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Alright good wings, great wings, but I am very thirsty today. So let’s go back to our castle and seek for blood I only like to drink B+ blood, that’s my favourite Let’s see, this looks like a positive guy, Mr Alaa Swalha, tell me, do you bleed? Seems like he already has his blood taken away. Let’s look for some other target’s aah the leader, alright me pride, tell me do you bleed?, do you bleed? oh he does not.. hmm super cloud, he looks all frosty frosty Unknown Voice : Tell me do you bleed, you will, haha Excuse me, who said that? Who asked me the question, that do I bleed? You cannot ask me that question, that’s like my line. I ask that question to others, you cannot ask me this question and laugh about it. Some players ping me and say, need to ask you a question, I am like, sure, must be a gaming question, but then these players ask me Do you Bleed? So again this is wrong that people ask me this question, this is really bad. I am not doing this now, I am done Hey Guys, Welcome back, castle BAT, kingdom number 190 So in today’s video we are going to talk about the web event. In the event center, you can find the web event. Now we will talk about the various sections of web event, and why it’s so helpful to us There are various strategies section in this Web event, sections about what to do, to make better equipment, analysis of battle reports, etc So let’s go and check what all sections this web event has. Seems like a lot of players have joined this web event So the first strategy section talks about what all daily quest to complete to get the max daily rewards for free, The second strategy section, talks about what best to do to gain maximum Knight Heraldry, and also how to spend it each day. Let’s go back to web event and check for more sections. So the strategy site section contains various guide’s and QA and that will help players to resolve their issues faster. The guide’s here are of great value. We also have sections that help in forging equipment(s) So this web event section, it’s very important and I will recommend to keep checking updates in the web event center. So loads of knowledge and guidance is in the web event Now the sections in the web event may vary based on the region Alright so keep watching our channel, maintain the support as you are already doing, and keep having loads of fun. So I will keep making more video’s on this game, I hope you all will like it. Keep killing each other in the game, and keep loving each other in real, Alright bye now.

Michael Martin

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  1. Why doesn't it appear to me! In the web center as you download the apk of your country any link bat !? So that I can get out

  2. استمروا في قتل بعضكم البعض في اللعبة
    استمروا في حب بعضكم البعض بشكل حقيقي … اعجبتني نهاية الفيديو .. شكرا لك

  3. Hola soy Mexicano y soy del reino 595 aquí no me dejan crecer soy lvl 27 estaría agradecido si alguien me regalara o vendiera un castillo ❤❤

  4. Please make a video on how to increase resource income and how to increase gathering speed I really need this please Bat

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