Church involvement when you have an unequally yoked marriage: Clip from Podcast 158

So you kind of hit on this just a minute ago, but
someone in unequally yoked marriage, the one that is the Christian, they want to be in church,
so I do things like that. How does that look? What will that look like for
someone as they try to involve church? Should they make their spouse
come to church with them? How would that play out? Well, I think it plays out differently with every couple. We talk a lot about personally tailored parenting, and personally tailored marriages,
and personally tailored discipleship, and frankly, I think some people are actually fine
with their Christian spouse going to church or being a part of a small group or whatever it might be. I don’t think because you
married a non-believing spouse, you still want to make sure
that you’re building your faith. But the fact is that, you want to be really careful not to
turn them off in the process of that. What’s funny is when you have kids,
and you’re in that situation, a lot of times it’s the kids,
they’re going to do a program at Church. Their little kids are going to do a
Sunday school program, or they’re going to do singing in church. Dad’s not going to church, example:
“Dad will you come and see me?” Saying and Dad shows up. But I do think that the fact is,
when you have an unbelieving spouse, you have to be careful not to
have them jealous of the church. Because you are married to them,
and so, there’s not you can find times when your spouse is not having
to give you up all the time. I know somebody who doesn’t go to church on
Sunday because it’s the spouse’s one day off. And the spouse is a good guy, he just
doesn’t happen to love Jesus, and so they don’t go to church on Sunday. But they have actually found a church
that meets at five o’clock on Friday, and the spouse doesn’t get home until seven,
so they go to church on Friday. Now again, I’m not telling
everybody to change churches I’m just saying I actually thought
that was a pretty good thing. The same Church does have Sunday services and so
one day hopefully, this spouse will say “Hey, let’s go.”

Michael Martin

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