Co-Chairs Press Conference

Michael Martin

4 Responses

  1. Communist china even though has accepted capitalism for over twenty years fully but did not in any way getting out of its totalitarian/state fully control way of ruling china and its 1.4billion people. CCP can become the biggest threat to all democratic nations among Asean members out of its opposite direction to freedom of people. If Asean liked to improve anything the starting point must be the freedom of each people in every topic touched by any forum. Without freedom of the people, then no real and useful improvement can begin. Totalitarian and state control way of ruling will always ignore the desire of the people.

  2. Right now Asean is facing its biggest threat of the influences of communist china. CCP has tried hard to put its footstep around Asean according to each individual leader’s acceptance of its influences. Without clear direction together as one democratic Asean vs CCP then it is useless to talk about anything else, in my opinion.

  3. I really like Indonesian representative, I wish our Vietnam leaders can one day talk like that really. She proves to be an economist, seems like with ppl like her Indonesia will thrive very fast

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