Conference Events Think Outside the Ballroom

– Conference events create a buzz and an experience that
people won’t forget. We’ve got some great ideas
on how you can choose which type of conference
event would be best for you. (playful music) Hey, I’m Katie with Endless Events, and conference events and parties can really build excitement
and hype up attendees. It’s a great way to create
a memorable experience. So when you’re thinking about ideas for your next conference event, focus on why you’re having
your event in the first place. What is your purpose
and what are your goals? Then you can pick a theme. Think about the colors,
the shapes, and the logos that you want displayed around your event. Make sure that it
resonates with your theme and with your guests. You can incorporate virtual reality for a hands-on experience, and
you can give away swag bags that are useful and relate to your theme. So, what type of conference
event would be best for you? Well, there are two types. One is experiential marketing. This is where you’re establishing
a theme, entertainment, and an experience for a
wide audience of attendees. You’re allowing them to participate throughout the event with
hands-on experiences. The other is brand activation. This is more for a select
group of attendees, and you can take a survey or a poll to find out what they love. Then you can do exclusive giveaways, top secret surprises,
and new product launches. So what type of event is
going to be best for you? Pre-parties are great if you’re trying to promote your product
before the actual event. Invite people who are social and who are going to
spread brand awareness. Arrival parties are really great to make people feel special. You can do a unique
entrance, like a red carpet, where they can share
pictures across social media. Intimate dinners are
great for your top clients or top performers of your brand. Try to keep the number to under 30 people and think about the atmosphere, so the lighting and the sound. Make sure it’s not too loud. And give them a unique experience, something like allowing
your guests to be the chefs. VIP black tie parties
are for select attendees. You can do personalized invitations and exclusive entertainment. And after parties are a really great way for people to network. You can even incorporate the
local area around your event. So for example, if it’s in New Orleans, you can have jazz musicians
and Cajun cuisine. You can do giveaways
and think of it as a way to make a last impression on your guests. So conference events create a buzz, build excitement, and
give people an experience they’re going to be talking
about after they return home. If you want to learn more about this, click the link to head to our website where you can also download our free event planning checklist. Let us know in the comments below what type of conference
event you’ll be planning next and how you’re going to make it unique. Give this video a thumbs up,
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