Christine Evangelista On a “Darker” Season of ‘The Arrangement’ | In Studio With THR

(upbeat music) – I’m Oliver Trevena in studio
for The Hollywood Reporter, joined by the lovely
Christine Evangelista. How are you? – I’m good, thank you.
– I’m loving this outfit. – Thank you very much. – Nearly wore the same one. Glad I didn’t, glad I didn’t. – Yeah, I don’t need the competition. – No, you don’t. You’ll do quite well with it. You do well with competition. – Do I? – I think so, I think so. Right now, it’s all going
well, it’s all going well. The Arrangement, I mean; Season Two. That’s good.
– I’m very excited. I am excited about it, yeah. – Yeah, yeah, it’s quite the show. – Yeah, I think so. – I was pretty shocked. It’s, uh, it definitely touches on a lot of Hollywood’s, kind of, naughtiness. That’s exciting, very juicy.
– Dark side. – Very dark side.
– Dark side of Hollywood. – It’s out there.
– It is. – The dark side is out
there, and kind of shining this light on it. Well, not really a light, it just shines more darkness on it. – (laughing) It just gets darker. – Yes, Megan and Kyle. What a pairing. – Yeah, match made in Hollywood heaven. – It is a match made in heaven. There’s love there, though, as well. There’s the contract, but there’s love. – Yes, there has to be love. – [Oliver] There’s many layers
to it, may layers to it. – There has to be love. That’s what keeps it going, you know. The initial thing comes in, and they have this great chemistry, and that’s what fuels this
whole thing to begin with. But I think they’re both
very flawed characters, and that’s also something
that bonds the two of them. – Right.
– You know, in this heightened situation under this contract, you know, and with all these other
external forces around them, that’s what really keeps it going. – It’s amazing, and you guys
have such great chemistry. – I’m so lucky.
– From the get go? – Yeah, from the get go. – Very ugly man, hard
to be attracted to him. – I can’t even, I am such a great actress. – You’re such a great actress. The way that you pretend
he’s good-looking is great. It’s really well done. – God, he’s so good looking. It’s so annoying. – Is that the first time you
met Josh, doing this project? – Uh yeah, actually. We met, if you watched the pilot, there’s a scene where Megan walks in, and she meets Kyle, they
do this whole thing, that’s exactly how I met Josh. – So that exact scene– – He got the job before I did, so I’m on the screen test and I walk in, and we meet, and everyone
in the room was very nervous to see how we interacted with each other. Do, could, we have that chemistry, and I remember them, like, they were taking all
these photos with the two of us together, which
doesn’t always really happen, but we met there, and I
fortunately got the job, and we fortunately get
along, so it’s a win-win. – Double win.
– Yeah. – Bonus, bonus. Megan, though, in the show, I
mean, there’s a lot of depth. There’s so many layers
and emotions, as well. It’s a very, I watched
a few of the scenes, and reliving the kind of
assaults and stuff like that, it’s very emotional. – It’s a great character for me. Very empowering character that allows for a full range of
emotion, and you see her go through this, I mean,
complete transition. You know, whether it’s navigating
overnight superstardom. How does that affect you? Um, this relationship,
the cult-like institute, how does that affect you? And I think it’s a really great character for an actress to play. I feel very lucky.
– Right. You do it very well.
– Thank you. – You did the crying
and all that very well. Maybe too well. How is that when you
do an emotional scene, and it’s like that, then you go home? Are you just completely beat? – I always say, I made
a joke the other day, I wish I was a musician. – Okay.
– I saw you the other day at the iHeartRadio Awards, because when a musician is on stage and they give a great performance, the crowd goes wild. An actor gives a great
performance, you hear, “Alright, cut, hot snacks
in the back, moving on.” And you’re just kind
of like, on the floor, having just had this
totally emotional release and it’s just– – You know what we need to do? Employ someone to cheer in the back. – To clap. I’ll put it in my rider, Christine needs applause all the time. – I’m sure there’s people
out there who would do it. (Christine laughs) I’ll take a gig. – I would never do that. – I’d come by the set one
day and just cheer and clap. – You’re such a good friend. – I’ll do that; I am a
good friend, thank you. – There’s a lot of great
acting classes I’ve had. I’ve had some really great
teachers that have helped, you know, whether it’s sense memory that brings you to that certain place, or it’s just mechanical, like, there’s things that you could
do with your eyes, you know, Anthony Hopkins, he
changes the way he looks. He focuses, that’s how he
could stare for so long and really hold a scene,
because he changes the focus between the right eye and the left eye. – [Oliver] Wow. – Tricks of the trade. – Mr. Hopkins can do that. – Yeah, if it works for him, it’s gonna– – Yeah, yeah, that’s good, that’s good. – I’ll take it! – Yeah, yeah, I like the research. So Season Two.
– Yes. – Coming up to like,
close to few episodes in, halfway through somewhat,
maybe, by the time we show this. What can we expect? For someone that’s not
tuned into season two yet? – Season Two is, I know
people say all the time, it gets darker, this really does. And it goes to a place
I was surprised even. You know, Megan is very
empowered this season, and how she uses that. She’s really leading with
her mind this season, and last season she was
really leading with her heart. Um, I think that, a lot of the agendas with all of the characters were revealed. You know, everyone really
does have their own motives. And a lot of that comes
to the surface now, and you know, who could be
trusted, it’s a very tricky– – [Oliver] Are you gonna push it more? Are you gonna push it more?
– Yes. I think there are surprises,
not just with Megan, you’ll see a lot more of Kyle, too. What keeps him bound to the Institute? Um, which is also very dark and devious. So you’ll see a lot of that. – When you’re reading the script, are there points where you’re like, are we really, are we gonna do this? – Yeah, there are. – Because, especially with today’s climate and stuff like that, it’s
touching on a lot of stuff. – For sure, and when
we wrapped Season Two, it’s when the Me Too movement started to gain some steam, so
I think we’ve reached a tipping point in society where we want to talk about these things. They’ve always been around,
they’ve always existed, and we feel empowered now. I keep using that word empowered, but I think it’s definitely
a keyword of this season, and of course, the time
that we’re living in. Especially for women, which I– – She also has empowered
tattooed on her arm. – I do. It’s on my lower back. (laughing) – It’s on your lower
back, perfect, perfect. – That’s ironic. – Um, but saying that
you mentioned that Megan was leading with her heart
and now with her mind, what do you lead with? What does Christine lead
with in everyday life? – I don’t know. What do I lead with?
– You have no idea– I don’t know where, people lead me around. I just follow them.
– Yeah, you follow. You follow, okay, okay, good. – No, I think I lead with my mind. – Okay.
– You know, I like to say I lead with, or, no, maybe not. I do some crazy things for love. I don’t know; I’m a mixed bag. (laughing) – She’s confused. We’ll leave that as an
up-in-the-air answer. Also, saw you on The Walking Dead. I used to watch The Walking Dead as well. It was great. If you could cross over
to any show right now, if you could do an appearance on any show, because shows have amazing guest stars, what show would you like to pop onto? – Hmm, I love The Affair.
– Okay. – The Affair is such a great show. I really, again, a
relationship, but I love how it separates, and you see the same situation and how people interpret that differently. I’m so fascinated by
that, because it’s true. What we hear is not
necessarily what was said. And all the things, our
history, and how that plays into our decision-making, I
think that show is fantastic. – I can see Megan and Kyle
crossing over on The Affair. – Having an affair– – When they have an affair.
– Yes (laughing). – I mean, I’m sure that’s
gonna happen, surely. – Oh, hmm, ahh. You’ll see.
– That’s a yes. That’s a yes if I’ve ever seen one. Um, we’re gonna wrap
up with THR’s Top Five. – Okay. – TV show you watched as a
kid that you wish you were in? – Oh, uh, Kids Incorporated. – Kids Incorporated? I don’t know that one. – It was like a Mickey Mouse thing, but they had skits and yeah–
– Oh okay. Was it The Mickey Mouse Club? – It was like the same
era, similar type of show. But I loved Kids Incorporated. – Okay, did they dance and stuff on there? – Yeah. – ‘Cause you were telling
me you used to tap dance. – I was, I’m a big dancer, yeah. – We’re gonna get some
tap dancing, maybe– – Ooh.
– Maybe not. One word to describe your
journey as an actress so far? – (sighing) Tenacious. – That’s a good one. You could have just gone with (sighing). – Yeah (laughing). – That’s a good description. Favorite movie soundtrack? – Oh, uh, Garden State. – Oh, okay. Actually, I’m gonna add something to that. If you could have any
artist play your soundtrack to your life, who would it be?
– Ooh, oh, oh, Bowie. – Okay. That’s a good one, that’s a good one. I didn’t know if it was gonna
be someone from last night. – Oh yeah.
– From the I Heart– – Britney Spears. – Britney Spears, Britney Spears. Um, one actor who inspires you? – Meryl Streep.
– That’s a great one. – Yeah, I mean, I think
everyone says that. – No, no, actually. – Really?
– No, you’re the first. – Really? I do love Audrey Hepburn, too. – Okay. – I love watching her movies. Whenever I feel down I put on an Audrey. – Yeah. What’s your go-to? What would you put on
right now, an Audrey movie? – Oh, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, yeah. – If you could only appear
onscreen with anyone in your next project, who would it be? – John Turturro. – [Oliver] Well, that’s
an interesting one. – Yeah, I love him. I think he’s a great director, too. Um, but he’s like, a character actor. – That’s a real interesting one. – Yeah, he’s really good.
– Okay. You’ve got some layers, haven’t you? – I should hope so. – Can we see you tap dance? I’m just kidding. (Christine laughs) She went
for it, she nearly went for it. The Arrangement, Season Two. Christine Evangelista.

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