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it's the goods so that we can win two major championships so I'm looking forward to seeing that event we are looking forward to that we're looking forward to the opening ceremony we're going live there now is about to get underway let's rejoin Steve Cram and Hugh Edwards thank you so yes the great city of Delhi is ready just about ready that is for the opening of the 19th Commonwealth Games here we are in the Nehru Stadium room for 65,000 people we're not quite there yet we can see one or two patches of blue seats but it's probably getting on for 60,000 as we speak ready for this opening ceremony preparations haven't been last-minute as we've been saying they've been down to the last few seconds as all of India many millions around the world wait for these games to begin prime minister and india dr. mohan singh from steve ledin by the the man who's organized these games Suresh Kumari dr. Singh the first seat Prime Minister of India taking his place along with the president to shortly be with us and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales who was representing the Queen Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall give you such a curse on okay Prince Charles in the Duchess of Cornwall we we did in here for a few days delayed into the wrong box the other Wessex it was theis patron of the Commonwealth Games Federation principals will undertake the central duty this evening which is to declare the games okay singing octave and she [Applause] under the laws within soccer for the President of India Pratibha Patil sweetie you have in his years 12 president the first woman to serve in the office you sworn in three years ago the president will share the opening duties with the Prince of Wales Prince will declare the games open the president will urge the athletes to get on with the competition and now ladies and gentlemen please stand for the national anthem do you such a cobia as Austria Ganguly Caravaggio [Applause] the president applauds the end of the national anthem he'll have noticed the three flags Australia because they were the last House India century of course the current house and the flag of Scotland on the right because they'll be the hosted 2014 Canton is under waiting puree and Steve Kramer with me to enjoy the ceremony as it goes through and tickle we're going to see now this gradual countdown to the start of the ceremony yes we argue and and we're also going to see this huge helium balloon in front of us and you can see these Tibetan pipes that are being blown at the moment you've got the conch shells which are used in hindu traditional festivals and prayers well now the crowd you finally coming alive and they're in for a real show here sit back and enjoy [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the swaying of the beam players the beam which is a wind instrument strongly associated snake traumas and there we have a magnificent view of what some would say is the star of the show tinkles already mentioned it is giant helium balloon an aerostat is a tall the biggest helium balloon in the world it's rising gradually to a height of about 25 meters and it acts as a kind of giant projector screen really does play a very important part in the ceremony it's absolutely spectacular a very clever concept it cost a lot of money as well thousands of dollars worth of helium balloon [Applause] of Rajasthani Hey Thanks you the Nehru Stadium here in Delhi good light I was doing the evening [Applause] the fireworks and the drums a little reminder maybe what we saw in Beijing in 2008 so far fewer drummers here several hundred of them but in Beijing of course there were thousands of drummers to beat that initial count down here in Delhi we have drummers of all kinds from all regions of the country yes here we do we have drums from the Northeast from Nagaland we have drums from Rajasthan we do it so it just sort of goes it's an example of the diversity of this country the different cultures the food the languages that India represents in the traditions it might not be as many of them Huber than making enough noise that's for sure it really is resonating through the stadium isn't it that very thing as well [Applause] [Applause] mentioned you hear that these drummers who are coming out are all from indigenous people in this country though they've been brought in from these are tribal peoples of India the organizers telling us that there will be some 9,000 people taking part in this opening ceremony there you see some emerging from under the central stage they built a special tunnel under the stage to the Outer Rim of the arena here that's where hundreds and thousands of these performers will emerge when you're designing Newsted you know of you you have to always think is this place going to be used for a big opening ceremony of major games of course save for 2012 and when you said this underwent its reconstruction pretty much from when it was built in 1982 they have to think about this evening under pause the closing ceremony now as the massive drummer sways and performs just look there center stage because we're going to get a glimpse of one of the stars of the show little seven-year-old boy called Ke$ha and he will perform his own solo on the drums in tandem with all the others child prodigy as well apparently he was playing it clean up the bus on the age of two then there he is tiny little figure you see two little drums barely singing serious not overwhelmed by the situation at all [Applause] it might be seven we knows how to perform doesn't even Silva cameras your honor me later [Applause] does little Asha bleach the drumbeat you get a real sense Thank You of the extraordinary diversity the richness of culture that makes up India strong national identity an identity of being Indian is stronger than compromising clear but it encompasses an extraordinary range yes you and you can see if you just look at the faces of the people down there on the stage and playing the drums the features the drums that they're playing there are the costumes that they're wearing and everything India is as just it's so diverse and rich and it's all reflected here there you get a real sense of the purpose of the balloon all the images being projected matching and complementing the display [Applause]

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  1. The commonwealth is a joke it's just a way for the brits to hold on to their imperial past.
    It's time India left this stupid organisation and created their own south asian union.
    Akhand Bharat all the way people 🙂

  2. Fucking dirty British bastard there. FUCK THE EVIL ROYALS THEY ARE PEODOPHILES. HOW CAN INDIA GIVE SO MUCH RESPECT TO SOME CUNT LIKE THE ROYALS WHO HAVE DONE SO MUCH BAD TO INDIAN60 Minutes exposes organised paedophilia among highest ranks of British elite60 Minutes’ explosive 19 July feature, “Spies, Lords and Predators”, reported that the recent blizzard of revelations of paedophile rings operating among the elite of the British Establishment constitutes the “biggest political scandal Britain has ever faced”. Presenter Ross Coulthart stated right at the show’s outset, “There is a paedophile gang operating at the highest levels of the British Establishment” (his emphasis), and, although 60 Minutes did not dwell on the point, that includes the Royal Family itself. However the Royal involvement shone through in an 18 July article by the UK’s ExaroNews, which 60 Minutes credited as a co-producer of its show, while a 24 June press release by the CEC had been even more explicit in naming the Royals.

    60 Minutes reported the first-hand allegations of a number of child abuse survivors, who identified the prominent Establishment figures who abused them when they were children in the 1970s and 80s.

    One survivor, Richard Kerr, fell victim to this paedophile ring as a nine-year-old in the 1970s, when he was sent to the Kincora Boys Home in Belfast, Northern Ireland, run by notorious paedophiles. From Kincora, Kerr, like many others, was trafficked all over the UK to be abused by powerful men. To 60 Minutes, he identified among his abusers former member of parliament Cyril Smith, and former deputy head of MI6 Sir Peter Hayman. The latter was a member of an organised gang called the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which campaigned openly in the 1970s for the age of consent to be lowered to as young as four.

    The CEC’s 24 June release also identified the paedophile ring operating out of the Kincora boys’ home, in connection with the murder gangs that British intelligence coordinated in Northern Ireland, under the command of Brigadier General Frank Kitson, to orchestrate terrorism and civil war. Though his troops opened fire on unarmed civilians in the infamous “Bloody Sunday” massacre of 30 January 1972, killing 13 civilians and wounding 13 more, the Crown showered honour after honour upon him, including an OBE for his work in Northern Ireland, while the Queen personally inducted him into her ultra-elite Order of the Bath. Still alive, he retired in 1982 as Commander-in-Chief, UK Land Forces. The CEC release emphasised the unique significance of the Kincora story:

    “Despite pleas from many quarters to do so, British Home Secretary Theresa May has staunchly refused to include the Kincora case in the new child abuse inquiry to be headed by New Zealand Judge Lowell Goddard, even though the present, local inquiry in Northern Ireland into Kincora under Anthony Hart QC lacks the legal powers to compel crucial witnesses to testify. Why the steadfast refusal to include Kincora? Because there is abundant evidence now even in the public domain that MI5, MI6 and other British intelligence agencies know that not only was one of Kitson’s paramilitary ‘pseudo-gangs’ (Tara) at the centre of that affair, but that other, leading members of the British establishment were personally involved in the abuse, including Lord Mountbatten himself, Surveyor of the Queen’s Pictures Sir Anthony Blunt, and numerous other high society figures from Ireland and England.”

    60 Minutes did not name these individuals, but ExaroNews in its 18 July article reported that Richard Kerr had identified some of the same figures which the CEC had:

    “Among those who were part of the cover-up of a paedophile network linked to Kincora boys’ home in Belfast, Northern Ireland, according to Kerr, were:

    Lord Mountbatten, a cousin of the Queen, great-uncle to Prince Charles, chief of the defence staff from 1959 to 1965 …;
    Sir Maurice Oldfield, director of the Secret Intelligence Service, better known as MI6;
    Sir Anthony Blunt, master of the Queen’s pictures, former officer in the Security Service, or MI5, who became a Russian spy;
    Sir Knox Cunningham, Unionist/Ulster Unionist MP, parliamentary private secretary to Harold Macmillan as prime minister, and member of the Conservative party’s national executive committee 1959-66. …
    “An intelligence source told Exaro that Mountbatten mixed with paedophiles who went to parties in the Republic of Ireland. Mountbatten is also understood to have visited Kincora, although why remains unclear.”

    It was very clear to the CEC, who had named Mountbatten himself as a paedophile in its 24 June release. Among other things, Mountbatten had welcomed the notorious paedophile Jimmy Savile into the Royal family, and he became a regular at Buckingham Palace and a mentor and advisor to Prince Charles. According to British press accounts, Savile molested as many as 1000 children, many of them helpless patients in hospitals. He was also, according to some accounts, a necrophiliac, who proclaimed that the 5 days he had spent alone with his mother after her death were the “happiest days of my life.”

    60 Minutes also identified as a high-ranking paedophile one of Margaret Thatcher’s many paedophile protégés, Sir Leon Brittan, whom she appointed Home Secretary and whose department was responsible for investigating, and therefore covering up, paedophile complaints. Brittan, for instance, “lost” extensive documentation on high-level paedophilia presented to him by MP Geoffrey Dickens in the early 1980s. 60 Minutes also named Lord Greville Janner, a sitting member of the House of Lords who until recently the Public Prosecutor had declined to prosecute on the grounds of his claimed dementia, even though he had voted in Parliament over 200 times since the onset of his alleged mental debility. 60 Minutes also interviewed a member of PIE, which gave the viewer a skin-crawling glimpse into the mindset that openly justifies, in fact promotes, the sexual exploitation of children.

    The UK authorities have covered up this paedophile network for decades, because it exists at the dark heart of where real power is wielded in Britain’s anti-democratic, elitist system—in the Crown itself. This scandal threatens the entire British oligarchical power structure, and there are already indications that the Goddard inquiry into the scandal will simply continue the cover-up, as demonstrated by present Home Secretary Theresa May’s refusal to include the Kincora Boys Home in the inquiry, which would expose the overlap between the paedophile networks and MI6/MI5 and the Royals. A cover-up was also signalled by Goddard’s forecast that the inquiry would take 5-10 years to conclude—the typical British Establishment ploy to drag such things out until the uproars which caused them have died down and key witnesses have disappeared, died, or been terrorised into silence.

    60 Minutes indicated its intention to follow up on its explosive report. But if you really want to get to the bottom (or the top!) of this Satanic evil which permeates the British Establishment, stay tuned for more revelations from the CEC.

  3. This video makes me wonder why we all fights for being hindu n muslim or any community… see music speaks the language of love… which we all understand… so enjoy it. Proud be be an Indian… I love India <3

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