Commencement December 12, 2015 – Morning Ceremony

Clarion Brass Quintet]>>PROFESSOR GEOFFREY SCHULTZ; Good morning. And welcome to Purdue University Calumet. Will those who are able, please stand for the singing of our National Anthem? [MUSIC: The Star Spangled Banner: Clarion
Brass Quintet and
the Purdue Calumet Vocal Club] [MUSIC]>>O, say, can you see by the dawn’s
early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming? Whose broad stripes
and bright stars through the perilous fight o’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly
streaming. And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting
in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. Oh, say, does that
star spangled banner yet wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?
[CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] >>PROFESSOR SCHULTZ; Chancellor Keon, the convocation of Purdue University Calumet 70th commencement is assembled. Please be seated. [LAUGHTER]>>CHANCELLOR KEON: Good morning. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to commencement exercise, the culmination of Purdue Calumet
student success and indeed one of the proudest days in the lives of the graduates and their
families. For today’s commencement, some of you have traveled from across town, others
from across the world as well as from locations between. Today is a day of celebration and
recognition, a day of applauding achievement, a day of crowd reflection and perhaps even
shedding a tear or two. And, of course, this is a day of receiving a cherished diploma:
Your cherished diploma, your cherished Purdue University diploma. Candidates, I applaud
you for your hard work, determination and sacrifice. Parents, grandparents, other family
members, I also applaud your hard work, determination and sacrifice. Graduation is not a celebration
exclusively for those receiving diplomas. Before we continue this celebration, I invite
our graduates to offer their heartfelt, thankful applause for the support they received from
parents, family, friends and others who in various ways made this possible. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] My lone instruction
of the day is to ask that all in attendance be respectful as we read the name of each
graduate so that each of you will be able to hear your graduate name in turn. Thank
you muchly. Several individuals whose leadership is vital to Purdue Calumet are seated on the
platform. And as much as they will not be introduced later, I want to take this opportunity
to introduce them now. I will ask them to stand as I read their name and ask you to
hold your applause until we have concluded the list. Our Grand Marshal, Dr.Geoffrey Schultz;
Purdue University Trustee Cameron Mann; Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administrative
Services, Mr.Stephen Turner; Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs,
Dr.Carmen Panlilio; Vice Chancellor for Advancement and the presenter of our candidates, Dr.Regina
Biddings-Muro. Our Diploma Marshals today are Ms.Cheryl Arroyo and Ms.Roberta Allen. [APPLAUSE.] Outstanding dedicated faculty
serve the students of the university Purdue Calumet. Through their teaching, research
and engagement, our faculty enrich the learning and development and success of our students.
For that, I invite the members of our hard working faculty to stand and be recognized
by your applause. [APPLAUSE.] Dr.Peggy Buffington joins us this
morning as our guest speaker. Dr.Buffington, a proud Purdue Calumet alumna currently serves
as Superintendent of School of City of Hobart right here in Northwest Indiana. She provides
leadership to the District in curriculum and instruction program. Dr.Buffington is passionate
about her early education, literacy, STEAM: Science, Technology, Arts and Math, and college
and career readiness. She is engaged in organizing, analyzing and interpreting school data. She
provides professional development programming and sponsors continuing education for licensing
renewal. Dr.Buffington led the Hobart school building project, the facility renovation
of the Hobart Middle School, and now leads the District-wide technology program. During
her tenure as Superintendent, she has led the District in opening the Early Learning
Center, which she describes as the best place on earth. It paved the way for all-day kindergarten
available to all students in the District as well as preschool and birth to five programming
known as Building Brickies. She also initiated a magnet high ability program. Dr.Buffington
serves as Co-Chair of Ready Northwest Indiana, the educational arm of One Region, One Vision.
Ready Northwest Indiana works with area partners to raise the percentage of people with post
secondary degrees in the area to 60 percent. Peggy earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree
here at Purdue University Calumet College of Education. She earned her Doctorate in
philosophy and curriculum and instructional education technology from Purdue University.
She has received numerous awards, including the Purdue Calumet Outstanding Alumni Award,
Indiana Teacher of the Year, and District 1 Indiana Superintendent of the Year, among
many others. She serves on the Board of St.Mary Medical Center and on the Advisory Board of
the Times Media Company and our sister campus, Purdue University North Central. She believes
there is a greater mission in life, which is to serve others, especially children. [Muffled
sounds of a baby crying in the audience] It’s always wonderful to bring an alumna to the
stage to talk to our graduating students, so I bring to you Dr.Buffington. [APPLAUSE.]>>DR.PEGGY BUFFINGTON: Thank
you, Chancellor. Thank you so much for the privilege and honor to be here today, for
this joyous occasion, which is your special day: Commencement. I, like you will be after
today, am a proud Purdue graduate. My journey from this university has been an amazing one.
You see, it provided me with opportunity to serve others and make a positive difference
in the world as my life’s work. I’m the superintendent of the School City of Hobart, and I’m responsible
for the education of over 4,000 wonderful K-12 children, and I absolutely love my work.
As the Superintendent of Schools, I speak at many graduations. These moments in time
are more than milestones; they are all about the new journey ahead for the graduates. What
does that journey look like? Well, all of you know it. Let’s take a look back. At preschool
graduation, we get the kids in line and we just hope they stay in line. [LAUGHTER] The
celebration is all about being ready for kindergarten. We spark the children’s curiosity about this
thing called “learning.” And we provided lots of encouragement because their journey just
really is beginning. How about kindergarten? At kindergarten graduation, oh my. More people
attend this graduation than high school graduation. We have stanchions and security keeping back
the proud parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, neighbors, anybody
in the community who wants to see these adorable kindergarteners graduate. The spectators are
beaming with pride and happiness. The kindergarteners think: First grade! First grade! We’re ready
for first grade! Then they sing to their parents, “You are my Special One.” There isn’t a dry
eye in the house. The journey of learning has been the gift of literacy and problem
solving and our all important message: Be nice. Work hard. And stay safe. They can repeat
this in their sleep. When I address kindergarteners, I say to them: Are you ready for first grade?
They cheer wildly and with complete joy and say, “Yes, I’m ready for first grade!” What
will you do in first grade? They say, “Be nice. Work hard. And stay safe.” Well then,
I recite Dr.Seuss’s “Oh the Places you will Go.” It sounds like this: “If you be nice,
work hard and stay safe, oh, the places you will go.” Who says this? Why Dr.Seuss, of
course. He says, “You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes. You can
steer yourself in any direction you choose.” You will be in first grade next year and you
know what you know. You are the kindergarteners who now get to decide which way to go. The
kindergarten journey is really a special one. So now let’s fast forward to high school graduation
where we have been preparing students for college and careers. The stands are filled
with family and friends, just like today, who are anticipating that walk across the
stage for a diploma. 13 long years! The journey seemed to never end for some, and for others
it’s ended too soon. This commencement charges high school graduates to focus on pursuing
their dreams, fulfilling the mission as well as having persistence in their new journey.
It sounds something like this: In today’s world of instant gratification, we often forget
that some things take time, patience and practice to achieve. Along the way, you will find the
most valuable lessons in life are learned from mistakes. Always be honest with yourself.
Take responsibility and don’t blame others when you do not succeed. Determination and
perseverance are key. High school graduates, believe in yourself. Own your own success
by working hard. And as you transition into this new journey of life, see your life as
a mission, a mission to impact as many lives as you positively can. The difference you
make tomorrow begins with the decisions you make today. May your good example of character,
work in relationships influence many lives with an impact that is far-reaching and long-lasting.
So, high school graduates, work hard to make a difference in the world. At this point in
the ceremony, I proudly accept and confirm them as graduates. Just like the kindergarteners,
they cheer wildly. They turn their tassel. They throw their cap. It’s with complete joy.
The anticipation of fulfilling dreams in this next leg of the journey is what it’s all about.
It’s the best day of their lives. That’s what they think. This brings me to your commencement,
the college journey, which leads to a career. It’s finally here. You made it. Are you ready
for the world? Of course you are. You should be cheering wildly and be filled with complete
joy. You have learned specifics in your major to make you marketable, to begin a new journey
in life. And as I quoted to our kindergarteners from the famous Dr.Seuss, I will quote it
again for you. “Oh, the places you will go.” Believe it and live it. Commencing to a new
journey, a career, which is what you have been striving and working towards for quite
sometime, fills you with complete joy. But there’s also a little apprehension. Apprehension
about this new journey because there are some unknowns. I want to assure you that there
is truth to that old saying: Everything you need to know you learned in kindergarten.
You see, kindergarteners cannot wait for the new journey called first grade. They really
have no idea what first grade is all about, but they are excited to go there. Their journey
will be filled with opportunity and, without a doubt, they will seize and soak up every
moment. How about those high school graduates? What can you glean from them as a college
graduate? Well, they have no fear. They’re confident about the path of their new journey,
and nothing is going to stop them from achieving their goals. They are equipped to fulfill
the dream of changing the world and to have an impact and to make a difference. So now
I ask you: Are you excited about your new journey? [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Okay. I need you to sound like our kindergarteners and high schoolers. Are you excited about your new journey? [LOUDER CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] That’s more like
it. You see, I challenge you to bring the same type of anticipation about what’s next
in life by replicating the attitudes of kindergarteners and high schoolers. They are filled with enthusiasm,
and they cannot wait to begin the next endeavor. Be confident in your abilities in this new
journey. You have everything you need from this fine university called Purdue. And, oh,
the places you will go. You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You
can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You will be in the world next year, and you
know what you know. You are the future who now gets to decide which way to go. Which
brings me to the why. Not the what. Not the how. But the why. The why is the most important
factor in choosing a direction. The why is the reason you choose to do what you do. What
will be your why? As you transition into this new journey of life, see it as a mission,
a mission to impact as many lives as you positively can. The writer, Lawrence Van der Post writes,
“We live not only our own lives; but whether we know it or not, also the life of our time.”
Your journey now is about the evidence you leave in the work you do and the life you
live in your time. Your attitude towards the importance of your work – it matters, because
it’s shaping the meaning of your life and others. My life has been blessed to have an
impact on children so they can go out and change the world. You once were those engaged
children in K-12 academia, and now you are college graduates who are to be agents of
change. Become the hope and difference in the world by making it ‘the why’, with the
work you do. The world admires talent and fame. I am sure that you can think of many
athletes and stars whom you think have amazing gifts. Ultimately, who do we pay greatest
tributes to in life? Those individuals who showed generosity, honesty, courage and mercy
while using their talents to make the world a better place. Begin thinking: This is why
I am here. This is why God put me here. Make a commitment to choose work that gives you
the opportunity to make the world better. Then go do it. I wish you amazing days ahead
to accomplish your mission and the ‘why’. As I leave you today, I would be remiss if
I did not reiterate this. Oh, the places you will go. You have brains in your head. You
have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You will be in
the world next year. And you know what you know. You are the future who now gets to decide
which way to go. Your mission is to fulfill the ‘why’. May YOUR ‘why’ impact as many lives
as it positively can. Be filled with joy, joy and more joy by the work you choose to
do. God bless you on your journey and may your impact be grand. [APPLAUSE.]>>CHANCELLOR KEON: I have to
admit that I never reflected so heavily on my days in kindergarten until today. [LAUGHTER] You know, for me, life became progressively
easier after kindergarten, after eighth grade, after high school, after a Bachelor’s degree,
after a Master’s degree, and after a PhD. But I really hadn’t thought back about how
miserable was kindergarten. [LAUGHTER] So thank you very much, Peggy. [APPLAUSE.] For the introduction of the academic
degrees, I now invite Dr.and Professor Saul Lerner, representing the faculty of Purdue
University Calumet to the podium. [APPLAUSE.]>>PROFESSOR SAUL LERNER: Good
morning. First of all, there is no question about the fact that “Oh The Places You Go”
is just an absolutely wonderful story. I recommend it to all of you. Chancellor Keon, Trustees
Thompson and Mann, colleagues, graduates and friends. First permit me to congratulate the
graduates and say what a very splendid holiday gift is witnessing the graduation of a loved
one. Let me also congratulate Chancellor Keon, who has just been appointed Chancellor of
the soon-to-become Purdue University Northwest. [APPLAUSE.] The conferral of academic degrees
is a critical responsibility, the accomplishment of which signifies that degree recipients
have successfully completed a sufficiently rigorous and enlightening curriculum of courses
that provides appropriate preparation to assume roles of contributions, responsibility and
leadership that advance our society. The faculty of Purdue University Calumet has evaluated
the academic accomplishments of the candidates presented here today and concluded that pending the completion of any final outstanding requirements, each of these candidates meets the criteria
of receiving a Purdue University degree. Based on that conclusion, the faculty recommends
that the Board of Trustees provide appropriate degrees to confer on the graduates. We have
assembled here to celebrate that conferral and to congratulate our graduates. Thank you. [APPLAUSE.]>>VICE CHANCELLOR DR. REGINA D. BIDDINGS-MURO; Professor Joy Colwell, Director of Graduate studies, will present the graduates
for the Master’s degree.>>PROFESSOR JOY COLWELL: Good morning. Will
the candidates for the Master’s degree please stand? [APPLAUSE.] These students have successfully
fulfilled the requirements for the Mastery’s degree. Each wears a hood recognizing his
or her academic discipline and symbolizing the completion of that advanced degree. With
approval of the faculty, they are now presented to receive their degrees.>>CHANCELLOR KEON: It is with great honor
that on behalf of the Purdue Board of Trustees, that Trustee Don Thompson is with us today
to confer degrees. We welcome Trustee Thompson and invite him to join me at this time. [APPLAUSE.]>>TRUSTEE DON THOMPSON: Good
afternoon. Observing the respected custom of institutions of higher learning and exercising
the authority of the Purdue University Board of Trustees, legally vested by the people
of the State of Indiana, and upon the recommendation of the faculty, I now confer upon you who
have fulfilled the requirements the Master’s degree with all rights, privileges and responsibilities
appertaining thereto. I also solemnly place upon you those obligations which you must
henceforth assume as holders of the Master’s degree. As evidence of your ability to fulfill
the requirements and obligations of this degree, you will now receive your diploma. [APPLAUSE.]>>DR. BIDDINGS-MURO: Will Candidate
Marshal Mr.Roy Hamilton please escort the candidates for graduate degrees forward to
receive their diplomas? [READING OF THE NAMES by DR. BIDDINGS-MURO]
Anthony Chapa Amy Del Turco
Vanessa Carroll Sallie Surman
Natalie Lukich Erin Swinson
Maria Alvarado Jill E. Fox
Francesca Cooley Cara Briggs
Johanna Hess Heidi Schelinger
Amber Sokol Anne Schoenherr
Elizabeth Johnson Nicole Lentz
Alyssa Hojnicki Marica Ajder
Lauren Weatherspoon Erin Peiguss
Adam Wilson Irwyna Brown
Chitra Jwana William Pagan
Theresa Lawson-Enane Carlos Cerda
Harits Radhin Danoesoebroto Collette Emery
Jacqueline Von Ogden Samantha Horn
Jessica Klemz Donna Rolland
John Zager Agus Surachman
Jian Qin Lama El Sharief
Jonita Davis Steven Crain
Mitchell Bank Doug Turich
Kenneth Coleman Daniel Kolavo
Jonathan Biancardi Nicholas Kokinakos
Stephen Foster Clare Orellana
Autumn Cueller Jessica Elizabeth France
Samantha Royal Barbara Gibson
Tiffani Newsome Burns>>CHANCELLOR KEON: Congratulations Purdue
University Master’s degree graduates. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE]
>>DR. BIDDINGS-MURO: Dr.Karen Schmid, Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs and Provost will
now recognize distinguished undergraduate students.>>DR. KAREN SCHMID: Ladies and privilege
to provide special recognition to those individuals receiving Baccalaureate degrees who have demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievement. The commencement booklet contains a statement of the basis
upon which the status of distinction and highest distinction is determined. Candidates wearing
black and gold cords symbolize this achievement. I invite Baccalaureate degree candidates who
are graduating with Highest Distinction to please stand and remain standing. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] I invite candidates
for the Baccalaureate degree who are graduating with Distinction to please stand and remain
standing. [APPLAUSE.] On behalf of the Purdue Trustees
and the faculty of Purdue University Calumet, I congratulate you on your outstanding academic
records. May you continue to be motivated by excellence in high standards in your quest
to make a positive contribution throughout your life. I invite the Distinguished candidates
to be seated. [APPLAUSE.] Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased
to participate in recognizing candidates of the Honors College. I invite Honors College
candidates to please stand and remain standing. Our Honors College fosters enhanced learning
experiences for motivated, high achieving students who seek additional academic challenges. Students of our Honors College choose to partake in advanced course work, research, community
outreach and other learning opportunities that build on a foundation of critical thinking,
leadership and civic responsibility. These students have received and are wearing the
Honors College medallions on gold and black ribbons. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] I invite the Honors
College candidates to be seated. At this time, I am pleased to facilitate recognition of
those individuals who have qualified to receive the Purdue University Calumet Chancellor’s
Medal. The Chancellor’s Medal is presented to the graduating students who have achieved
the highest grade point average within each of the academic colleges of Purdue University
Calumet. We would like to present each of those graduates to you at this time. (coughing)
I invite Michelle Kellaher of the College of Business to please come to the stage. I
also invite Michelle’s family members to stand and share in this recognition. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] I invite the honoree
and guests to be seated. I now invite Sheri Frickle of the College of Business to please
come to the stage. I also invite Sheri’s family members to stand and share in this recognition. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] I invite the honoree
and guests to be seated. I now invite Stephanie Haddad of the College of Education to please
come to the stage. I also invite Stephanie’s family members to stand and share in this
recognition. [APPLAUSE.] I invite the honoree and guests
to be seated. I now invite Bonnie Martin of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
to please come to the stage. I also invite Bonnie’s family members to stand and share
in this recognition. [APPLAUSE.] I invite the honoree and guests
to be seated. I now invite Bonnie Martin of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences,
oh, excuse me. I guess we’re okay there. I also want to recognize Chancellor’s Medallion
recipient Scott Hernstrom in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences who cannot
be here this morning. [APPLAUSE.] Ladies and Gentlemen, I now introduce
Dean Mutchler to present the candidates for baccalaureate degrees in the College of Business. [APPLAUSE.]>>COLLEGE OF BUSINESS DEAN JANE MUTCHLER: I am very pleased and proud to present the candidates for baccalaureate degrees in
the College of Business. I invite you to stand and remain standing. [APPLAUSE.]>>DR. SCHMID; Ladies and Gentlemen,
I now introduce Professor John Rowan to present the candidates for baccalaureate degrees in
the College of Education.>>PROF. JOHN ROWAN: I am pleased and proud
to present the candidates for Baccalaureate degrees in the College of Education. I invite
the candidates to stand and remain standing. [APPLAUSE.]>>DR. SCHMID: Ladies and Gentlemen,
I now introduce Dean Corthell to present the candidates for Baccalaureate degrees in the
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.>>
I am pleased and proud to present candidates for Baccalaureate degrees in the College of
Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. I invite the candidates to stand and remain standing. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE]>>DR. SCHMID: Chancellor Keon, these students
have successfully fulfilled the requirement of undergraduate curricula in their respective
colleges. Having gained approval for graduation by each of the College’s faculties, I now
present them to you to award their degrees. I invite Trustee Thompson back to the podium
to confer the degrees.>>TRUSTEE THOMPSON: Observing the respected
custom of institutions of higher learning and exercising the authority of the Purdue
University Board of Trustees, which is legally vested by the State of Indiana, and acting
on behalf of the faculty of this institution, I now confer upon you, who have fulfilled
the requirements, the appropriate Baccalaureate degree with all of the rights and privileges
appertaining thereto. I also solemnly place upon you those obligations which you must
henceforth assume as holders of this degree. As evidence of your ability to fulfill the
requirements and obligation of this degree, you will now receive your diploma. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE]>>CHANCELLOR KEON: Will each College Marshal now escort the Baccalaureate degree candidates to receive their diplomas.
And, graduates, please be seated until your row is called.>>DR. BIDDINGS-MURO: The graduates of the
College of Business, escorted by Candidate Marshal Professor Michael Mick. [READING OF THE NAMES OF COLLEGE OF BUSINESS
Sherri Frickel Tanisha Gipson
Nathan Duley Maranda Fishback
Teage Garbaczewski Stephanie Panchisin
Amelia Rubi Amy Neering
Franklin Marciales Cardenas Kyle Wassarott
Sarah Alsman Kimberly L. Wasniak
Brittany Pasternak Angela Perez
Emily VanderVelde Lisa Rodriguez
Paul Rodriguez Daniel Jones
Alejandro Lagunas Sean Lennon
Michael Stallworth Elise N. Webb
Jennifer Sanford Josh Bogue
Armando Lopez Lauryn-Drew Garza
Samuel Ceja Kelly Marshall
Sarah Lawson Shelbie Jones
Jovan Milunovic Emily Whiting
Steven Vega Kyle Kolecki
Jelena Marcic Matthew Willinger
Stephen Drabick Marija Basaric
John Fladeland Antonio Hernandez
Allyson Gayle Geronilla Jeremiah Bly
Derrek Nelson Sarala Morrow
Jose Alvarez Nicholas Cavins
Christopher Revis Ashley Mosca
Kaitlyn Galka Kristen Stapay
Alanna Ruiz Jessica Gonzalez
Rocio Magallanes Brandon Underwood
Jun Yuan Yanan Shan
Mengqi Wu Jinjing Jiang
Evan Sylvester Zachary Benedict
Abdullah Bin Ahtesham Russell Dillon
Paul Robinson Luke Lareau
Edgar Ayala Stephanie Slevnik
Thomas Sarnecki Mohammed Sayyad
Subin Kim Charmaine Jackson>>The graduates of the College of Education
escorted by Marshal Shannon O’Brien.>>[READING OF THE NAMES OF COLLEGE OF EDUCATION
Melissa Delagado Fabiola Jimenez Cervantes
Victoria Studer Hannah Delaughter
Sarah Hojnicki Natalie J. Huddleston
Amanda Rogers Shelby Rearick
Summer Born Staci Choros
Kier Brinkley Lauren Bridgeman
Julie Niemzyk Brittany Lapa
Matthew Hirsch Daniel Cochrane, Jr.>>The graduates of the College Of Liberal
Arts And Social Sciences, escorted by Candidate Marshal Dr.Rebecca Stankowski. [READING OF THE NAMES OF COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES GRADUATES BY DR. BIDDINGS-MURO] Bonnie Clarice Martin
Gregory Melton Kirsten Nelson
Maria Gonzalez Elizabeth Ortiz
Cesia Bear Symone Parker
Trevor Hillegonds Nickolas Lerma
Christina Wiers Ashley Douglass
Christopher Radjenovich Melissa Colburn
Jessica Anderson Michelle Brannon
Ashley Addison Xochitl Pulido
Stephanie Wiedeman Olivia Mucha
Evan Reid Yasmin Yusif Issa
Nicholas Ross Kyle Matthews
William Bradley, Jr. Woodie Conner
Ian Harris Ayat Musleh
Claribel Granda Patricia Mora
Autumn Prasco Andrew Smith
Horace Kelly Arielle Hoard
Diana Mendoza Elizabeth Green
Kristin Opperman Nicole Blakeley
Rachel Davis Saylor Acevez
Brittany Gonzales Justin Stowe
Demetrius Glenn John Gac
Umaima Salim Alhosni Cecilia Hernandez
Alexandra Chandler Maria Borders
Benjamin Wright Andrea Nosich
Jackie Sue Wall Kelsey Michelle Fry
Kelsey Washburn Jenelle Devries
Devin Lagestee Jessica Maguire
Kelly Herringer John Wesley Kelly
Winter Hadley Daniel Nichols
Minzelda Edmon Serjio Flores
Azucena Rosas-Gonzalez Mayra Ramirez
Kevin O’Hara Kenneth Hamilton, Jr.
Michael Ortega Kyungho Lee
Michael Thomas Omar Garcia
Bradley Stagowski Ashley Peterson
Emily Wallace Robert Viater
Troy Gilles Leslie Fusinato
James Steinhubel Grace Thomas
Miranda Redenbaugh Kyle Schroeder
Juan Carrasquillo Jovanny Gonzalez
Dorothia James Oliver Doppler
Lyle Carating Catherine Vlahos
Jeffrey Emond Pennyjo Veach
Alexandria Howard Joe Villani
Finesse Oliver Luis Ruiz
Melina Valerio Heather Calandrello
Felicia Wallace Shauntel White
Isela Yaghi Yazmin Ruiz
Crystal Davis Bianca Delrio
Nicole Las Dyonne Goode
Deborah Olawale Patricia Martinez
Malinda Guye Kefah Muhisen
David Morningstar, Jr.>>CHANCELLOR KEON: To signify completion
of your degree requirements and receipt of your diploma, I now invite all graduates to
move the tassel on their mortar boards to the left side. Congratulations! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Congratulations, you
are now a Purdue graduate. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] To officially welcome
you to a Purdue alumni contingent comprising of thousands, I invite Scott Schaller, President
of Purdue Alumni Calumet Board to the podium. Scott?>>SCOTT SCHALLER: Thank you, Chancellor.
Congratulations, Graduates, or should I say my fellow alumni. Your graduation day is not
a conclusion, but a transition into the Purdue University Calumet alumni community. Graduates,
you are now in a community with members that have paved the way in leading research that
are corporate executives, Emmy award winners, state representatives, journalists, authors,
judges, community leaders and so much more. It has been my honor to give back to Purdue
University Calumet as the President of the Purdue Alumni Association Calumet. Since I
joined the Board of Directors in 2012, I have had the opportunity to make a difference in
the lives of my fellow alumni and the Purdue University Calumet current student population.
Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Supreme Court Justice, once stated, “None
of us got to where we are solely by pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. We got there
because somebody: A parent, a teacher, an Ivy league crony or a few nuns bent down and
helped us pick up our boots.” Remember this as you reflect on your experience. The scholarship
you may have received, the facilities your classes were held in, a special workshop you
attended and the faculty and staff members that made a difference in your experience.
As Purdue University Calumet continues to evolve, remember: As alumni, you will help
the university move forward. Stay connected to your alma mater and make a positive impact
in your own unique way. Whether you give your time, your talents or treasure, take an active
role as a member of the alumni association. Helen Keller said it best, “Never bend your
head. Hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.” You can face the future knowing
you are not alone. You are part of something greater. You are alumni for life. You are
Purdue University Calumet. Lastly, as each of you left the stage today, you were given
a small token from the Purdue Calumet Alumni Association. So, going forward, please wear
this Purdue University Calumet alumni pin with pride. Now, Class of 2015, go out there
and make your mark upon the world. Author the culture of your time. Congratulations,
graduates. [APPLAUSE.]>>CHANCELLOR KEON: Thank you, Scott. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Ladies and Gentlemen, Candice Ford, our very hard working Student Government President, will now respond to the graduates on behalf
of all Purdue University Calumet students. Candice? [APPLAUSE.]>>CANDICE FORD: Well, good afternoon, Trustee Thompson, Student Trustee Mann, Chancellor Keon, Interim Vice Chancellor and Provost of
Academic Affairs Dr. Schmid, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Dr. Panlilio, Vice Chancellor of Advancement. Dr. Biddings-Muro, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance Mr. Turner, distinguished faculty, staff, family, friends and most importantly
our graduates. Welcome to the day you’ve been waiting years for. You also take a deep breath
and just think: You did it. [APPLAUSE.] One thing you don’t really know
when you begin college is that it actually ends up kind of like a long trip to the casino.
By the time you’re done, you’re tired and you’re broke. [LAUGHTER] In this case, though, your journey
has been well worth it. It’s not about having money in your pocket at this precise moment,
but it is about having that investment that you all made in yourselves already. With the
help of our faculty, you have developed knowledge about your field of expertise, be it education,
business or liberal arts and social sciences. You’ve honed in on your critical thinking
skills, your ability to design a complete project and the ability to communicate clearly
with your audience in mind. Dick Costolo, former CEO of Twitter, said, “Not only can
you not plan the impact you’re going to have, you often won’t recognize it when you’re having
it.” This is truly the time when you get to go out and touch the time. You get to go forth
and help people, which is something our world needs a little more of. I lost my place already. [LAUGHTER] Okay. It has been said that no
matter how big your house is, how recent your car is or how big your bank account is, the
legacy that we leave behind is what others will remember us by. So be generous. Be patient.
And be compassionate. I’m not going to ask you to be satisfied with the path of least
resistance for your whole life. I’m going to challenge you to carve your own path. Follow
your gut and be confident in application of skills that you now possess. Be bold. Be courageous. But be your best. Thank you and congratulations once again. [APPLAUSE.]>>CHANCELLOR KEON: Thank you, Candice. Graduates, you’re leaving today with a real asset in a Purdue University diploma.
The accounting students who are in the graduating class can tell you that assets can gain in
value. But assets can also decline in value. I know with your hard work, you’ll keep your
brains in your head and not in your feet. And that should allow you to move forward
and collectively make your Purdue degree the aspiring asset that it is. This is important
to me. This is important to the University. And this is important to your fellow graduates.
As you become successful, so, too, does Purdue University Calumet. So, too, does Purdue University
We have, for the last five years, looked to our prominent graduates to come to be speakers
in the University. It is my hope that among you there will be several in the future that
will be asked to come speak at commencement. Congratulations once again to the graduates
of Purdue University Calumet class of 2015 as well as their families. [APPLAUSE.] There will be an informal reception
for graduates and guests immediately following the ceremony in Alumni Hall located on the
third floor of the Student Union Library Building across 173rd. I hope you will be able to attend.
I ask that you remain seated for the recessional of the platform party and the faculty members.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the 70th commencement exercise for Purdue University Calumet is now concluded. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE]
[MUSIC: Recessional, Clarion Brass Quintet]

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