Completion Ceremony MSc 2018

we started this program with the idea of designing a program which was at the same time formal but also making sure that you learn things that will be used in the future we have discussed and we have researched and we have learned we did not only learn about corporate strategy or supply chains or marketing plans of course we learn that but even more than that we learn to be better people and better citizens of the world we have grown through literature we have grown through inspiring professors through tough deadlines and through each other not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined what it would bring too lenient I'm trying to recall it what was the most significant experience to me it was to meet all of you that experience that connection was the biggest lesson for me this year My dear classmates we'd shared the story together and out time for us to find their new chapter in Barcelona or somewhere else this is just the beginning I'll be looser but if you put your effort and concentration into plenty of potential to be the best that you can be I don't care what the scoreboard says at the end of the game in my book we're gonna be winners today is officially the last day of what will forever be the year you went to study in Barcelona be tomorrow you start a new chapter of your lives however there is no reason to be sad you're not alone in this journey the community you created throughout this course is very alive and so it will keep on being I've developed amazing friendships from all over the world to allow this in your soul mark I made a lot of friends from different countries I met amazing people that helped me become a better person and they are professional I think the most valuable thing is that she has no fun and also we we learned a lot okay I think three words I will truth runs fun I would say perseverance a new experience dedication growth confidence on future being a master student is amazing

Michael Martin

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