Confession in Marriage: Clip from Podcast 170

So do you guys have any other practical
advice of what confession looks like in your own marriage and what you do to
confess to your spouse or vice versa? Nils, what do you think? I don’t
know if I have any other advice, but I think this is another one
of those podcast I’m really soaking in. It really at the end of the day is how I
open up that dialogue more consistently, how do I own things and my own issues better and communicating that one and
then I think the other way is how do i find the right people
around me to really, from accountability perspective, I definitely knew friend that describes as accountability
partner and we’ve processed some of this together but maybe even being more
consistent in that and then bringing those things to Katie. But in our marriage Katie is way better at this than I am. My pride level is high
and I would rather just fix it and not confess it and move on and not
talk about it and so just really getting a dialogue open to Katie’s gonna be
really important. Yeah, but that is a really good point though of we
shouldn’t just do that so don’t just repent, the confession is a
big part of it. Because you’re right I think a lot of us go through with that, okay I see my sin I’m gonna just secretly change this sin I’m not gonna
admit it to God, I’m not gonna admit it to my friends, I’m not gonna admit it to
my spouse, I’m just gonna change this and then we’re good. But you’re not really
accepting responsibility if you don’t verbalize it to some in
some way shape or form whether it’s your prayer or admit it to your spouse. And so
I think a lot of us struggle with that Nils. I did too. There are times that I just know I need to confess and I did and I don’t
want to at all. I just don’t want to. Whether it’s that things have gone on
and things are better now or just stubbornness or pride like you said I
think that it’s in a lot selfishness all those things to get into it, I just don’t
want to do it but the confession is so important and I think it’s so what do
you guys think about is there should you confess everything to your spouse that
concerns the relationship? I think you should say sorry and confess
as often as you can. So if you’ve offended your spouse or
snapped at your spouse or done something to your spouse I think you
should confess I think where it gets a little tricky is when it comes to very
specific examples of like purity and things like that then it gets a little
tricky like with your thoughts so I think that’s and we talked about that
another podcast yeah I think that’s where it gets a little tricky of if
you’ve looked at pornography I think you should probably confess to your spouse
and your accountability partner but if you accidentally looked at a woman who
and you thought she was hot I don’t think you should tell your wife every
time that happens because I think that would really hurt your marriage.

Michael Martin

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