couple/relationship goals 1 funny moments

(K) Hi guys, how are you? Long time no see (F) You mean you haven’t seen me in a long time (K) Yeah I haven’t seen you for 3 days (F) We hug like a dead people or mummies (F) Okay let’s get serious now because we are going to play a game (hide and seek) (F) Because this place is very bushy, it will be not easy for you to find me (K) Okay (F) so are you ready to play this game? (K) Yes, I start looking now, Oh I mean I wait now (little confused) (F) Wait (K) I’m waiting, I really want to cheat and look where is he hiding but that will not be fair (F) Start looking now (K) Okay, We are looking for Filip (K) Let’s look together (K) I can’t find him (K) Maybe he is hiding here, Filip are you hiding inside this tire? (K) No you are not there (K) Oh, I smell something here, maybe he’s hiding behind these trees (K) I saw the shoes, hello (F) You caught me you little poop (K) Yeah I did (F) Congratulations, I was hiding here, but I don’t understand how I can be hiding in a tire? (F) But it doesn’t matter I know you was kidding (K) That was a dumb thought (F) You dumb  You dumb  (F) Hey (K) What? (F) Let’s play another game, it’s new game that I created (F) For example I will get my bike now (K) Okay? (F) And I will ride from that corner to.. (Skip to 8:00) (F) What happened now? We eat French fries (K) Hey be careful (F) French Fries (xD) (F) We are good, don’t worry, also I prefer chilli with fries (F) Slatko Ljuti (name of brand) (K) Slatko Ljuti (name of brand) (F) Yeah you are right (K) Yeah (F) Do you like the food? (K) Yeah, I was very hungry (F) But you are good now, God bless you baby (F) What do you eat now? (K) Salad with tomato and onion (F) Nice for you (F) Do you like the fries? (K) mhm (F) Do you like it? Do you? (K) Yeah (F) That’s great (K) I feel like pig right now (F) But you are correct, we feel like we haven’t eaten our whole life (F) It feels like this is our first time eating in a lifetime (F) but that is kind of true because I haven’t eaten since yesterday, you? (K) ME? Well yesterday at night (F) Damn, (sad but true) welcome to our sad_no_food_reality (F) This cheese is really good with chilli (K) I’m curious about this chilli, I don’t like it so much (F) It is my favorite chilli I eat it with everything (F) It’s not bad, I don’t understand how do you not like it? (K) Your head is cut (F) Oh thanks for noticing, but I don’t care (Skip to 10:00) (K) Filip do you remember what happened last night? Come here let’s talk (F) Huh? (K) Do you remember something from last night? (F) We drank alcohol (K) Yeah, except that do you know what else we did? (F) Nothing, nothing special why? (K) Because you was crazy drunk boy yesterday (F) What do you mean? crazy drunk boy? (K) Well I will tell you if you don’t remember (F) Careful (K) I hit my head (F) careful , there are branches (K) Do you remember that you were singing yesterday? (F) WHAT? (K) yeah you heard me that’s true (F) I was singing? (K) You were very drunk and you were singing (F) Are you seriously going to expose me on camera? (K) Yes! (F) Oh geez (K) Do you want me to tell you about your drunk singing? (F) Wait I need to sit down first, come sit with me and tell me about my drunk singing (F) You will expose me now (K) Your singing was like you were on marathon (F) What? (K) I love you, I kiss you all day (F) No way (K) Yeah I’m serious and then you sung: I (beep) (F) Are you serious? (K) Yeah (F) Okay, Where I was singing? (K) from city park to our way home, let me show you what you did with your hands (F) Okay (K) Wait, This was your favorite dance (F) Oh Man, you lie to me that can’t be real (K) I love you uhh, you were crazy boy (F) baby are you serious? (K) I swear to god (F) I can’t believe what I did (K) I love you, I kiss you I kiss you (trolling) (F) I don’t go out anymore (K) (singing) (F) I don’t drink and I don’t go out anymore (K) (singing) (F) So everything is true? (K) Yeah man I swear to god (F) I did all that? (K) Yeah (F) I’m retarded, I will kill myself I swear, I will stop drinking alcohol (K) Okay, Okay (Skip to 12:00) (F) What are you singing? (K) I don’t know baby songs (F) Oh really? (K) Yeah (F) My apologies (K) Peace! (F) Wait I need to sit down (K) Do you want me to push you? (F) What? (K) Nothing, I will push you even without your permission (F) Okay push me (K) Keep recording and I will push you (F) Okay, I am ready (F) WOW, What is this bro? (F) don’t push very hard baby or my phone will die, careful please (F) Hey, I mean it’s very relaxing (K) Yeah I agree (F) Do you want to try again? (K) Yeah, I want (F) Give me your purse and sit down (F) Take the phone carefully (F) Careful baby (K) Okay, I’m careful (F) Okay (K) I feel like a kid right now (F) Do you like it? (K) Yeah (F) It’s dope, also you are promoting pepsi sunglasses (K) Yeah, we have two pairs of pepsi sunglasses because we won on their quiz show (K) It was a pepsi or coca-cola drink and we had to choose between them and decide what is better (K) so I liked coca-cola more but after that they gave us these pepsi sunglasses (F) Do you want to make anti-promoting and destroy the pepsi sunglasses (K) Are you serious? Yeah let’s do it (F) Really? (K) Yeah (Skip to 14:00) (K) Okay (F) from that corner to that end in (F) 3 seconds, if i fail than i will get you whatever you want to eat (K) You will fail, i’m 100% sure (F) What if i win? HUH? (K) If you win, the price is going to stay the same so you will take me on a lunch (F) Okay i agree, now go to that corner (F) and i will get ready for this game (K) I will count to 3 (1,2,3), SO you have to be here in 3 seconds if you want to win (F) Shall we begin? (K) No, wait (K) 1, 2, 3 GO! (F) You should say (tri, ce, ti, ri) (K) Huh? (F) You should say (tri, ce, ti, ri) (K) Okay (K) Tri, Ce, Ti, Ri GO! (K) 1, 2, 3 ohh you failed baby! (K) You almost killed me (F) (mumbling) (K) I WON, TODAY I WILL EAT~! (K) and whatever i want! (F) I failed or i passed? (K) NO, You failed (F) Liar (K) I swear to god (F) It doesn’t matter (F) I’m hungry too so we are going to eat together (K) Can we eat in La Puerta? (F) NOO (F) You want mexican food (F) I want french fries or something similar (K) Toast? (F) Do you want fries? (K) No, i want toast (F) Toast? (K) or hamburger? (F) Okay, we will decide later, hey i saw something come and see (F) wtf is this? (K) I don’t know (F) Can you taste it? (K) What? (F) Wait (F) who put this bread here? (K) me (K) You don’t like it? (F) I don’t eat bread with fries (K) I eat, without bread i can’t feel like i’m eating

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