Cooksey Branch MAMisode 3: Event Planning

Hey everyone! Corin Clement here, Marketing
Director for the Cooksey Branch of Mid America Mortgage. I am here with a
rockstar today! This is Kaylie, Kaylie Pearson, she is our
in-house Event Coordinator and Event Planner – wanted to shed some light into
this pretty cool and unique feature of the Cooksey Branch, so, Kaylie thanks for
being here Kaylie: Thanks for having me. Corin: We appreciate it. and yeah so you know we work together,
obviously, but I wanted to give everyone kind of a brief rundown and explanation
into what your job entails and kind of what you do for the Cooksey Branch, and for
all of our amazing Loan Officers and of course the referral partners that we
work with. So yeah, if you could just kind of give everyone a little bit of a
little bit of a run through – Kaylie: Yea, so basically I do anything helping with the events. So
planning the events, working the events – I help with planning the events for the
company, so our monthly dinners, our quarterly team events, to planning events
for the agents that our Loan Officers work with, whether that’s happy hours, lunch and learns,
homebuyer seminars – I just helped planned a broker’s open, so just kind of
anything event related, I help with. Corin: Awesome, so, let’s say hypothetically I’m a Loan Officer – I want to plan an event, I want to host an event, but I have
no idea where to start, or what to do – I’m not the best idea generator, so, I can
then come to you right? Kaylie: Yes. Corin: And just say hey you know I want to plan an event here’s
my target audience you know whether it be past clients, referral partners, or
whatever and then you can pretty much just kind of guide me through the
process from there. Kaylie: Yeah, so I figure out kind of who their target market is and
then that way we kind of can narrow down a location, a date and time, and then once we pick a venue going to figure
out a date and time and then once we pick a venue we just start going from
there. I have a list of ideas that we could do like regarding themes, I have
a list of venue locations that we can use so basically we just kind of start out
planning everything and then once we pick a venue I pretty much take
it from there. Corin: Awesome awesome so yeah, that’s actually what I was going to get
to, so you will then pretty much just say hey you know I’ve got this covered and
you pretty much just run with it that way these guys – the Loan Officers and
their referral partners and even the branch, we don’t necessarily have to
worry about following up you know what I mean? Because people are busy you so that’s pretty much what you’re there for to
pretty much take if off their hands. Kaylie: Yeah so I’ll create their event pages on
social media, I’ll sometimes generate the email list to send out to people, I’ll just
have them send me the email invitations, and I’ll send it out to people for them.
I basically just do anything marketing related for their events, so flyers –
I’ll send them flyers to send out, social media posts to send out for their
approval, and once it’s approved I can either do it on their Facebook page or I
can have them uploaded it to their Facebook page. Corin: Right, so that being
said, what are you currently working on, and I know you’re working on a lot, but
what are some things that you’re currently working on right now or some
cool things that you’ve helped assist with in the past? Kaylie: So right now I’m working on our
5th year anniversary party coming up at the end of August – Corin: 5 years – Kaylie: and then I’m working
on planning a golf tournament in September so that should be really
exciting, and then I’m planning our Christmas dinner coming up in December,
and then I’m working on a couple events with some other Loan Officers – their
lunch and learns, and then happy hour events, and then I just helped with a
broker’s open and then I’m helping with a home buyer seminar. Corin: There you have it,
so you can see she stays pretty busy and I know how much of a valuable resource
she is to all of our loan officers personally, they brag on her all the time
so anyway, Kaylie thanks – Kaylie: Thank you having me – Corin: I appreciate it, and thanks everybody
for watching, if you want to learn more about the Cooksey Branch visit our
website at, and we look forward to hearing from you soon! Mid America Mortgage, Inc. NMLS # 150009 is an Equal Opportunity Lender.

Michael Martin

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