Conor McGregor's Post-Fight Press Conference After 13-Second KO Of Jose Aldo At UFC 194 (Unedited)

Michael Martin

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  1. Lol
    I love Connor but what happened to this dude when he fight Khabib…haha
    He looked like a pussy that couldn’t move. Retire on top dude, the fighting is over.

  2. i'm a connor fan but it kills me to say he's not even half of the man now that he was a few yrs ago. Not because he made a few barbs at khabib the ppl said crossed the line (uhh they didn't, when did trash talking in the fight business get so PC,"you cant make fun of his cuz hes a muslim!) not becaue he threw a dolly at a boss, not cuz he smashed a phone out of a fans hand; but becuase of he has a totally new personality. The Khabib press conference showed a Conor with none of his old wit/charm, he looked more angry and stand off ish then ever before, he seemed his regular self at the mayweather press conferences. Idk what fame and fortune has done to him but I think the old conor is long gone.

  3. 0:07 once again Luke out here with some akward shit like the Nate Diaz video lmao why did you try taking a picture with him

  4. I miss this Conor, the ‘active’ Conor who would always want to fight for the enjoyment and entertainment of the sport but now is focused on money and always getting himself into shit situations. I don’t think well every see that version of him again

  5. conor is such a good speaker. Its unbelievable how mature he sounds. He speaks so eloquently. And he doesn't get nervous when he talks in front of a ton of people.

  6. Real champ champ witch UFC fighter step to a post-fight press and kick out the man in the podium and take it over haaha! <3

  7. This is a bit of a random stat for Conor, but. He won Featherweight​ belt and lost the next fight, he won the Lightweight belt and lost the next fight. Just something random I thought I'd mention.

  8. What happend now? I love conor but in the fight with khabib was all this things not there very sad.

  9. Precision beats Power.
    Timing beats Speed.
    But the Bear mauls the precision and does not give a shit about the timing.


  10. 15:17 I think he's absolutely right here. This could be part of the reason he lost to Khabib. He was too focused on information about Khabib and his team, that he forgot to focus on himself and the win. Hopefully he can turn that around next time!

  11. I still can't believe it. He was only 26, 27 at that time. But he looks so mature and older for his age. like at least early 30's. its crazy

  12. 1 week from the Khabib fight in 2018 and it’s eerie to remember how all of this went down, seems like we forget how incredible some of the things he did were because it’s like we almost got used to it. I wonder if he has seen anything from Khabib that gives him an indication or understanding of a pattern Khabib follows and is going to exploit it as well. The mental aspect of the McGregor anomaly is the most impressive to me

  13. Who else always sees conor "press conference" videos in their recommended and think that conor mcgregor is back, then you realise the video is 2 years old.. 🙁

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