College Q&A: finding a roommate, dorm life, parties, SDSU tea, etc.

Michael Martin

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  1. Hi I’m interested in going to SDSU and I’m wondering are there like gender neutral dorms or is it strictly females go with females and males go with males??

  2. Thank you so much for this video! I applied to the Webers Honors College and this video was really really helpful, tysm!

  3. I went to SDSU for a summer research so I used to live at the university towers so whenever I watch your videos I get really nostalgic.

  4. I'm hands-down going to SDSU! I'm going to community college first though to get my gen-eds out of the way, transferring my junior year–which sucks 'cause I really want the full college experience but I gotta pay these bills wisely haha. Your channel has been VITAL and you cover literally everything I'm curious about! (And you are just amazing!)

    I was wondering what it's like to be a Christian on campus though–anything you didn't expect?

  5. what are your favorite things to do that don’t involve partying? sdsu is my top school right now, but i’m not really into the sorority/frat scene and i’m afraid that it will taint my experience. love ur vids btw!

  6. soo thankful that you are making these videos.. feeling nervous but these are really helping me out!

  7. Awesome. You're in my neighborhood 🙂 I moved to SD almost 2 years ago from Dallas and love San Diego. Best of luck to you

  8. I did a semester of business at UAS, it’s a university here in México, just to explain a little bit we don’t do dorms or live in the campus, so it’s like going to highschool, the only ones who live in apartments are the foreigns students, I think university it’s so hard to make close friends because everyone is doing their own thing, and it depends a lot in the faculty you are on, that’s why I decided to change to architecture next semester in the same university, our motto is “sursum versus” and we are the eagles❤️

  9. Hi, I’m a junior in high school and I’m currently considering SDSU, I’ve been watching you’re videos and love the content😇🤙🏽 I was just wondering what was your gpa and sat score in high school for your sophomore and junior year?

  10. So thankful for this MONDAY upload!
    – YOOO! At the end you were talking about an upcoming video & I just remembered how Nicole Somerville is another SDSU YouTuber, maybe y'all should collab!!

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