“Choose Love Now” Sacred Bull Shit Ceremony

I am T.c. Jeste, I am here with the Temp;e of the Cosmic Joke and we are sharing our sacred bullshit
ritual with you this is not something we of hot shit here today so in honor of
all of you who are functions that are of hot shit here today so in honor of
all of you who are hot shit that are now we’ve been talking about choosing
love all day but some of us can’t choose love life yet because we have blocks and
we’ve talked about our backs and we talk love life yet because we have blocks and
we’ve talked about our blocks and we talk our shit are the super hard intense
teachings this game of life is an educational simulation and we are all
here to learn and we get very tough lessons and some of our lessons are shit
super hard intense teachings remember that the next time and you think gets
really hard in your life you tell yourself this is a shitstorm
and the shitstorm is full of super hard intense teachings to help me navigate
through life and level the fuck up we’re all here to lighten up and we can’t
lighten up until we let go of our shit so today we are standing by the bull
initially this has been attended to be at the Bulls head but it’s rather
appropriate and I will point out that this
particular fall is noted for having and I will point out that this
particular Bull is noted for having we’re in this space with this silly
story about happy money money doesn’t make us happy we know that that’s why we
end up full of shit because we’re chasing things to make us happy so we
need to perjure shit but first you need chasing things to make us happy so we
need to purge our shit but first you need running away it’s trying to free itself
and so part of what we’re doing here is honoring this bowl and reversing the
energy sacred bulls are very much a part honoring this bull and reversing the
energy sacred bulls are very much a part was taking a sacred animal and using it
for blood sacrifice let’s sacrifice this bullshit right so I got a little happy
there but I want it I want it I just bullshit right so I got a little heavy
there but I want it I want it I just for strength and for bravery and when I talk to Karla about this ceremony
I’m gonna put this year for now I said I have this vision there are there are
parts of the world where they literally take bullshit and they transform it from
a smelly heap into something that’s really useful right they bake it in the
Sun and they use it to build things and they use it as kindling so I said
wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had something symbolic to represent the
bullshit and by God somebody found these amazing chocolate cookies to represent
the shit so what we’re going to do is as everybody is going to get a piece of the
sacred shit right and we are going to bless the shit and then we are going to
consume our shit because we can’t get past our shit to a place of pure love
your freedom your joy until we let go of our shit at part of the reason that
we’re full of shit is because we don’t love our shit so we
need to love our shit and we need to love other people’s shit because we’re
all full of shit we really are so as much as we can reach that place up I
call it the space where confidence and humility meet it’s it’s the state of
being comfortable right we are both confident and humble but we
can never be too confident because we are ultimately shit but I assure you
this is not real shit even though we do practice trickster magic in the temple
the cosmic joke this is actually a beautiful chocolate cookie so for those
we have a lot of people here so for those for those who everyone’s going to
get a piece of shit in the form of chocolate which is cacao which is a very
very powerful sacred plant right I’m trying God
dammit what I’m talking about is shit so we have a very large we have very
large symbolics cacao cookies and we also have a pure cacao to give to
everyone to use to represent it so I pointed first bless this and then we’re
many helpers who can just pass this out but we it’s always good to give
gratitude before we make any sort of offering whenever we consume anything
whenever we give something so we say thank you to the plants to the animals
to the fungi to the air, the earth, the fire and the water and all other beings have
gave of themselves that we may be beautiful loving joyful and free
may all beings be peaceful loving joyful increase and now you may all have a
piece of shit that was so beautiful let’s do it again Bullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll shitttttttttttttttttt one more time we’re releasing a lot of
energy here folks This is a little reminder, we thanks you all for joining us for this sacred bull shit ceremony, a reminder to love your shit Love other people shit. We invite you to turn to somebody beside you and say I love your shit… I love Your shit.. The Vowel movement we’re having a serious vowel movement here and you know when we said this the vowel
yeah like these are the sounds that can come through us but you know we clear off the bottom when we sit on the toilet them into it we can actually have clear out the shit
they needs to come out through the through the top can we try the vowel
movement altogether so we can go through the vowels maybe start with A and I can found it how about an E.. E e e e e e i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i it’s good on the
toilet it’s also good anywhere O. o.o ,o o, o o o o o everybody just make up make up that a vowel
sounds like it’s a vowel movement keep it going
I love your shit guys, I love your shit…

Michael Martin

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