Couple’s ‘botched’ engagement photos

couples botched engagement photos go
viral on social media put those on the wedding invites ah yes nothing more
romantic than the age-old gesture of drowning your beloved and cheap
sparkling wine a couple’s engagement photos are going viral on social media
after the two tried and failed to recreate an idea of they found on fine
turist so me and ELISA took our engagement pictures yesterday she found
a fine tourist picture that she wanted to try and recreate fiance Colin u”t
wrote in the tweet I botched it as seen in the referenced photo which you had
also posted to Twitter he and fiance ELISA snot Smith we’re hoping to capture
a happy moment in the great outdoors showing you it’s slowly pouring
champagne into snot Smith’s mouth but alongside that photo Hewitt shared two
pictures of their attempts to recreate the moment and they don’t look like
nearly as happy a couple in one shot snot Smith is seen struggling as he
seemingly tilts the bottle down to low and showers her and her shirt with Andre
birotte California champagne and the follow-up photo snot Smith spits out the
wine while he continues to pour still many social media users were quite taken
by the couple’s engagement photoshoot with some of them even trying their hand
at the instagram-worthy pose others though were more focused on the type of
wine the couple was using which is listed as a California champagne for
those worried about the bride-to-be don’t and a follow-up tweet snot Smith
revealed that she had not drowned from her significant others heavy-handed pour
I’m fine between she wrote you

Michael Martin

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