Couples Give Each Other Surprise Hair Makeovers • Trust Me

do you trust your partner today we're having couple style each other's hair so David's gonna consult each of them in secret but the catch is they're going to be doing the consultation for their partner's hair so this makeover is completely based on blind trust they're gonna bleach your eyebrows off you still have to date me after this so be careful what you wish for they're not gonna have any idea what is happening until they see it in the mirror blind trust are you ready to get a haircut absolutely yes Tyler is pretty self-conscious about his hair she knows my biggest fear with hair Tyler has a bulbous head yeah I have a really bulbous head so much so that like a barber one time commented on it your your head is really weird Tyler's kept his hair long for as long as I have known him I think he's a good-looking guy but I think we could shorten it up my hair is crazy it looks like it ate Harry Styles his hair right now like it's all over the place has tons of cow legs maybe keep some length on the top but I think like maybe like a high end type but not too crazy what my it might be good I think as long as soft does not go for the true high and tight I'll be okay with anything I definitely feel that he could be a little bit more refined I also think that it would be good for him because he's done his hair the same way for so long and it might be fun just for something a little bit different I'm the kind of person that gets one haircut every year and then I just let it grow out until I can't stand it anymore and then I get kind of the same haircut again her favorite thing about her hair is just how thick it is a shorter haircut actually might even highlight how strong her hair is I think Tyler's gonna do a great job they know he likes my hair a lot so I don't think he's gonna do anything crazy to it I think it'd look really great if she kind of was shorter and it shaped her face I think it has a very strong professional tone to it it's great that you're doing this because it's almost like kick 19 is bravery and hair and yeah it's like going like who cares about hair let's just do it I think she's gonna pull it off and I can't wait to see the transformation worst-case scenario I'm gonna go full buzz but we don't need to all see I trust appeal I just don't want this to be a prank high five where are you not getting it Oh when I was a kid I worked like my mom's hairdresser and she cut my hair like your lobe lengths like a bowl cut and I was completely silent dry eyes the whole time and then as soon as I got in the car to go home I started sobbing and I didn't stop for like eight hours see he's dying my hair right now and he's just getting me to talk about other things that's fine this the end this is how I die this is how you become a Stepford wife I hope that you put that thing on my head and it ends up just being JT late 90s in college Tyler had like a mop hairstyle I don't think I thought his hairstyle was cute but I know he's cute when I got down to LA like everyone in La is so stylish I you know I would like go online and watch YouTube videos about how I could like do my hair finally I'm getting like a real stylist I'm like really excited it's not always about users it feels cool 1 2 3 yeah you look beautiful oh my god they're gonna react it I'm gonna look it look like really edgy are you nervous your head will withhold this no no I don't think expose looks so good like it's so nice oh my god it's so soft don't you look cool I look wow the head is not that bulbous oh I love mine I feel cool right now I feel sleeker than usual I feel like an adult and I feel like I should go buy some new clothes I got my new hair that's real I'm so happy with it and I'm kind of like in shock we have a great ability to like help each other and help each other grow and I think that it's one of those things where I totally trust her I mean I just can't stop looking at you I can't stop lovin you doesn't you go the rocks aw you guys look freaking stuff whatever do you feel pumped with the sexiness right now hey yes

Michael Martin

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  1. 3:00

    Saf:Are you talking about me?

    Tyler: no.
    Hair dresser: It's not always about you!
    Tyler: seriously. God.


  2. And you are going to marry each other in the future 💖 Tadaaa .. 😊
    I came back after 2years to watch it all over again and back then i thought they were the cutest strong couple … And they have not failed to prove it ❤

  3. I absolutely love your guys’ reactions to seeing each other’s new hair makeovers! Like renewed appreciation 👍

  4. oh my god, that girl is freaking gorgeous i am in love, dont tell her she is married now i heard LOL

  5. I'd love to do this with my husband, but he's bald. But, I'd love to see what he looks like with hair. Lol! Been with him for 6 years and have never seen hair on his head.

  6. I have very thick hair and I went to go thin it out and it was still thick, I and I really want short hair but my mum just disagree's but some how I changed her mind from saying no to yes. 😂 btw this video just brings back so many memories love the vid!

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