Christmas Wedding Planner | Official Trailer | Harlequin (2018)

I'm in the business of luck hello everyone I would like to present to you the bride-to-be miss well you handled that very well thank you can you handle that I was hard looking at Todd you expect me to believe that some mysterious person hired you to ruin this wedding you know if you want to make sure the wedding goes off without a hitch you always help me out hey Connor I didn't know you were having a deep sigh where pies do it nah what made you change your mind well if Todd isn't who says he is then I want to help protect Emily I think she's incredible I can't stop thinking about her I feel like I'm a kid at Christmas time you're so adorable we all need to indulge our sweet tooth every now and again there are times in our lives where we simply must take control not given to silly ideas or romantic notions that love conquers all you take Emily Wilson [Applause] I love you

Michael Martin

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  1. The world is a diverse place and I know there are some misguided souls whom not even this awful trailer would discourage from giving this movie a chance. I am here to warn them. DO NOT. I watched this eyesore so you don't have to. I am a changed woman for having had to sit through this, and this is my message. However bad you think it's going to be, it's worse. If you value your time in any way, STAY AWAY. Those ninety minutes of your life would be better spent watching paint dry. I know cheesy Christmas movies tend to be "so bad they're good". It is important you understand this is NOT one of them. This might be the most frightful piece of badly edited, poorly directed footage ever to (dis)grace Netflix's Christmas movie portfolio. I do not know how this managed to get an OK at every step throughout the typically lengthy process of releasing a movie (although in this case, I'd say unleash, rather than release, is better suited). I suspect a bout of mass delusions or a similar psychogenic ailment had befallen the team of people in charge of those decisions. Frankly it doesn't matter as the damage is done. I have never reviewed a movie on the Internet and certainly never will again, unless, god forbid, somebody manages to outdo the sheer dreadfulness that Christmas Wedding Planner has achieved. You have been warned. Watch at your peril.

  2. we all know the REAL lily van der woodsen would never be caught DEAD at a party with these hoes smh gossip girl was too bold

  3. omg im so thankful to this trailer because now i can actually study without watching this movie lol

  4. It is just me who feel that there is no happy ending for the bride:(
    Her friend got married to her ex-boyfriend that broke her heart, on her dream wedding
    Who wrote this script?

  5. One of the worst movies I have ever seen, I could act even better than the actress in the principal role, its a waste of time

  6. Thank god I read the comments before watching the whole thing. Paused that shit right away bless u all

  7. I just watched the movie … pretty girls, handsome guys , cool dresses and accessories etc but suchhhh a duuuumb Movie 😂 lol

    That moment when it’s so bad that it becomes actually good lol 😝

  8. It's one of those movies where you already know the plot and everything about it without even watching it. I'm still gonna watch it tho because I'm a loser for sappy, cliche, overrated, – okay you get the idea – romance.

  9. They’re actually married now! All the couples in all the Netfic Xmas movies are still togeth! … In my mind, at least. Such an enchanting time to live!

  10. Worst movie I've seen in a long time. Just saying. Volunteer acting at it's worst lol. Seriously terrible. Hour and a half of your life you cannot get back

  11. Literally all these comments are I’ve watched the whole movie in 2 mins.Big deal…get over it😂

  12. Am I the only one who got confused because they couldn't tell the difference between the groom and the love interest? They all look the same lmao

  13. You can literally see EVERYTHING from this trailer. They could have at least left out the actual wedding so there'd still be some mystery around whether this guy we don't give 2 shits about is cheating on his fiancee.

  14. It would be nice to see more fucking diversity in hallmark movies. It’s always the same looking white guy and white girl and the entire cast is white 🙄 what’s the excuse? There is none. No black, no Indian, no spanish, not even a mixed race person. Tragic

  15. I want to say it's so bad it's good…. but it's actually SO bad it's AWFUL!!! WORSE directing of any movie EVER!!! Santa will give this movie to all the boys and girls who have been bad this year!!! Tut tut!!!

  16. Oh boy is this movie annoying.
    The lead actress is this spineless cartoon character. The guy just treats her like a little girl and she just takes it. It’s really painfully annoying to watch. It can not be stated enough HOW cartoony this woman is.

  17. For anyone searching for the movie on YouTube and want to watch it for free. I just found it

  18. I read the title of the film and thought it was a college humor sketch making fun of every Christmas movie trope ever. Nope, turns out they’re serious

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