Couple Tries An Open Relationship For A Month

well I don't think I'm having sex today I mean I'm not I'm not going to I think I would turn it down thank you one are we going get three would I would let's just go for it meet the whole dick no a whole dick of life right eat it deep throat it we met at an audition and then we were on a cruise ship for like five months so basically like we started a relationship on a really long honeymoon I think it's really rare when you're trying to focus on making people laugh a lot for your career that someone else really makes you genuinely laugh very often I don't say that's my big one to make me laugh a lot I realized that I don't want to put all my emotional baggage whatever onto you if I spark with someone I want to be able to pursue that without feeling guilty trusting you to like go out and be intimate with somebody else you still want to come back feels like a deeper level of intimacy use protection but you've kind of said like don't fall in love but I'm not sure if that's a ground stop that I think we need to tell each other every time we go on a date it shouldn't conflict with our own dating oh yeah we have a date what if you find someone you want to date for a while I don't know I feel like I feel like that's just something we have to talk about I don't want you to be unhappy I hope you don't find someone you like better but I also hope that my emotional needs you know don't get in the way of you being able to fully live and realize yours because you know we're thinking about marriage even and forever is a long time do you think this is going to improve our relationship or tear us apart all right so I've been talking to somebody OkCupid I just don't know what to do now I'm rising in middle school like it's like you're just talking to strangers on AOL Instant Messenger JD is a little bit more excited to go on date yes I gotta get out there he's got a date for this region already and I did feel it like kind of a dab of jealousy Lee Ann and I are starting an open relationship what do you think about that whatever makes you guys have I got like at least three people I'm talking to and I'm already like got a date for Sunday night I almost feel guilty going on a date with somebody who's not Lee and it's kind of exciting I'm just like worried that Lee Ann's doing this overcome her own insecurities or anxieties I want this to be something that's fun that we're doing kind of together my first date you excited you don't seem excited his presentation the right word we haven't like talked about having sex with other people I think I would turn it down thank you and are we you know I guess we would I would okay you yelled the camera I don't either I must got into this because we're sexually unsatisfied least I'm not oh I'm he shrugged well I I mean like whatever sex it wasn't just to have sex is what I was absolutely katie has a date tonight I don't know about it I am supposed to be getting dates for myself and instead I'm inviting my friends sending out more yes late tonight how does that make you feel did you just came back from his date my first date was very neutral there wasn't like a spark or whatever a connection that I felt I realized that that's I think what I was hoping what happened it's a reality that you know attraction occurs and then people been pretending like it doesn't for a long time sex isn't that huge of a part of a relationship I think a lot of people will disagree with you it is important but just a small part of life you're speaking now how you want to be yeah that's how you manifest that got a date on Friday with a guy from OkCupid I'm feeling good about this one LeAnn's finally getting her toes wet I guess and I don't she seems pretty excited about it so that makes me happy yeah it has a deep next week 10 Wednesday tell me about your date she's good grammar very fun I have a date tonight I know I'm pretty excited are you you're hiding in pillows right now first of all I was like just jump in and do it cuz I was like oh I'm gonna do somebody this one I feel a little bit more excited about right no those those weird blue jeans you have but the crotch is on bugged out I hope it doesn't like go really well where it's like we were like wanna hang out long time and it's like so you're hoping your date doesn't go out no wait how do you feel about this I keep waiting for bad feelings to start bubbling up and for me to start to get worried to get jealous to get me in secure I just don't feel that way I just dropped a JD up on his date that doesn't see that I was talking about not feeling it hit me this feeling of like not supposed to have romantic fun with help me is it possible to be open and happy like we're just talking not stopping like really getting along and we ended up like kissing at the envious jealous tonight when or what happens with the lead an adventure in i JD had finally went on one like kind of like well I gotta go and we didn't have like a sexual spark at least for me but she was so smart and so kind talked for five hours I connected with her and I want to talk to her more she doesn't actually live here so I didn't want to get sexual with her I just don't know that I'm interested in being someone else that I do like the idea you know like it's my spark with someone that'd be great but I don't want put on my my plate trying to find people to spark with me you helping I'd have a sexier time I don't know like I guess has a worried you like come home spew like never again she went on that first date I felt that was kind of like really the major sense of relief for me where I was just like okay it's not just me going on dates it's not something she's doing for me like this is something that we can both explore I had a good time like I don't really want to go pursue others I feel like you wish that I was kind of more into being promiscuous with others because you want to be I have like this fear that like you're just doing all this for me and I don't like that idea idea can I do something for you what are you saying it's true no okay when I say something like hey I'm feeling insecure about that JD's just hears me holds me a little closer and pays a little more attention it feels like we've actually been just more affectionate I love you I'm looking for evidence that this is the wrong way to go it doesn't feel wrong I feel like I'm falling more in love with JD you know we're just having easier days when we are together it's better if we keep communicating and like really just sharing and it's somehow has made us even closer my first second date we've been texting all week that he's allowed to do whatever he want with his dates I expect things to get done he's like I'm gonna bring a date over to our place to watch TV which everybody knows is code for you know touch each other's hearts man I don't want to do it in my bed well I told JD you like I didn't love it if we could just make our place off-limits okay second day yesterday we went and got some like pizza and then had some coffee I don't know what is it I'm I'm trying to get out of it necessarily we're just gonna lead like because like I went on two dates now it's like you're probably got a third date it's like where's it gonna go to yeah what you wanna no idea doesn't seem like either if I say that super enthusiastic about it I still like the idea of like being open about it like and welcoming like a positive experience you know we're just open to love as it comes that's great I think we kind of realized that we're doing this kind of thing as an adventure together that fear of falling or someone else isn't really there anymore I'm about to go on date number three with this guy it's kind of the Clarins like date three I'm like what would a short term dating mean or his expectations too talked and joined each other's company I don't know what's gonna happen you got any dates since your last one going out to the wedding by myself tomorrow yeah I go in myself and I'm kind of have my eye open and I was dancing and it's not well is it gonna happen and no he knows like I could do this I just don't need to I don't know we're coming to the end of this month long journeys not really not that exciting anymore I feel like my partner is more attentive and more loving and more interested in me sexually and otherwise experimenta success I guess I've been getting out more meeting new people this is exactly the opposite of what I feel like I was taught is safe honey we're both pretty content with how things turned out how things are going I definitely don't feel like I'm seeking too much out anymore after the first couple weeks and like going each of us went on a date I went on a few dates and it kind of just lost it kind of lost its like lost like this frenzy and trepidation I feel like we both kind of come to this comfortable position of yeah it's great we'll stay in an open relationship but we're not gonna like actively seek out dates I just keep falling more in love with you I think jealousy comes from low self-esteem and I feel like I have a higher self-esteem now you just have to communicate and respect your partner and be good to other people I just trusted you to be there on this adventure with me so even though it was scary I was like we'll come out the other side okay and we did we came out stronger

Michael Martin

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  1. I love how in the beginning she thought she was gonna be slaying dic, and then her boyfriends like oh I'll play your game, and turns into gay soy chad, bravo sir, bravo.

  2. If you have a girlfriend like this, just drop her and get a partner that loves you and you only.

  3. Sorry but any Woman that even wants an open relationship isn't worth an Alpha Man's time. It's one thing to start from an open relationship or even swinging once or twice a year together with strangers, but going from a close to an open relationship and seeing people separately will blow up.

  4. when the boyfriend is the one getting the bbc honestly gotta give some respect to the man he literally played the soy boy so well and unleashed his true potential when the time was right. What a chad

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