dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join Prince Charming and Drizella gus-gus I had so much fun at the ball last night the prince and I danced the night away well at least until midnight I wish I could have lasted forever sounds fun cinderelly did you get his number no I had to leave before the magic world there's so many girls in the kingdom I don't know if I'll ever find me he's going to cinderelly you two sound made for each other no the only thing I left behind was my glass slipper and there's no way he could find me just with that father I met the most wonderful girl the ball last night she was beautiful funny and a great dancer well where is she what's her name I want to meet this girl well that's the thing she left before I could find out but she's the one I just know it you didn't get anything a phone number an email an Instagram oh boy come on charming well I do this asou looks like a very particular kind of shoe so be it we shall have every girl in the kingdom try on said shoe until you find the girl of your dreams thanks dad do you at least remember what her hair looked like it was like I was in a dream her hair was well she had hair her face it's two eyes now this is gonna be tough let's hope we can find this girl so girls how did it go with the prince is he going to make one of you a princess and make me a queen how it works yeah and even if one of us was to marry em I still wanna make you a queen silence you ungrateful girls and he may be even weak he wink at me I should know I was there please control yourselves right so after the long week at me there was this other girl in blue she wasn't even cute no I mean and blue is someone a seasoned unless I'm wearing it of course yeah her skin tone she was clearly a summer trying to be a winter lease anyway and any dance with her all night long and then we couldn't get in anyway yes you hug them all night and then she ran away how strange what is this it's an alert an important notification from the king attention Kingdom missing princess the love apprentice Chinese life she has been known to have hair two eyes one mouth and wear a very particular shear by Royal Decree all women in the kingdom will be required to try on this glass slipper she left behind oh look there's an image please please help Prince Charming find his hashtag happily we'll perfect one of you will have to fit in that glass slipper mom this girl had tiny feet yeah I'm pretty sure we both inherited that speed we're like size 10 I'm not gonna happen then the shoe will just have to be big enough I don't get it what are you gonna do you'll see mmm prime shipping it's a notification of the king the Prince found my slipper and is looking for me cinderelly you gotta go now I will a dream is a wish your heart makes and I've been dreaming about this for a long time the door won't open I think it's locked hello yes Cindy do you need something yes I'm trying to get out whatever for um well I don't want to be cooped up in the Attic but also the king is requiring all girls to go to the castle to try on the slipper so just doing my duty well he didn't mean you he could possibly be you you didn't go to the ball you were too busy cleaning right but he said all the ladies yes well I'm saving the prince from wasting his time it was brazilís shoe and she will be princess in no time wait what no wait that was mine excuse me my mistake of course it was jacilla who wouldn't fall for her exactly I'll let you have after the wedding Tata rats what are we gonna do you have to marry the prince cinderelly you're meant to be I know my stepmothers up to something but I can't stop her from in here you have your phone you're right and I know just the person to call oh this is impossible we've seen two hundred and thirty-eight princesses and none of them fit the shoe she's got to be out there father I just know it we'll find her and then she and I will be Wed you at least have to learn to ask what someone's name is for goodness sake next excuse me I think you've got this all wrong I was just on my way to nollans and I was told I have to come in here and tie my shoe yes my dear all the ladies in the kingdom are trying on the glass slipper yeah but you see I don't even wear heels I'm more of a flats kind of girl does this seem like her son I'm not sure she does have two eyes no oh it hair Hey it's just really hard to remember it was like it was once upon a dream Oh buddy that's a whole nother story what since you're here why don't you just come try on the shoe okay van sorry it's way too small good luck with your quest Thanks are there any more village girls willing to try on the shoe I don't know that's good in the window and see where is it where's that shoe aha and this one looks identical God loved that prime shipping oh they're coming back why look at the line of village girls outside she must be out there somewhere I sure hope so it was the most magical night of my life well you think you'd remember her more Oh nurse am I in the right place okay your turn this doesn't fit it's like sized for a man hello my prince a prince good to see you again again is this the girl have you met before maybe I don't know I feel like you look a little different oh I changed my it's me I had so much fun at the ball dancing and eating snack we didn't need any snacks / – busy dancing and gazing into each other's eyes oh that's right when I said eating I meant um gazing yes are you ready to get married I'm ready to be a princess first things first you have to try on this shoe that will be the true test if you are my son's mystery girl of course I'd love to I've been looking everywhere for that shoe thanks for finding it like it fits like a glove oh my goodness it's her son we found her yeah I know my memories hazy but she she doesn't seem like this girl well if the shoe fits Princip hi I'm offended you don't remember you're dizzy boo not really to be honest with you son she fits the shoe it has to be her we must ring the bells finally going to have okay I guess I shall alert the kingdom royal hey Cinderella I'm glad you called me right something's up I knew it I snuck over here and they had me try on the shoe but as I was leaving I caught your stepmother switching out the shoe for a larger one now the prince thinks Drusilla was the girl he met at the ball Oh No I've gotta get out of here somehow don't worry we'll get you out of there while she was switching the shoes I snuck the key out of her pocket you've always got to be one step ahead of these villains I'll hurry over there we've got to stop this wedding girl dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join Prince Charming and Drizella that's princess Gisela to you you're not a princess yeah why did you think mother is Anastasia you're ruining everything if anyone objects to this Union speak now or forever hold yes excuse me I've got a lot of objections over here and who are you I'm Tiana but I'd like to introduce you to my best friend Oh Cindy that's her that's the girl Cinderella the shoe that my foot it's me charming I can prove it I have the other slipper here it is you I knew it charming shall bury Cinderella and the three of you shall be banished from this kingdom for your trickery now let's talk about your wedding cake because you know I am the best Baker in town you're the best thank you remember me of course now we can find live hashtag happily ever after ooh but this time to avoid all this could I get your email address [Laughter] today seems like the perfect day to ruin someone's day I choose beast it's only fitting I mean he ruined my life by stealing bail for me so yeah should do the trick hello dear Belle and Beast come visit me on the island like right now love Moana PS this is not fake tension doesn't sound that bad I wouldn't mind escaping this eternal winter for a few days right now why didn't mommy leave me with his fishhook what am i regular turn someone into flamingo or something what's the worst that could happen wanna 1r you'll be fine I better find somewhere safe to hide how he's hook huh what's taking them so long oh they don't scare you I don't know of course you'll scare the Islanders and then they'll trap him and belt will have to come back to me and my new castle okay I think my waist fishhook is safe there is no way anyone is going to find it hey hey hey I can't tell you where it is otherwise it wouldn't be a secret anymore no I don't like Maui more than you it's just that he's you know big and a demigod and it's just a little intimidating you like my lucky flower thank you come on let's go see what kind of adventure we can get ourselves into Oh guests on you looks great before but you're even more handsome as a prince oh there's no way Belle can deny you now you're strong you're great hair and now you have this awesome amazing huge castle hashtag winning we were so excited to visit you that we put the first flight to MOTU Nui oh well you know you're always welcome here where did you find that fish hook I plugged it coconut we need a further snack well I thought this instead let it go Oh be careful it's a magic fish hook it belongs to a friend of mine magic demigod magic my friend Maui uses it to control the weather shape-shift fight monsters did you say oh yeah Maui shape ships all the time my favorite is when he turns into a cute little panda oh are you thinking what I'm thinking I think so wanna do you think bees can use the fish up to turn back into a human I'm not sure I'm always the only one that knows how to use it I just want to be human again okay fine how hard can it be right thank you thank you thank you mallanna okay so now he usually swings the hook when he wants to shape-shift okay follow my lead I just wanna swing it like you mean it whoa what's happening hey I don't think red Mata Nui anymore where are we oh no my lucky flower how are we ever gonna find our way back home you're right there has to be help around here come on ladies you waitin on your own so annoying let's go Hannah okay look hey flowers lots of flowers maybe if I pick the right one it will give me good luck and we'll find our way back home huh well Oh what do we have here I'm sorry is this your garden I just need one flower wait a minute I know you you're that chief princess Marana I like your movie Hey ah yes that's me I'm so lost can you help uh where's Belle you know Belle I was just with her and went to Nui and then this big storm happens and I flow away and I landed here anyway can you help me get back home sure but um first I'm gonna need you to help me so we circle the island ten times the money's in here we take a journey okay we can't have negative thoughts maybe I don't want to land in the ocean let's use her canoe and go out there and see if we can find her you said you're gonna help me but this looks like the exact opposite of helping me uh correction I said I would help you after you help me help you with what you're going to help me marry my one true love well besides me talking about it let's video chat bells so someone's requesting a video chat nope it's your friendly neighborhood stud is here with me I don't want to marry you why don't you get that it's up to you pal if you want to save your friend then you'll have to just marry the most handsome man alive sounds like a win-win to me most handsome huh see even more weather agrees oh yes done you're the monster we're in the know the ocean we'll never get there in two hours I see you're a genius we can use the hook to create another storm which can fly us back to the castle thanks Pierre help mo Anna what help uh I don't worry I'm sure Belle will be here to marry me soon but in the meantime can you just like deep it down just marrying me Belle why is he here we don't know yeah that's not gonna happen because you see I'm the Prince now whoa now that's gonna leave a bruise in the morning let's not tell Maui about today's little adventure yeah

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