Couple Picks Haircuts For Each Other

hi I'm Spencer and I'm Melina and today we're gonna be playing rock paper scissors to see who gets their hair cut we've been together six months tomorrow but we've known each other for three years we were friends I was his RA last fall he got really drunk concerned me you know so now we're together classic love story I love her hair she like dyed her hair like last fall though before we started dating I opened the door he goes what did you do great I have convinced him to grow it long he usually keeps it kind of short but I like it long I just like who you're not gonna like this answer thank you I just like have wanted to see your hair short pixie cut oh I just have never seen short hair onion he doesn't he could is like as long as your hair okay so now on that okay like showing shoulders oh I've been nervous since he told me that we were doing this is Gabe I usually win I played along in cement I know exactly what your first name okay oh you're clammy okay ready Rock Paper Scissors shoot [Laughter] always leave it Rock I'm scared but I know that you won't pick the short ones no I won't yeah did you see how she said that she's like I know you're not in the short one let's do it I'm gonna be doing your girlfriend's haircuts hey what are you feeling I want it short but she's gonna kill me so I'm thinking just like a little trim I do like curls you know what I mean yeah well kind of like a decent amount cuz her hair's long will layer it make it sexy and fun the stakes are high I have to feel like meet her entire extended family like a month oh yeah so she's gonna kill me if I do anything that's like so we can't go anywhere in this realm no okay not at all but I know I definitely want to give her something that she she'll love all right Alena how are you feeling I'm really nervous but I think it's gonna be fine I trust your boyfriend I not really but I definitely so okay that makes me feel good he picked out a cute haircut he also mentioned that you guys are gonna see your family next month yeah there was an option of like shaving the side of your head yeah but I talked him out of it you're not gonna see this until the end so this is gonna be a complete reveal for the both of you I always attribute my deep attachment to my hair as the fact that I'm a Leo rising Leo is the lion so it has its Mane and it's very proud of it and so I always tell people that's why I can't get my hair cut but I'm letting that go today and we're being evolved to be arising how are you feeling I'm feeling okay okay it feels good it feels good I'm gonna go ahead and have you take a peek at the floor oh my god oh my god that's so much air I'm feeling a little different but I'm fine I'm fine it's gonna be okay promise sowhat's puns are like he is honestly like the complete opposite of me but in like all the good ways so if I'm a little introverted and he's like definitely outgoing knowing him I know he wanted to do the leg shave it all off one when I saw the hair on the ground I felt afraid for my life but I also was like this hair is so dead it looked disgusting so I think I was scared but like ready to move on oh I think you'll like it I like it I [Laughter] love it I love it it won't be oh my god oh my god oh my god it's so cute though okay thank you so much for saying our relationship it I love it

Michael Martin

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  1. ohhhhhnoooo they cut four inches off her head that's so drastic 😩
    Go back to the old way of these videos that Ned used to co ordinate, David dang actually did good fresh looks and both people got their hair did

  2. Girls : i dont like cutting my hair, i don't adventure in it. I get extremely sad cutting 1 millimetre out of it
    * me going to the salon *
    Me : i dont want my hair cut it as short as my jawline

  3. I always feel like I never style my hair, but then I see these people and realize like wow, I do a lot. XD

  4. Not getting your hair cut actually damages it. After awhile your hair won’t grow anymore because of the dead ends blocking the growth. Getting your ends cut is a good thing to do if you want to keep your long hair and keep it healthy.

  5. I don't understand these haircut. They just trim it. Her hair could be in layers then roll.
    They ruin her hair

  6. It was super interesting to see what mr. and mrs. vanilla do with their hair when they get a trim, but I came here for funky hair and was sorely disappointed

  7. Never understood why the sentimental attach to hair. It's just hair! I got a bad haircut today and it will grow back. Not a big deal.

  8. Boyfriend: I want you to look exactly the same
    Girlfriend: awwww picks up a razor and shaves off his hair

  9. Wow they took nice long hair and cut it into a boring medium length with no actual haircut style except curls that will wash out. Cool

  10. You guys need to change stylist, she doesn’t know how to cute hair. Like she literally just cuts it even and trims it a lil and calls it a day 😂

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