Couple’s Neighbor Asks For Their Help But They Realize Too Late What She’s Really After

couple's neighbor asks for their help but they realized too late what she's really after as the ten commandments suggest it's important to love thy neighbors and this goes double in small southern towns where everyone knows your name you see them just about every day after all unfortunately love is blind so they say and one South Carolina couple found that out the hard way before they were married Reggie and Carol Sumner endured lives of hardship and struggle so when they tied the knot in their late 50s they hoped it would mark a turning point where it would be nothing but a peaceful ride into the proverbial sunset and it very well could have been had they never met the Girl Scout down the street by all accounts South Carolina's Reggie and Carol Sumner love-story was an unlikely one they'd met in a North Charleston high school in the late 1950s but life took them in separate ways for over 40 years after so long they never thought they'd see each other again those four decades weren't easy early on Reggie joined the Navy and later he did hard work for the railroad meanwhile Carol escaped an abusive relationship in which she survived gunshots from her former husband Reggie and Carol reunited by chance in their late 50s and following a short love affair they married after years of struggles violence and hard work they finally found happiness in each other their union should have been a thing of peace and it was right up until they met Tiffany Cole who lived just a few houses away on their quiet South Carolina Street right away the Sumner's took a liking to her she just had that southern charm the stepdaughter of the Sumner's friend and neighbor Tiffany was a Girl Scout a high school cheerleader and she played the flute the Sumner's even sold her a car when she reached her 20s which turned into the biggest mistake of their lives not long after selling Tiffany their Chevy lumina the couple moved south to Jacksonville Florida as Reggie's health was deteriorating the the warmer climate would be easier on him Tiffani meanwhile frequently drove down to the Sumner's Florida home to make payments on the car they'd sold her sometimes she'd even spend the night with her old neighbors in 2005 those she brought a special guest with her Tiffany brought her boyfriend a 24-year old named Michael Jackson along with her on a visit to the Sumner family's house in Florida he ate with Reggie and Carol he sat on their couch and ultimately he realized something the old couple had some money Reggie worked for CSX railroad and he and Carol had just made according to Tiffany a $100,000 profit on the sale of their south carolina home so Michael hatched a scheme enlisting in the help of Allen Wade shown here as well as 19 year old Bruce Nixon Tiffany and Michael concocted a plan to rob the Sumner's of their savings somehow the little girl the Sumner's had known so well was now trying to do them wrong on 1 July evening in 2005 Reggie and Carol had just settled in to enjoy a dinner of fried chicken when they heard a sudden knock at the front door curious Carol headed over to see who it was Allen and Bruce who were unfamiliar faces to the Sumner's were waiting on the doorstep when greeted by Carol they asked if they could use the telephone being a kind and unsuspecting soul Carol let them inside once inside they pulled out a toy gun they easily overpowered Reggie and Carol bound their hands and gagged them wasting no time at all Ellen and Bruce threw them in the trunk of a parked Lincoln Town Car down the road Tiffany and Michael were waiting in a rented Mazda when their partners drove off with Reggie and Carol in the trunk they followed if police happen to get too close to the town car they were supposed to speed by grabbing the cops attention the plan to thwart a tale by the cops wasn't necessary though both cars made it with ease to their destination a remote part of Georgia just over the state line it was a spot Tiffany and Michael had visited earlier that same day see earlier that day Michael Tiffany and their two accomplices had undertaken some manual labor Tiffany later claims she believed they were digging a hole to hide stolen goods but the reality was far more center the quartet had been digging a grave once they reached the hole that night they moved Reggie and Carol to its edge Michael then offered them an ultimatum hand over their account information or be buried alive this was not as Tiffany claimed the plan she'd signed up for these people were once her friends they were like grandparents they'd sold her a car she'd eaten dinner with them to their relief the Sumner's agreed to pass over the account information but it wasn't enough the four pushed Reggie and Carol into the grave anyway the elderly couple bound and gagged couldn't fight back or flee as the group piled loose dirt into the grave soon they were completely buried afterward the group made a trip to the ATM whether Tiffany truly didn't know the Sumner's would be buried alive may never be known not long after she and Michael drove away from the ATM however she did take a celebratory picture still their crime spree wasn't finished the next day Michael and Tiffany returned to the Sumner home with bleach they stole and pawned all of Carol's jewelry they also continued to make dozens of small withdrawals from the Sumner's accounts around two hundred and three hundred dollars each what they hadn't planned for however was that someone might miss the Sumner's after her mother hadn't checked in for several days Rhonda Alfred Carol's Daughter from her first relationship filed a missing-persons report after noticing the odd spending the police wisely left the Sumner's accounts open in doing so they were able to track the group's location authorities followed the criminals to a hotel room where they'd stashed stolen items and promptly arrested them Bruce cooperated with the investigation showing police the location where the Sumner's had been buried he also revealed a heartbreaking detail well in the trunk of the Town Car the Sumner's managed to slip out of their bonds so they can hug each other they were tied up again but it was clear their love couldn't be broken Ellen Wade Michael Jackson and Tiffany Cole all received death penalty for their role in the Sumner's murders Bruce received 45 years for cooperating well nothing could bring back Reggie and Carol at least justice was done Reggie and Carol Sumner Devon streeted remarkable strength and kindness throughout their lives it's a shame too wonderful and beloved people were taken so cruelly share this story with your friends you

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  1. This story was o. The ID channel. According to that, it was tiffanys idea to begin with. She went to prison.

  2. I hope when they execute them they bury them alive just like their victims. Let the punishment fit the crime.

  3. Horribly tragic story and thank god they served the death penalty. Nowadays if you carried out a disgustingly inhumane act as that you would just serve a life sentence in jail. Rest in peace Sumner couple.

  4. Why the hell would you want to ruin someones day with such a fucked up story dude? You couldn't find something a bit more uplifting? Jesus man. Thats just fucked up.

  5. Wow such scum of the earth total scumbag trash they belong to be choked and tortured for 20 years not just get the death penalty I think that was the easy way out this just shows you how freaking stupid these young people are this is ridiculous like don't they understand that they are on camera and there's a paper trail from the account are you kidding me these people are so stupid I really can't believe this even happened to such good people it makes me sick because this is a society we live in today too bad God bless them God bless that couple

  6. It really is a shame…. Those wonderful harmless couple had to die this way in the hands of those cruel monsters. 🙁

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