Clip of Apollo 11 press conference

followed by question and answered at this time I'd like to introduce the Apollo 11 crew astronauts Neil Armstrong Michael Collins Edwin Aldrin Neil was our pleasure to have participated in one great adventure it's an adventure that took place not just in the month of July but rather one that took place in the last decade we all here and the people listening in today had the opportunity to share that adventure over its developing and unfolding in the past months and years it's our privilege today to share with you some of the details of that final month of July that was certainly the highlight for the three of us of that decade we're going to divert a little bit from the format of past press conferences and talk about the things that internet interested thus most in particular the the things that occurred on and about the moon we will use a number of films and and slides which most of you have already seen and with the intent of pointing out some of the things that we observed on the spot which may not be obvious to to those of you who are who are looking at them here from the surface of earth the slightest you know it started promptly and I think that was characteristic of of all the events of the flight the Saturn gave us one magnificent ride both into Earth orbit and on a trajectory to the moon are our memory of that actually differs little from the reports that you have all heard from from those previous Saturn 5 flights and and those the previous flights served as well in preparation for this flight in the boost as well as the subsequent phases well we would like to skip directly to the translator Coast phase and

Michael Martin

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  1. For such an amazing achievement and groundbreaking mission they look terrified, the huge gaps of silence mid sentence, stutters, fumbles, you can see in their eyes how worried they are.

  2. Not sure how to read this other than to say… if I was the first person on the moon I would be just oozing with pride and enthusiasm. I'd be almost giddy doing backflips to portray what a surreal experience it was and how proud I am for our nation and mankind as a whole. On the other hand if I faked it I would probably talk and act exactly as they did. I'm just saying!

  3. The Soviet Union monitored Apollo 11. The greatest evidence is what's missing; the Soviet Union didn't debunk the misson. They conceded. Wonder if the USA would have done the same?

    So why these guys not jumping for joy. I'm going to go with training. Have you ever met someone with no emotions? It's weird. They're different; something is off with them.

    I'd imagine these guys had all emotion trained out of them. No panic. No joy. Efficient miltary machines.

    Maybe they are telling a lie, or concealing a truth, but maybe it's not the lie/truth we think it is.

  4. They're look disturbed, either we can simply say they're forced to lie and we can also say that they discovered something on the moon………………what do you think?

  5. look at Armstrongs interview before the mission when he says: "… privileged … another heavenly body…" and he has got difficulties to suppress his smile and happy anticipation. Great contrast LOL

  6. I do have to admit the body language of all of them and Neil Armstrong's speech patterns and eye contact scream deceit. Perhaps they are tired, overwhelmed, a bit geeky, and camera shy. After you have accomplished the seemingly impossible there is the post victory let down too and derealization can happen. Tired anxious semi geeks who don't like the limelight have lots of oddities in social interaction.

  7. OMFG, this is the first I am seeing this.. Right off the bat my first impression is he's lying. If I had been to the moon I would be bursting to share the experience, and wouldn't for one moment pause, I'd have trouble getting out in a coherent manner.. Ho Lee Phuc

  8. Hey…he said that what they have seen on moon is slightly different from what we know…does that mean that the conspiracy theories are true?…turn on subtitles and watch it.

  9. America/Babylon is fucked. those masonic liars will die soon. the four horsemen of the apocalypse are coming soon

  10. Either they are dumbfounded by what they saw……or they know it's a total scam. Armstrong is so careful with his words, almost like he doesn't want to talk about it. If I came back from moon I would be proud.

  11. Speaks for itself doesn't it. I'm mean christ you just went to the f'n moon at least act like you did.

  12. Poor guys put out there to lie. And they are not good at it. Mustache even glances to check with Neil….. 'did I get that right?'

  13. The moon landing was not fake, the moon is not hollow, the solar system is not a hologram, we do not live in a simulation. The truth is we live on a big rock floating in a vast universe full of a bunch of crazy shit and some other big rocks. But the problem is our rock is located on the outskirts of our galaxy and we have little to no visual confirmation of other civilizations when viewing with the naked eye (or even telescope). The other self conscience, advanced species that call the universe home live in a galaxy far, far away and have zero interest in our petty wants and needs. They do as a please and will most likely make themselves known when they're good and ready. So, until then we must place our faith in jackasses on Youtube, who make videos about shit they have an elementary education of when compared to the extraterrestrial species who hover above us every night. Sweet dreams.

  14. Something was very wrong with his speach, body language and eyes..! So what is the hell is the truth..?

  15. This is the most exciting story that man has ever told to another man. Ever….

    If someone working in the supermarket spoke to you in that tone they would be fired.

    I talk about my farts with more enthusiasm

  16. I don't buy into conspiracies and I'm not going to start now, but I WILL suggest something not being discussed. Perhaps they saw and did things out there that they can't talk about. Is that at ALL a possibility to you foil hats?

  17. They made it to the moon all right and while they were there they saw quite a bit of undeniable proof that alien life exists. This includes some kind of space craft and foot prints. The reason they were acting the way they were in the interview was because they were so mentally disturbed over what they saw and still in shock. Even if you believe in alien life coming encounter with it would have a profound affect. I would imagine you would go into a shock that takes a lot of time to come out of, if ever. If this was all a hoax the astronauts would have been living a lie for years before going to the moon which means they would have been lying in all their pre mission interviews. They act much different in the pre mission interviews, happy, excited, joking…. All of a sudden after the fake mission they start feeling “guilty”?????lots of info and documentaries to support what I’m saying. Ancient Aliens has a good one.

  18. There was a two minute suppression of audio from the live broadcast to privet while outside the lander module. There is a telling that there were two different radio communication coms. Presumably one for emergencies that live could be isolated from. What happened up there 👆, why aren’t these guys the happiest studs on the planet right now.


  20. Hubble took pictures of the lunar lander. Is that also fake? Sorry girls. They can't fake everything. Somebody went to the moon and left the proof.

  21. I'm lost if these guys are lying then why on pre -moon landing interviews they seem quite happy? a lie is a lie no matter if about a future event or the past

  22. Neil speaks with so much hesitation in this conference…almost afraid of what him and his colleagues witnessed on the previous moon mission. Whatever it is was taken with those that passed away into the grave.

  23. Fantastic footage of the eternal heroes of the entire mankind. The fact that flatards are again obsessed in showcasing their huge inferiority complex and abysmal IQ level in the comment section when faced with the greatness and intelligence of these brave men says a lot about their insignificance and sheer mediocrity. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins' names will remain on Earth and on the Moon too as the spectacular pioneers they were. They will be remembered for the eternity as icons of the humanity, while the poor loser hoaxers will vanish like the thin layer of dust of their dirty keyboards in breeze. God bless Apollo 11 and NASA!

    Next stop: MARS.

  24. When I consider, off the top of my head, the nearly half million people involved in the Apollo program, the innovations, the successes, the failures, from Grumman's seven year LM saga to the successes and failures of Atlas rockets, all the admin, everything recorded, all the astronauts' diets and exercise regimes, all the testing of all the components, those deemed unworkable and those ultimately included, the minutiae all publicly available, so much detail over so many years that I can't even come close to supplying it all in a YouTube comment, but it's there for anyone who wants to look…all of that, as well as the evidence left behind…but fuck all that, they look mopey.

  25. I see alot of naysaying but it just looks like they're coming down off of hallucinogens. Just stretch your imagination for a second to put yourselves in their shoes, how much stress or trauma that an incidwnt like that would incur coupled with being in the presence of cameras broadcasting to the entire world and having to relive a bad mushroom trip. I'd be weird too, and might come off as full of shit but I don't know I'm not in their shoes. Also if they were under threat of exposing a lie with gravity of death if that were to be the case we'd all know at the moment something happened to them. And have you ever tried keeping a secret with more than 1 person for any length of time? That shit would seep through one way or another, not via conspiracy theories which anyone can produce.

  26. Breaks my heart to see these men so ashamed of themselves. All to fool and mock the dummies . Low IQ society inside the Matrix😒😒😞

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