Class of 2022 White Coat Ceremony Highlights | Weill Cornell Medicine

Today is a very exciting day you’re
receiving your white coats and joining a rich tradition of excellence at Weill
Cornell Medicine that stretches back 120 years welcome to our culture and welcome
to our family my name is Davina Sharma
I’m from Kennesaw Georgia and I went to undergrad at the University of Georgia
I’m feeling amazing I can’t believe this day is finally here
I’ve been dreaming about it since I was 12 years old I fell in love with a Weill Cornell Medicine in the very first hour of my interview I walked out of my
interview feeling like this is exactly where I want to be my name is Amber
Hamilton I’m from New York and I went to the University of Pennsylvania for
undergrad I’m feeling good I just got my white coat I just got my stethoscope
like it’s a good thing so I chose Weill Cornell Medicine because I’ve been a
patient here myself so many times being taken care of somewhere it’s an
unparalleled feeling and I feel very compelled to like be back here and
return the favor and take care of patients the same way that I was taken
care of here my name is Nick Bernice I’m from Garden City New York and I went to
Dartmouth I am looking towards surgery I’m actually a member of the pre-op
program for the class of 2022 which is a program unique to Weill Cornell which
I’m really excited about so I’ll be looking at different types of surgical
specialties and I’m really over the moon my name is Pamela Copyin I’m from the
Bronx New York and I graduated from Cornell University the white coat
ceremony means everything to me I grew up in a
low-income home and I went to public school in my life so even getting to
this point is just an accomplishment not only for me for my family for the people
that grow up in a situation like mine and didn’t think that they could make it
to this point so it’s a very monumental moment in my
life my name is Danny Lewin I’m from Ann Arbor Michigan and I went to the
University of Michigan I want to become a doctor because there’s so much
importance in medicine to me I have a lot of family who are physicians and I
just want to be part of that tradition and I feel like being able to help
someone in need is one of the most truly rewarding experiences that one can have
my name is Sophie I’m from Queens New York and I went to the University of
Pennsylvania growing up my grandpa was a pediatrician I love watching him taking
care of patients seeing that kind of interaction it’s not just about school
and learning but it’s also about like growing into adulthood and growing into
the kind of position you want to be

Michael Martin

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