Couples Debate What Micro-Cheating Is

my gross micro cheating it's not like cheating cheating so micro cheating occurs when someone goes a little bit outside the lines of what is allowed in a relationship and there's some deception there closing the computer when someone walks in they're not sharing everything with their partners that they're sharing with someone else couples have all kinds of arrangements what's normal in a relationship is what's normal to the couple some people would say you can't even have dinner with someone you're attracted to but others would say that it's totally fine to have innocent flirtation so those boundaries really need to be set within the couple think you swear that we will get through this okay just seal it up do you feel like a little jealous eight times I call like I see it you're just really nice and friendly so I think sometimes people like take it the wrong way well we have these cards one side is cheating and the other side means it's all good is it okay to follow an excellent social media I think it's an impediment for people right after you break up hopefully you're not like checking it on things on a daily basis no I think it's okay because sometimes yeah X this needs to see that you doing way better than like it's just it's like harmless unless you had some crazy relationship or breakup I follow my ex liking an exit picture depends I would like good day look are bad that's a bad shouldn't matter it's either like it's a bad picture that's all like it so it gets to the top of the feed sometimes you might just be scrolling and then your phone folders and it's like oh I left the heart on the picture I mean it's like oh really and then I would immediately go back and UNTAC just so it's clear though you know that was a powerful communicating with a Texas family who does that I don't know not me I don't even talk to my whole family that much so I do this I got affirmed not cheating on this one your mom still talks to your exes I don't think it's cheating but I think it's like a little bit inappropriate I feel like if god forbid if anything like happened to us like I'd still want to know your family just because I really like them having a false name in your context why would you change a name if there wasn't something wrong you just spare people's feelings a little bit like so even if you're not into the person like you might just change their name just to avoid an argument some girls are like read into something too much like Oh who's Janet you know and it'll be completely nothing but you don't even want to go there I've never done it to you if you are changing someone's information to like the pizza store or something like that like this admitting to you being guilty of doing shady things yes that's your side piece having a work life at work husband mm-hmm you're emotionally cheating like there should be no work – there should be no other husband than this husband I don't think he likes this because we met at work so this probably is like this is close all okay if you're like putting the wife or husband on the end of any one that's not your person then that's success using heart or kiss emojis no no what if it's like like a guy you've been friends up for a long time I don't okay like if someone d-ends you all you can do like instead of a like button it's a hard fun real question here is why Indians in the first place okay there's this stay away from the kiss you know know like getting people's pictures and stuff with hearts or like you're looking good or something like that sometimes people just you don't need to know they're looking good some days I can see that like if you're like yeah we have pretty similar answer you I was kind of surprised I thought you're gonna think like nothing was micro cheating we're clear when I like our boundaries and what like makes us upset you know what affects that the persons were friends before we even got into relationship we talk like wow it's a thing couple should do Michael Tiemann is definitely saying definitely something that could be detrimental to I feel like you give me flowers

Michael Martin

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  1. I must've been the only one who thought this video would be about cheating with FOOD… 😂

  2. I disagree, there's no such thing as cheating, micro or not. No woman owns me in a relationship, I do not own her, she has Free Will and so, do I.

  3. If you don't trust your partner enough to let them have a friendship and connections with other people you probably shouldn't be in that relationship anymore because a relationship without trust is the worst that you could ever imagine.

  4. Keeping in contact with an exs family isn't cheating or micro cheating.
    I love my exs family, we still see each other all the time and spend Christmas together and go on trips ect.
    Though in saying that, they are also my daughters family and I was friends with my exs family before we got together.

  5. That black girl is white. She have a very good fair white skin. She's beautiful anyway in any skin color

  6. Changing the name in to contacts. Isn't cheating to me because my hubby was very jealous. Because I'm friends with my ex nothings going on but I don't want to get into am argument. Because he's gonna swear up and down that the guy is trying to get with me again. He's just scared the my ex is gonna steal me from him but I always tell him never in a million years.

  7. I play League of Legends with my ex in duo-team almost all the time, like several times a week. It f'king doesn't mean we're cheating on our respective partners, for ffs. People need to get their heads out of their asses. Communicate with your partner and use common sense instead of waving your insecurities around.

  8. WTF You can't cheat on FB. O.o Emojis???? Liking pics???? These people are so strict, they're insane. I BELIEVE in having friends and close relationships and yes – getting emotional support from them too! I've been married 6 years and never cheated.

  9. Micro-Cheating CAN lead to physical cheating, no doubt…it tests your true feelings with said person you're Micro-Cheating on.

  10. Cheating is doing anything with another person you wouldn’t want your partner to know about. If you’re just going out for dinner with somebody, you should be able to tell me. If it’s a secret, we have a problem.

  11. So what is cheating then? From my friends, we’ve denoted cheating as having sex with someone besides your partner and nothing less. Some people say cheating is kissing or holding some else’s hand. So micro cheating appeared to create a degree of what level of cheating it is? This feels complex. Because if someone says so and so is cheating, I will assume it’s sex even if it was actually a kiss or having dinner together, etc. a lot of actions are clumped into the same category.

  12. 1-3 is definitely not cheating. 4-6 aren't cheating, but they're shady behaviors. Cheating is (1) kissing or having any sexual contact (including sexting with a person that is not your partner, or (2) having an emotional relationship with a person that is not your partner, even if no sex is involved. Wtf is "micro-cheating"? It's either cheating or it's not. Just because it's not cheating doesn't make it right, but calling any shady behavior cheating is silly.

  13. I feel like people have an ego to fulfill. As in your significant other is YOURS. Feeling like you own them because u all are together. The more I'm in my 11+ relationship the more I don't think that's real life. And I'm in a happy, playful relationship..🤗😊

  14. Liking an exes pic on insta is cheating? I’ve been in a relationship for so long and I’m on fine terms with some of my exes and I like there pics lol

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