a report of William Patterson having been seen photographing nearby Fort Bliss and military shipments on trains on their way there Walli answers remain scarce in this case its influence can still be felt in El Paso the mysterious disappearance has led to numerous urban legends and rumors the Pattersons house on piedmont is now rumored to be haunted and over the years the homes new occupants have been startled by numerous teenagers who have been dared to venture onto the property since both Margaret and William will be well over 100 years old in 2019 they almost certainly have passed away no matter what the reason they suddenly vanished in 1957 was Bernard rust Ness lived in Wolf Lake Minnesota with his wife Peggy Parmenter and their eight-year-old son Bryan in 1976 Peggy had first come back to Wolf Lake from North Dakota in 1974 to take care of her ailing mother Bernhard moved there a year later after Peggy's mother passed away the family lived in the home that Peggy's mother originally owned and had spent a great deal of time remodeling the property the couple was not very social and their neighbors knew very little about them while Peggy did use a babysitter for her son that babysitter described her as being very protective of Bryan wolf creek was a small town though so people were able to take note of the couple's comings and goings to some degree on April 3rd 1976 the couple was seen at the grocery store at around 4:00 p.m. the same day Bernard was seen doing work in his driveway just before midnight a neighbor caught sight of something much more troubling at the couple's home the house was on fire the house was completely destroyed in the fire in the ashes authorities located the body of eight-year-old Brian they also found the remains of the family's two dogs they did not however find the remains of either Bernard or Peggy according to the fire marshal the couple escaped from the blaze where the two went after leaving the home remains a mystery both their cars were in the driveway with the keys inside they never used their bank account and they each had a paycheck waiting for them that they never picked up after the couple's disappearance it was discovered that despite how they presented themselves as husband and wife they were not actually legally married Bernard had never finalized his divorce from his first wife back in Fargo this of course raised concerns that the pair may have had more serious secrets did they have enemies with a motive to abduct them and set their home on fire the case remains unsolved although foul play is suspected

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  1. So easy to find someone today….providing they are carrying a cellphone or they stay in areas with heavy surveillance cameras. KUDOS to those who came before the age of electronics in solving missing persons cases.

  2. Poor kids had some much life to look forward to. Its just so oddly fascinating…where do these people go? Aliens…government…abduction…murder? Horrific for the families to live life wondering in misery. The police Drop he ball every damn time with certain people!!! Sick.

  3. Why would they be standing at the front of the vw bug with the "hood: up, engine is in the back

  4. The last case they find the remains of the 8 year old boy and their two dogs in the fireplace and "foul play in suspected"

  5. That Ms. Parmenter was protective of Brian is nothing noteworthy. Any biological or step mother would be that way with their children. At any rate, that three innocent beings—-Brian and the two dogs——died in the fire is tragic. The innocent always seem to get the short end of the stick.

  6. Just found your channel. Really great content and well edited. Love your music choices.

  7. This is a very annoying trend in videos like this. The reason why law enforcement doesn't launch full scale searches for every missing person is because there are so many reports you would need ten times the police to do so. Most missing persons reports incidentally end with the person being found. Generally they launch a search only if there's definitive evidence something has happened to them. Also those kids that got washed down the river….no– their remains should not have been found…they might have but they very easily could have gone undetected. Especially if they got to the shore and wound up dying in the wilderness.

  8. To me, it sounds the second young couple would at least consider running away. They were highly intelligent, going to a "gifted" "alternative" school, rebellious in what they would consider a positive, mature way to their parents' views — they would think they could handle life on their own. They might be mature, but even mature kids (and adults) sometimes can't handle a dying parent and a restrictive home. I'm sure they were interested in their education, but consider the times. Kids were hitting the road, learning from the school of life, man! Fifteen is around the age many people, including ones with high IQs, ditch formal education, associating it with their parents square plans for them. I would bet if it were not a fact that the girl quit her job without warning, to hitchhike to a music concert, her parents would have said that was something she would never do. That's not to say they didn't meet with foul play later, but to say they couldn't have gone off together is naive.

  9. This is why I pray for my family and I. Men even get murdered. Leonard Lake and Change Ng killed women and men there was even a Marine they killed. Marines are trained killers. The monsters on the loose.

  10. Parents killed that little boy and then burned the house down. They both fled and went back to the lives they had before the moved there. The one before that is obvious that the rival business owner killed the couple.

  11. this was so depressing but good at the same time. I thought it was going to be about couples who vanished but were later found alive lol 🙁

  12. Honestly you would think the police would want to search for a run away cause if anyone takes them in and doesn't report it and are caught with said runaway that's a harboring charge. Better for there quota right??

  13. Ok… Working on the driveway, a boy vanishes, a fire erupts, then the boys remains are discovered? Hmmmmm….

  14. Love the Patterson’s Caddy! Who was that Cecil Ward guy? And Doyle? What was the info on him? And Herbert Roth seems pretty suspicious. He was in charge of the estate, right? Some of these, if not all of, were in cahoots! Cats are famous for returning the original home, even after long, extended periods. Too many coincidences! I’m a Texan and some strange things can happen just south of the boarder. All of these characters are super shady!

  15. So what if they WERE hippies? I mean, what’s the definition? I considered myself a hippie and I wasn’t “out there”. No weird drugs or running off to live at a commune. Just free spirited and NO bra! Big deal! Bonnie and Mitchell wanted to enjoy a rock show. Who had a motive to pick up or mess with a young, free spirited, loving couple?

  16. The other problem with Vivienne's "eye witness report" in the first story, is if a VW bug was broken down, wouldn't they have had the trunk of the car open and be standing at the back to look in the engine? Vivienne said the people were standing at the front. Aren't VW bug's engines in the back?

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    I keep clearing my own throat subconsciously as i watch your vids…lol
    Bu you've got a new sub here 🙂


  20. How stupid it was the guy that had their cadillac. Come on he even sent the western union telegram by calling it in and naming himself as the person to take charge of everything. How stupid can these people be at that time.

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