CH-5 每週主日獻花系列 Church Flower Arrangement #5

Dear friends, today I demonstrate to you a kind of Opposed-Style suitable for display in the church. In fact, opposed-design, ideally placed around each pot of ad, the best distance between the two 15 feet flower Sometimes the church may be placed at a long table, although only about seven feet long, but the length can be placed boxer Intermediate positions can put a bible, a potted plant and then placed in the respective left and right To be noted that a boxer does not mean symmetrical, two potted do not need to do exactly the same, only need to do is close it may be on the line, but in the main match can be a little floral respectively Here I have done a pot placed on the right of work, I demonstrate how to do it in a pot on the left I will first make a line with horsetail (Horse Tail), that support up to 36 inches, I’ll put it vertically placed in here, into the mud part to two inches deep, because it is relatively high, so the foam to darker I then placed in an intermediate position a second branch, the length of the cauda equina (Horse Tail) Each of the separated two inches, 36 inches, for example, the highest, followed by 34 inch, 32 inch, 28 inch, and so on I will now put 32-inch long ponytail in the middle position, is two inches deep into the foam In addition shortest Mawei (Horse Tail) is 28 inches long, and I will put it in the far right, you can see where three Mawei (Horse Tail) of I then add one more between the two, the 32-inch ponytail (Horse Tail) on here, so to do it like an organ effects If all our work to make a left and right opposite, this style is very beautiful, so it looks Mawei (Horse Tail) is a branch under the oblique, echoed around Now we can see five Mawei (Horse Tail) the placement, I first put up, and then placed in the middle of that branch, and then put most of the sides, and finally put the remaining two, appears to be oblique down We do the opposite type of work, not necessarily symmetrical, but the lines will be the same After placing ponytail, I will use the Violet (Matthiola), were cut into 24-inch and 20-inch, put them on the left, the first 24-inch display here, another branch in its side, and the right side of the basin of symmetry Then I would use green iron leaf (Cordyline Terminalis), it placed near the bottom left of the flower foam, about five will be enough I will add the remaining position Sabah leaves, you can put a few small branches The right side of the basin placed on the half part of the Cymbidium, Cymbidium shorter than down, I put it here, you can also put a short side in the foam, it is directed towards upward When using an independent Cymbidium, we can put it installed inside plastic bottles of water, and add the stems, so they can be placed in this position, Cymbidium are all focused on display Then I’ll put in these positions roses, roses are the longest 14 inches, the other can be a 10-inch, 8-inch and 6-inch, focus placed on the left Some roses can be cut shorter, about five inches, placed side in the foam this location As for this space, I’d put bellflower (Eustoma), its length does not need to be too high, and the longest one is about 13 inches is sufficient, placed here We can then put some of the shorter bellflower (Eustoma) here, placing flowers and pot does not require exactly the same position on the right, the same as long as the whole line will be able to The remaining bellflower (Eustoma) placed, can be more casual, densely placed in this position, so that about two basins is consistent look up I mentioned earlier the two symmetrical flower does not need to do, as long as the whole line will be the same, other floral decorations can be more flexible and can now add some leaves We can put tea leaves or Aglaia, we usually put the leaves twice, the first time it is placed at the bottom, in the second place after the completion of other flowers, was used to cover the floral foam, before decoration flowers . We floral shining if this step would have been better Finally, we put in this position left Playmates (Limonium), the highest Playmates (Limonium) 14 inches long, the other about 8 inches to 10 inches, densely placed on the left, stay away will be more obvious watch We can see this today opposed style furnishings, can influence each pot placed in the church, ideally placed on the altar seven feet long or desktop, you can use the middle of a Bible or a cross to separate it We see this work two basins, a shape like organ, the right of the basin, I Mawei (Horse Tail) from right to left, placing high to low, left just the opposite direction of the basin As for the floral aspect, potted two methods can be placed separately, such as the right of the basin of the Cymbidium placed too high, the left is relatively low, and bellflower (Eustoma) placed position, we are very close There are other floral Playmates (Limonium), green iron leaf (Cordyline Terminalis), Sabah leaves and Aglaia. This week, we can try to buy this floral, doing this type of work opposed

Michael Martin

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  1. hermoso trabajo felicidades, es usted muy creativo. ¿puede darme la lista de los nombres de las flores y hojas que utilizó?, voy a tratar de hacerlo el fin de semana.

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  3. Bravissimo come però non riesco a vedere come fai la composizione perché ce la traduzione davanti te lo ripeto all'infinito " non riesco a vedere quello che fai se non togli quella scritta davanti al video " grazie ciao

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