College of Education, Health & Human Services (May 18th 2pm Ceremony)

on behalf of the president the
administration faculty staff and students of California State University
San Marcos I proclaim this commencement convened good afternoon I am dr. graham
Oberon provost and vice president for academic affairs the academic symbols
and traditions we observe in this ceremony today are intended to honor and
affirm our graduates dedication and outstanding achievements to protect the
dignity of the ceremony we ask that all cellphones please be set to silent mode
please remain stand please stand as Julian class II opens the ceremony by
singing America the Beautiful oh Beautiful for spacious skies for
amber waves of grain for purple mountain Majesties above the fruited plain
AMERICA AMERICA God shed His grace on thee and Crown thy good with Brotherhood
from sea to shining sea ho beautiful for Patriot dream that sees beyond the years
thine alabaster City gleam undimmed by human tears AMERICA AMERICA God shed His
grace on thee and Crown thy good with Brotherhood from sea to shining sea Thank You Gillian graduates and guests
please be seated it is an honor to welcome you to the 28th commencement of
California State University San Marcos we are all here on the ancestral lands
of the decennial people to celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates and to
extend our best wishes for their continued success let me now turn the
proceedings over to the Dean of the College of Education Health and Human
Services dr. Amelia no I Allah Thank You Provost Oberon we want a start of this
Davos good afternoon everyone it is my pleasure to welcome you to our
2019 commencement sorry ceremony for the College of Education
Health and Human Services we expand and extend a special welcome to our
candidates families and friends who have helped in so many ways to make this day
possible graduates would you please stand and thank these important people
in your life thank you please be seated at this time
I would like to take a moment to introduce the platform party behind me
dr. Graham Oberon provost and vice president academic affairs dr. Patricia
Prado almost vice president community engagement mr. Neal Haas vice president
finance and administrative services miss Cathy Bauer vice president University
Advancement mr. Kyle East reloj student Grand
Marshall dr. Suzanne mone yo faculty grand marshal and chair of our Academic
Senate mr. Jon fortune CSUSM alumni board member dr. Lorena Cheka vice
president student affairs dr. Mike Schroeder Dean extended learning dr. Wesley Schultz Dean graduate studies
and research I am also pleased to introduce you to our faculty the people
who provided the wisdom the counsel and the knowledge that enabled today’s
graduates to acquire their foundation of learning will the faculty please rise
and be recognized thank you please be seated next I am
honored to introduce the president of Cal State San Marcos dr. Karen Hayes since 2004 president Haynes has led
CSUSM with a steadfast vision and commitment to providing the students of
our region and Beyond with a high quality education
she has been CSUSM president for half its lifetime and is the senior president
in the entire system I am delighted to welcome her to the podium Cal State San
Marcos president Karen Haynes congratulations class of 2019 commencement is a signature rite of
passage in our society an achievement you will remember and benefit from for
the rest of your lives your talent skills and perseverance have
brought you to this moment and marking this intellectual milestone is our happy
and singular mission today you are among 3,800 proud cougar
graduates this year bringing the total number of CSUSM
alumni to nearly 49 thousand strong 55 percent of you like me are the first in
your families to earn a four-year degree in fact many on this platform with me
we’re also the first in their families to obtain a four-year degree all of us
know that if attic how that experienced opened our minds expanded our world and
provided us with networks and opportunities we could not have imagined
we wish that this achievement fulfills all of those dreams for each of you
today as you walk across the stage guard and traditional academic regalia you may
look more similar to each other than we know you are we know that each of you
has a unique story of obstacles overcome and goals met on the way to earning your
degree many of you worked full-time jobs looked after after family and/or served
in the military during your time here but the common denominator among you is
that you were pushed to look beyond yourselves you were challenged to
develop a curiosity about and respect for different perspectives you worked
alongside faculty in your field or supported by staff along your journey
and had the opportunity to apply your talents in ways that are distinctly
yours you knew that we would expect a lot from you and you have delivered I
have no doubt that you will make meaningful contributions to your
communities and well beyond on behalf of the faculty staff and administrators of
Cal State San Marcos we thank you as you have enriched our lives as I hope
we have enriched yours we congratulate you and wish you well on the next phase
of your life’s journey I hope that the spirit of CSUSM brings you back to
campus often Thank You president Haynes each year the Dean of each College
within Cal State San Marcos selects an outstanding graduate to receive the
dean’s award I am pleased to announce this year’s recipient of the Dean’s
Award for the College of Education Health and Human Services is Miss Diana
Lopez she was presented with her medallion at an earlier reception so
please join me in congratulating her also each year the dean of students
selects an exemplary graduating student for the student leadership award this
year’s student leadership award has been awarded to another student from the
College of Education Health and Human Services Miss Alexa Diaz please join me
in congratulating her on receiving this honor it is now my pleasure to introduce the
chair of the Academic Senate and faculty grand marshal dr. Suzanne Moy know who
dr. Marino brings you greetings on behalf of our faculty hello class of
2019 as chair of the Academic Senate I speak to you on behalf of the entire
faculty first of all heartfelt congratulations
from all of us to all of you you have worked so hard to get to this day it’s a
big accomplishment to graduate from college and it comes first and foremost
from your own efforts no one knows that better than you
think about everything you have accomplished all of those papers that
you wrote the exams you’ve studied for and the labs that you completed and you
did all of this while working helping your families and dealing with crises
you have persevered through some challenging times and now you have what
it takes to succeed we also wish to recognize the members of the audience
who are celebrating this day with you success is often built with the support
of others family friends mentors and community graduates with your passions
you will find joy and with your perseverance you will succeed
congratulations to you on behalf of the faculty thank you dr. winnow before we can’t
begin the conferring of degrees it is my pleasure to call to the podium
Kyle Strehlow student grand marshal he brings you greetings on behalf of our
students and we’ll introduce our student speaker graduates on behalf of our
entire student body I offer you congratulations on your monumental
achievements we have worked hard and faced many challenges to reach this
important day through the support of our family and friends as well as our own
individual efforts we have attained a significant threshold in our lives Adam
Phillips graduating with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology will speak to us
today offering thought of words of motivation to this graduating class good afternoon president Haynes faculty
family friends and fellow graduates my classmate Raoul gorilla Gonzalez taught
me the importance of fully introducing yourself with pride confidence and
self-worth with that in mind my name is Adam Jay Phillips and today I’m
graduating of a bachelor’s in music G from Cal State San Marcos at Temecula I graduated high school in 2009 with good
grades and good SAT scores I got into UC Santa Barbara thought I was gonna have
fun and breeze through classes for four years I believe College which is a small
stepping stone to bigger better things in my adult life but I soon found myself
on a different path like many people I went through personal and academic
struggles and left school after only two years the next few years were full of
even more struggle some school some work a lot life but these years were also a
time of tremendous personal growth of rediscovering my Worth and finding my
own way fast-forward to 2017 having completed my associate’s degree I was
ready to transfer to a bachelor’s program but I was rejected by one school
for a third time and put on the waitlist by another I was stunned I thought I’d
shown that I had changed that I was worthy but it seemed that I had failed
again then I got an unexpected call from a counselor at CSUSM Temecula additional
spots had opened for the kinesiology program and I was a good candidate to
get in I immediately applied not only was I accepted but it became the best
school I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of CSUSM at Temecula is a satellite campus
that implements a cohort system for its bachelor’s degrees so hard that a small
group of students take classes together for the entire two-year program creating
a supportive community of faculty staff and peers like main campus faculty and
staff wants you to succeed and they give you every opportunity to do so they
don’t just mold better students they mold better people we’ve all had our
struggles our hardships our moments of self-doubt but today we can acknowledge
our triumphs over those obstacles and look back in our experiences with
gratitude for shaping who we are now and who we will become so be proud be
confident be worthy be a cougar in life because we are Cougars for life
congratulations class of 2019 Thank You Adam it is now a privilege to
recognize masters degree candidates in the College of Education Health and
Human Services I invite dr. Wesley Schultz Dean of Graduate Studies and
research to return to the podium a significant symbol that distinguishes
graduating masters degree recipients from others is noted in the hood that
graduates wear over their commencement gowns the hood is lined with the color
of the degree granting institution and trimmed with the color of the subject
area for the degree they are receiving will the candidates for the degree of
Master of Public Health the Master of Science in kinesiology Master of Science
in Nursing and Master of Science and speech-language pathology please rise president Haynes I am proud to present
to you some of the finest and brightest leaders in our region
they are accomplished individuals all of whom who have completed their master’s
degree courses of study to prepare them for new professional challenges these
candidates president Haynes have fulfilled all the requirements for their
respective degrees and it is with pleasure that I present them to you with
the recommendation of the Dean of Graduate Studies and research and the
Dean of the College of Education Health and Human Services along with the
approval of the faculty the recommendation of the provost and by the
authority vested in me by the California State University Board of Trustees I
confer upon each of you the appropriate master’s degree with all the privileges
and responsibilities that graduation brings congratulations please be seated as we begin the
individual processional to the stage presenting the candidates for Master of
Science in kinesiology Patrick Mara Jennifer Hein Bashar all
Yami krysta read Bob smitten kheh thank you presenting the candidates for Masters of
Science in Nursing Robert Vaughn Patricia Lynn Estrada Mary
Carmen Madrigal Sandoval Christine low so proud of you Erik Contreras dharmic a little ladder
okay Ashley son Stig Charlotte Brant Cara Magnussen Laurie Kosta Jaisal Raviv odd Kendra
Hodges Kimberly and pango Jason Jason blanket Lydia
Bester felt the game shun-chan matter lucky Jill Libby rocky rocky Sharma Reagan
steal it scaler vineet Kaler and Pushpa Sengupta presenting the candidates for the Master
of Public Health and pH Tasha lewis jamie lee grossly teresa win Llewelyn Estrella Lyra Adam Maura Osman Akram Sara Garibaldi Kevin Valdes Stephanie Pharaoh dunya bad under a
brand Natalie Morales Erica Cabra crystal
laser Tracey side Rachel den bore a NASA Bell Davies Robin Hobbs Sonali ventanilla Alexandria Cronin listen I have to tell Joey died Monica Aguilera Adam Leslie Lopez Marcelino Akata Lizbeth Vera Nava presenting the candidates for the Master
of Science and speech-language pathology no Nicole Dawson Meghan McFarland Melissa Joseph Rachel
Mick Winsky Sierra Moses Melissa Donlon Samantha Miller Brittany Cory Kelley
Eggleston Krista Rivera Jacqueline Matthews kadhi Sahara Danielle Bay’s Melanie Saltzman Sarah
Cunningham Naomi low Sonya Park Mateo Lorenzo van de Wong Natalie Gonzalez Francis godinez Michel
Borissov Christine Rose Torrio Karen Guerlain Melissa Gary Jennifer Martin naughty Li Guadalupe
Alvarez Brooke Denholm Alexandra Buettner Carly Gillette Ryan Vandergriff Emily millspaugh a man for ugh Kelsey Hamilton congratulations to the master’s degree
recipients we would now like to recognize bachelor degree recipients in
the College of Education Health and Human Services with majors in
kinesiology nursing and speech-language pathology I invite Dean Ayala to return
to the podium Thank You Provost Oberon graduates you have acquired an education
that has prepared you to live responsible productive and creative
lives in a rapidly changing world your CSUSM education has nurtured
intellectual resilience a love for lifelong learning and acceptance of
responsibility for the Ethical consequences of your ideas and actions
well the candidates for The Bachelor of Science please rise these candidates president Haynes have
fulfilled all requirements for their degree it is with pleasure that I
present them to you with the recommendation of the Dean of the
College of Education Health and Human Services along with the approval of the
faculty the recommendation of the provost and by the authority vested in
me by the California State University Board of Trustees I confer upon each of
you the appropriate baccalaureate degree with all of the privileges and
responsibilities that graduation brings congratulations please be seated as we
begin the individual processional to the stage presenting the candidates for The
Bachelor of Science with a major in kinesiology patrick Kadena’s Ted Jasper Messiah Angeles
Jonathan Quang Katie marquel April daus Emily HOF Mariana Cruz Jacqueline Suarez Christopher Haigh era Zachary
Tibbits Joseph cried ermine Sammy Salguero Sarah
katoya Tomas Krauss Riley Garcia Wes Powell Ricky Bovie Robert Dirk’s Blake burns Shelby ever wine Aubrey Cunningham Brianna doused wanna
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Elizabeth Perez city Patel Barbara Gina locket presenting the candidates for The
Bachelor of Science in speech-language pathology Taylor dick Marissa Haggadahs Cassidy
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Bachelor of Science with a major in nursing gene Garcia Christine s : Oh
Tracy ty Anna Sindelar Janice telida IVs ooh Laura Carillo cum laude
Gillian kasi Kyle Strehlow magna cum laude Jose Eduardo Miranda Cynthia
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Rebecca Martin Ariana Amanda’s Amelia eager Teresa cum laude Karina Cordero nice
Nicole Martinez Sherri Martino Heather Jennings Monica Zimmerman Elsa
Carmen Carmen cum laude Yolanda Fisher you Jamie save charm Jacob Portillo Jaclyn Oliver president Haynes it is with great
pleasure that I present to you the graduating class of 2019 from the
College of Education Health and Human Services there are two symbolic gestures
left to perform which signify graduation first I invite John fortune class of
2002 and 2018 and a member of our Alumni Association to the podium with the
graduates please stand president Haynes on behalf of the CSUSM
Alumni Association I am proud to welcome the graduates of the class of 2019 to
the Cal State San Marcos Alumni community fellow alum I welcome you I
encourage you to join our dynamic Association and to share with us a
continuing interest in the welfare and excellence of education at California
State University San Marcos congratulations graduates graduates
remain standing as final recognition of your completion of all degree
requirements you may now move your tassels from right to left signifying
your graduation family and friends of graduates please
keep the center aisle clear until the academic recessional is completed and
your graduate has passed through the faculty Honor Guard graduates if you’ve
been waiting for that moment to toss your cap now is the time congratulations
Cal State San Marcos class of 2019 you

Michael Martin

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