Colleges are headed in the wrong direction | IN 60 SECONDS

A 2018 Pew poll reports that a majority
of Americans on both the right and the left say that higher education is headed
in the wrong direction – and they’re spot on. On the left, respondents say tuition
costs are too high. While college presidents have made
excuses and pointed fingers, after-inflation costs have more than doubled
over the past 30 years, as colleges cheerfully spent heavily on amenities,
athletics, and bureaucracy. On the right, those who see things going south
point to politicized classrooms and restrictions on campus speech. Behind the
many instances where Republican sentiment has been treated as a thought
crime on campus is the inconvenient reality that liberal faculty outnumber
conservatives five to one, and that one in three sociologists admit
they’d be less likely to hire a new professor if he or she was a Republican.
While there’s little evidence that public censure will prompt needed change
on campus, it’s reassuring to know that Americans on both sides of the aisle are
seeing things clearly. Do you think America’s colleges are headed in the
wrong direction? Let us know in your comments. Also let us know what other
topics you’d like our scholars to cover in 60 seconds and be sure to LIKE and
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Michael Martin

15 Responses

  1. College is costing too much (due to too high salaries for the executive board, coaches, diversity officer, and the president. Too much is also being spent on Athletics, and less on programs that help students challenge themselves intellectually, then get a good paying job afterwards. Censorship is running rampant. The majority of the cost is on the student, whereas pre-1980s, it was a different story.

  2. Another issue is that they let in students with terrible GPAs who didn't want to try hard in school, let them take out a lot of student debt, and those of us with good GPAs were still saddled with student debt.

  3. Just wanna double check… When you say left and right, are you speaking figuretively, or referencing political groups?

  4. Colleges are worthless these days. Too many idiot professors thinking they are royalty. It's very sad to see how academia has been taken over by Marxism and they don't even realize it. Academia puts up a good front. Speak to them for an hour and they can convince you they are intelligent, but speak to them over a coarse of months or years and you come to find they are just idiots good only in their tight field. You will usually find them repeating propaganda or plain out talking out their a**. I have nothing but contempt for academia today.

  5. I would love to finish college, but I'm afraid that college is the last place that you go to in order to receive an education. This world has gone insane.

  6. being against free speech and against the public discussion of ideas you don't like. . . well, that's directly against the idea of the university.

  7. I think my biggest issue with college stems from politics and tangles around tuition. Most if not all of my professors have been leftists, some even openly marxists. They advocate for government funded education, but seem to fail to understand that government guaranteed loans have only raised the price of tuition. By trying to help everyone go to college, they've actually made it harder for everyone. On top of that, the idea that college should be a meritocracy has completely gone by the wayside. Now it's about everyone finishing at the same level. I planned for my future and I've worked and saved accordingly, but now that I'm in a graduate program, I'm being punished. I'm eligible for no Grant's and my loans won't even cover the cost of tuition. I wouldn't care if everyone was held to the same standard, but I'm not eligible for loans because they know I have money in a 401k. That's not a fair system. I'm literally being punished for thinking of my future.

  8. Good thing gender studies degrees pays 120,000+ dollars a year for your 100,000+ collage loan….oh crap it doesn’t????😅😅😅😅 oops they make 11.00 a hour at McDonald’s???? And 17,000 a year??? Shit, that was a bad idea uh????

  9. They make you take worthless fluff classes that you’ll never use in the real world in the defense of a well rounded education. When in reality it’s just a way for them to earn money. Why do I have to pay fees to support “service learning?” It’s great for the students who want to volunteer but I work full time. I’m 37 and probably considered a non traditional student at my age.

  10. Just waiting when the College Tuition Cost Bubble bursts. Till then, perhaps it would be better for most people to take time off from school and work until they know what they want to do before going into huge debt.

  11. my school needs to stop spending money on bullshit construction projects. they've raised my tuition every year.

  12. It is a modern day form of slavery.

    You are given a dream or supposed dream of studying at university and then having a wonderful job. The reality is far from that.

    Student debt for professional careers; E.g medical or law school costs well over $150,000. With interest rates being exorbitant. A graduate will be expected to pay on average for the next 20 + years. This kind of debt is not forgiven through bankruptcy. You are literally chained to this debt for most of your life.
    This is a social issue as well, we are conditioned to believe we need these worthless degrees to be able to prove our intelligence. However these degrees are overinflated dribble, designed to enslave you into the workforce to become a cog bound to its debt working 9-5 in a economic system that encourages complacency and degradation of family life at a hopeful reward of receiving a living wage. Which the rise of inflation is making it harder to pay for basic essentials while trying to pay off student loans.

    Higher education is a wonderful thing, I loved my time in graduate school. Yet, I do have bitterness towards a system that prepares one to be a conformer and not a leader or original thinker.

  13. The ever-growing percentage of adjunct faculty who teach (and who are unfairly compensated/given little support and training) is a concern.

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