Ceremony II College of Arts & Sciences -Sanchez School of Business

(background chatter) (“The Stars and Stripes
Forever by John Philip Sousa”) (crowd applauds and cheers) (background mumbles) (background chatter) (“Pomp and Circumstance”
by Sir Edward Elgar) (audience applauds) (audience applauds) – Please be seated. I would please ask that you
either turn off your cellphones or put them on vibrate. Good afternoon. I am Pablo Arenaz, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Want to welcome you to
Texas A&M International University’s 2016 Spring
Commencement Ceremony. This is a second of three
ceremonies we will have today. This afternoon, the A.R.
Sanchez, Jr. School of Business will graduate 151 students, and 22 graduate students from the College of Arts and Sciences will receive their degrees. This morning, the College
of Arts and Sciences awarded 306 undergraduate degrees. Later this afternoon,
the College of Education, the College of Nursing and Health Sciences and University College
will graduate 198 students. In total, by the time we finish today, we’ll have graduated 680 students. (audience applauds) As is our tradition, we
will now present the flags of the nations that are represented in this afternoon’s graduating class. As each flag is introduced, will the graduating
students from that country please rise and remain standing. Brazil. (crowd cheers) China. (audience applauds) Colombia. (cheers and applause) India. (applause) Mongolia. (audience applauds) Uruguay. (audience applauds) Mexico. (audience erupts
in thunderous cheers) The United States of America. (extreme cheers and applause) This afternoon, the U.S.
Flag is being presented by members of TAMIU’s Army Reserved Officer Training program. Please rise and join
Claudio Arias, Director of the soccer program in
singing the National Anthem. ♫Oh say can you see ♫By the dawn’s early light ♫What so proudly we hailed ♫At the twilight’s last gleaming ♫Whose broad stripes and bright stars ♫Through the perilous fires ♫O’er the ramparts we watched ♫Were so gallantly streaming ♫And the rocket’s red glare ♫The bombs bursting in air ♫Gave proof through the night ♫That our flag was still there ♫Oh say does that star
spangled banner yet wave ♫O’er the land of the free ♫And the home of the brave♫ (audience applauds) You may be seated. We have such talent among
our faculty and staff. I was afraid the flags were
gonna fall off the walls. This afternoon, the
university mace was carried by Dr. Jim Norris, President
of the Faculty Senate. The faculty marshals who led the students in the processional are Dr. Kate Houston, Assistant Professor of Criminal
Justice (audience applause) and Dr. Jorge Brusa, Professor of Finance. (audience cheers and applauds) The A.R. Sanchez School of Business is recognizing outstanding
graduates this afternoon by asking them to serve as student marshal and college banner bearer. Will you please rise when I call your name and remain standing? Serving as student marshal is Gabriel Gil, (audience applauds) and the banner bearer is Jessica Prieto. (audience applauds) Congratulations on your success. You may be seated. I am now pleased to
introduce the stage party. To my left is Dr. Ray Keck,
President of the university. (audience applauds) Next to Dr. Keck is Mr. Robert Albritton, Texas A&M University System Regent and our commencement speaker. Next to him is Dr. Minita Ramirez, Vice President for Student
Success. (audience cheers) And next to her is Ms. Candy Hein, Associate Vice President for
Institutional Advancement. To my right is Mr. Juan Castillo, Vice President for Finance
and Administration, and next to him is Rosanne Palacios, Vice President for
Institutional Advancement. We are also joined by Dr. Steve Sears, Dean of the A.R. Sanchez
School of Business. (audience applauds) Dr. Tom Mitchell, Dean of the
College of Arts and Sciences. (audience applauds) Dr. Catheryn Weitman, Dean
of the College of Education. (audience applauds) Dr. Glenda Walker, Dean of the College of Nursing and Health
Sciences. (audience applauds) Dr. Conchita Hickey, Dean
of University College. (audience applauds) Dr. Jim Norris, who
was introduced earlier. (audience cheers and applauds) Dr. Jeff Brown, Dean of
Graduate Studies and Research. (audience applauds) Mr. John Alaster Love, President
of the Alumni Association. (audience applauds) And Mr. Joshua Llamas, outgoing president of the Student Government Association (audience erupts in cheers) who seems to have a following. I now invite Dr. Keck to the podium to introduce our commencement speaker. (audience applauds) – Soon to be graduates,
ladies and gentlemen, parents, citizens of South Texas, it gives me great pleasure to introduce today’s commencement speaker,
Mr. Robert L. Albritton. Robert Albritton graduated with honors from Texas A&M University in 1971, where he majored in both
Economics and Marketing. Upon graduation, Mr.
Albritton commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in
the United States Air Force. Mr. Albritton has had a storied career in the business world. In 1978, he joined Texas American Bank as Senior Vice President. Shortly thereafter, he formed
his first independent company, Albritton Development
Company, which became the holding company for other ventures including Mayfair
Capitol, Albritton Energy, an oil and gas company,
and Albritton Partners, a nationally recognized real
estate development company. In 1988, he formed
Mayfair Investments, LLC, a company he continues to
serve as Chairman and CEO. In 1994, Mr. Albritton started Railroad Controls Limited, RLC. Under his leadership,
RLC became the largest, privately owned railroad signaling and communication company in America. Expansion of services to
railroads has continued with the formation of
RCL Wiring and RCL Burco, another company he continues
to serve as Chairman and CEO. Mr. Albritton has served
a number of public and private sector boards. He’s active in several charitable
and civic organizations, involved with both United
States Golf Association and the Southern Golf Association. And of tremendous and
paramount importance to us, Mr. Albritton was appointed in 2005 by Governor Gregg Abbott to our Texas A&M University System Board of Regents. As a Regents of our system,
it is his responsibility to oversee, guide, and protect the academic and university lives of all the students under the name of A&M. Regent Albritton, welcome to Laredo. (audience applauds) – Good afternoon. It is always a wonderfully
auspicious occasion to stand before graduating students, students that have put in so much work, so much time, so much dedication. President Keck, faculty, staff, families, friends, and
especially you graduates today, I want to tell you that as a Regent and on behalf of all the other Regents within the A&M system, we are extremely, extremely proud of what you
have accomplished today. Now, I can’t tell you
that I know exactly what a dust devil is. (audience giggles) However, I know what they are when they’re out spinning around, but I’ve tried really hard to visualize a dust devil as a mascot. And luckily, after the last
ceremony, I got to see it. I must tell you, I’m still very confused what a dust devil is. (audience laughs) This is an incredibly unique school and one that I hope you all
have grown to appreciate through your time here. This school has the
largest Hispanic enrollment of any school in United States of America. (audience cheers and applauds) This school has one of the top five return on investment for each student. And what do I mean by that? Which to me, is probably
one of the greatest indicators of success here. And what that simply means is the cost that you have expended
to get your education will have one of the greatest
returns through your life. And to say that you’re in
the top five of colleges in this country is something
that you should also be very very proud of, especially Dr. Keck and your entire faculty and staff. (crowd applauds) Today is a day of dreams. Every one of us dream about this day as we start our first day in kindergarten, elementary school, middle
school, high school, and here we are at the culmination. I’m gonna ask you never to stop the dream. Always dream, dream big. Dream the impossible. And then have the perseverance
to pursue that dream. For it is the dream that
gets you up every morning, and it is the dream that you chase. And let me make sure you understand, I never want you to catch that dream. Every time you approach your dream, I’m gonna ask you to
change your dream again. Dream something bigger. Look at something bigger. Never ever, ever quit. You don’t quit in anything in life. You have obviously, every
single one of you all sitting here have not quit over these last four, five years. You have shown that you have
the perseverance to succeed. I’m gonna ask you to take
that same perseverance out into this great world
which you’re about to enter. I’m not here today to impart
all kinds, bits of wisdom ’cause you have to have that
to be able to impart it. And I do though, want to leave
you with a couple of things. Number one is that, years
and years and years and years and years and years ago, I sat
where you’re sitting today. And I can tell you beyond
the shadow of a doubt, I have no earthly idea who
my commencement speaker was. So there will be no tests. My job is not to have you try and remember what was said here today. My job is to basically say congratulations and say that the world waits for you. Don’t ever ever, ever be
afraid to make a decision. You’re gonna be faced with many
many decisions in your life, and the sooner that we
learn to make decisions and act on those decisions, the better we’re gonna be. The other is, a lot of people today, use success as a bad word. It’s a bad thing by a lot
of people to be successful. They say that you are successful at the expense of someone else. Well, I dispute that. I know very very many successful people that have spent their life making sure that others had every
opportunity to succeed such as they did. To succeed requires action. Action requires decisions. Decisions that may be correct, they may not be correct. But I will tell you to succeed, you have to learn how to fail. You will never ever be successful if you’re afraid to fail. You will never put yourself
in a position to succeed because you are frightened of failure. Remember that failure is usually just one millimeter away from success. Did someone who qualified
for the U.S. Olympics in the 100-yard dash and
finished sixth or seventh, did they fail? No, they didn’t fail. They tried, they were in the race. They put themselves in a
position to be in that race. That’s what you have
to do every single day is put yourself in the
position to be in the race. Never ever be afraid to fail. Never ever forget though, what the sting of failure felt like. It’s not something that
we wanna do every day. But what we do learn from that sting is we’re not gonna make
that same mistake twice. But the flip side to failure is that you put yourself
in a position to succeed. You did not come here, you
did not spend all this time asking the right questions,
studying the right courses, committing yourself to get
here today to not succeed. Success takes many forms. A lot of people always say, “Well, success is what does
he have in the bank account.” And I’ma tell you, that is
not the measure of success. Measure of success is,
have I dreamed the dream? Have I done everything I
can to attain that dream? And am I as good as I possibly can at what it is I’m trying
to do within that dream? That, at the end of the day, is success. None of you all would be here, I guess, if you did not have the support of your parents, your
grandparents, your friends, your siblings, and at this point in time, if I could, I’d love
everyone in the audience that has a child, a
friend here to stand up and let us recognize
you for the sacrifices you’ve had to make on their behalf. (audience applauds) The other thing I’d like
to ask is a show of hands of those that are the first in
their family to get a degree. (audience applauds and cheers) Well, I can say that you’ve already proved that you’re leaders. And through this leadership,
you’ve paved the way for others in your
family and other families to follow in your footsteps. That’s leadership. As I said earlier, learn from your mistakes. Do not be afraid of those mistakes. Also, understand that the
degree that you have today, more than likely, you
will not use that degree over the entire period of your life. As a matter of fact, most of
you will be in occupations that have really not much
to do with your degree. As a matter of fact,
most of you all will have two to three entirely different
careers over your lifetime. That is the excitement of life. That’s the excitement of an education because what they taught
you here was again, to ask the right questions, to persevere, to challenge, and then to succeed. I’d like to share with you a personal message about failure, learning from failure, and then finally learning how to succeed. I have four children, all of ’em Aggies. My second oldest son was an adventurous young high school
student to say the least, and one day I got a
call from the principal and he said, “Mr. Albritton,
I’ve got some bad news for you. “I’m gonna have to suspend your son.” I said, “Well, what happened?” And he said, “Well, we had
another PDA experience.” And I go, “Well, what exactly is,” I mean, you can imagine, PDA. “What is PDA?” Public display of affection. I’m going, “Now that has a
lot of connotations as well.” Bottom line is I said,
“Well, let me tell you what. “I don’t want you to suspend this boy. “I want you to expel him.” And he goes, “I beg your pardon.” I said, “No, it’s time that he learns “there are consequences for decisions.” Usually, good decisions,
good consequences. Bad decisions, usually bad consequences. So I picked him up, and
in Fort Worth, Texas, there’s this street downtown that has three recruiting offices. They’ve got the Army,
they’ve got the Navy, and they’ve got the Air Force, and I said, “Son, pick one.” Of course he looked at me. You can imagine how he looked at me. He said, “You’ve gotta be kidding me.” I said, “Oh, we’re not
kidding at all, pick one.” So he did. He picked the Navy. The Navy said this is great,
but you gotta get a GED. He said, “Okay.” He proceeded to get his GED. He then went in the Navy. He was on the USS Teddy Roosevelt when the first airplanes
launched to attack Afghanistan. He decided that the Navy maybe
wasn’t what he wanted to do, so he said, “Dad, I
don’t know that I wanna “make a career out of the Navy.” I said, “Well, that’s great, “but you’re gonna have to have a plan. “There’s no reason to get out “not knowing what you’re gonna do.” So he came back and said, “Dad, I wanna go to A&M,
and I wanna be a banker.” And I said, “Well you’re not
gonna get into A&M immediately. “You’re gonna have to
go to junior college.” He went to a junior college in Fort Worth, and he graduated with a four point. He was accepted into Mays Business School, and he graduated with a four point. He left the school, was hired by a bank, excelled there, and is now
successfully running a company. The reason I shared this is that you never ever, ever stop. You continue to chase. You continue to do what is
needed to be successful. In closing, before I confer
for you to give the degrees, which is really the only purpose y’all bring me here for
anyway, (audience laughs) I understand it. I wrote a letter. I wrote a letter to the world on your behalf. And if you’d allow me, I’d
like to read this letter. Dear World, our Dustdevils graduate today. It’s all going to be sort
of strange and new to them for a while, and I wish you
to sort of treat them gently. You see, up to now, they
have been king or queen of the roost. They have been boss of the backyard. Their parents have always been near to soothe and repair their feelings. But now things are going to be different. Today, they are gonna
walk across this stage, wave their hand, and start
out on the great adventure. It is an adventure that might take them across continents, across oceans. It is an adventure that
will probably include wars and tragedy and sorrow. To live their lives in the
world they will have to live in will require faith, love, and courage. So world, I wish you would
sort of look out after them. Take them by the hand
and teach them things they will have to know, but
do it gently if you can. They will have time to learn
that all people are not just, that all people are not true, but teach them also that
for every scoundrel, there is a hero. That for every crooked politician, there is a great and dedicated leader. Teach them that for every
enemy, there is a friend. It will take time, world, I know, but teach them that a nickel earned is far more valuable than a dollar found. Teach them to lose so they will enjoy winning that much more. Steer them away from envy if you can, and teach them the
secret of quiet laughter. Let them learn early that bullies are the easiest people to
whip in the schoolyard. Teach them the wonders of books but also let them ponder
the eternal mystery of birds on the wing, bees in the sun, and flowers on the green. In life, world, teach them
it is far more honorable to fail than to cheat. Teach them to have faith
in their own ideas, even if everyone says they are wrong. Teach them to be gentle with gentle people and tough with tough people. Try to give these graduates
the strength not to follow the crowd when everyone is
getting on the bandwagon. Teach them to listen to all people, but teach them also to
filter all they hear on a screen of truth and take just the good that siffles through. Teach them how to laugh when they are sad. Teach them there is no shame in tears. Teach them there can be glory in failure and despair in success. Teach them to scoff at sentence and beware of too much sweetness. Teach them to sell their
brains and their brawn to the highest bidder, but never ever put a price on their heart. Teach them how to close
their ears to a howling mob but to stand and fight if
they think they’re right. Teach them there are things and times when they must gamble, and there are times when they must pass the dice. Treat them gently, world, if you can, but don’t coddle them because only the test of
fire makes great steel. Let them have the courage to be impatient. Let them have patience to be brave. Let them be no man’s man or woman. Teach them always to have
sublime faith in themselves because then, they will always have sublime faith in mankind. This is quite an order, world, but see what you can do. You see, they are special. They are dustdevils, and they are ready to embrace you. Yours truly, Bob Albritton. I wish each and every one of you all to dream the best dreams, to have a fabulous journey, and to succeed beyond
your wildest imagination. On behalf of the Board of Regents of the Texas A&M System, I congratulate you. On behalf of the Board
of Regents of the System, I now confer that everyone here receive their diploma and tell you again how very very proud we are of each and every one of y’all. Thank you. (audience applauds) – Thank you, Regent Albritton. And please accept this
token of our gratitude and to remind you of a May afternoon in Laredo in 2016. – Thank you. (audience applauds) – Now comes my favorite
part of the ceremony. It is now my honor to
introduce Kiara Elliot, Distinguished Student
Scholar for the A.R. Sanchez School of Business who will
present remarks this afternoon. Kiara, will you please
make your way to the stage. (audience cheers and applauds) Kiara Elliot is the
daughter of Silvana Elliot and Jose Antonio Rosas. She is married to Oscar Garibay. Originally from Salto, Uruguay, Kiara graduated in the top 5% of her class at United High School. Today, she graduates Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, having earned a 3.97 grade point average. And she did tell me who the professor was that gave her the one B
that she has. (giggles) While a student at TAMIU,
Kiara has been a member of the Sanchez School of
Business Accounting Devils and has served as a member of the Texas Community Bank’s
Junior Board of Directors. She also received a VITA certificate. Ms. Elliot plans to pursue a Master of Professional Accountancy and wants to grow professionally by sitting for the CPA exam. Please welcome the A.R.
Sanchez, Jr. School of Business Distinguished Student
Scholar, Kiara Elliot. (audience applauds) – Thank you, Dr. Arenaz. Good afternoon, Dr. Keck,
distinguished guests, fellow graduates, faculty and the staff, parents, family, and friends. It is truly an honor to have been selected to speak before you today as a representative for students graduating from Texas A&M
International University. This is an exciting time for all of us. As we reflect on a chapter
that is coming to a close, I look forward to an exciting
new chapter of our lives. This new chapter will
take us through journeys that may include additional
studies in TAMIU, one of Texas’ top-ranking universities or into the workforce where we can apply all that we have learned
over the last several years. While I am sure we can all agree this journey has been difficult, at the same time, it’s been incredible, because this university
was the perfect place for us to grow, form incredible ties, and meet extraordinary people. This university is fortunate
to have great professors that truly care about our
education and our success. I am sure I’m not just
speaking about myself, but many of us will agree
that we were truly inspired by our faculty. They helped us believe in ourselves and know our capacity to
achieve everything we wanted, even when at times, we
thought this was impossible. For this and the many
more learning lessons that went beyond the
confines of our textbooks, I want to thank the
university’s faculty and staff. Also, this university,
as its name implies, is an international university, which provide us with opportunities to meet and interact
with extraordinary people from all over the world. I am just one of many that is an example of this cultural exchange. I am proud to be from Uruguay. I consider myself part Mexican because my husband and his
family are from Mexico, and I consider myself part American because I have lived here in
the U.S. for almost nine years. Diversity and exposure
to different cultures made our university experience
a lot more enriching, and we are now better prepared to respectfully step forward to lead a more unified world. Remember, here at this university, where we made the strongest connections, we found our study groups, our teammates, our business network, our friends, our best friends, and
maybe, even our soul mates. In the process of growing up and figuring out what we wanted to achieve academically and socially,
we even found ourselves. But don’t get me wrong, university life was not all fun and joy. A lot of hard work,
dedication, and sacrifices was required by us all. To go beyond a high school diploma is already a step above the norm. To enroll for classes, pay tuitions, buy the textbook, actually read them, and go to class, participate, learn and master the
different course materials is quite a daunting task. Surely, we all had stressful weeks full of reading, homework, reports, tests, and presentations
that seemed never-ending, and we felt that we wanted to give up. But our perseverance and determination brought us to where we find ourselves on this very special day. We should feel very proud of ourselves for achieving what we have, with the knowledge that the
best days for us are ahead. Maybe here at TAMIU for further studies or maybe in an exciting new job or in whatever we set our minds to do. Finally, we should thank our parents or family and friends. Without them, we could not have done it. They are our pillars, our
strength, and moral support, and the ones that taught us about honesty, determination, and hard work. They gave us the freedom to dream big and encourage us to follow our dreams. They made sacrifices so we could be here and make them proud for
what we have accomplished. For all this that is made
invaluable today and tomorrow, we thank our parents,
our family and friends. I will end my statement
that I believe embodies this gem here at TAMIU,
what it has meant for us, and what lies ahead for us. As Henry David Thoreau sadly wrote, “Go confidently in the
direction of your dreams, “and live the life you have imagined.” Congratulations, graduates. We did it. (audience applauds) (background chatter) – Kiara, please accept
this gift as a token of the university’s appreciation for what you’ve done over the years and as a remembrance of today. Thank you. (audience applauds) Dr. Keck, will you please
join me at the podium? And now, will the candidates
for the respective degrees and all faculty please rise. Dr. Keck, I certify that the graduates whose names will appear on
the official graduation list will have completed all work
required for their degrees and will be in compliance
with the policies and regulations as approved
by the Board of Regents and published in the official catalog of Texas A&M International University. On behalf of this community of scholars, the faculty and staff, I recommend that their
degrees be conferred. – By the authority invested in me, by the Chancellor, by the Board of Regents of the Texas A&M University System, acting under the enabling legislation establishing this university and in pursuance of the recommendation of the faculty and
academic administration, I hereby confer upon each of you the degree to which you are entitled with all its rights, privileges,
and responsibilities. Baccalaureate graduates, you may now move the tassel from right to left. Congratulations. (audience cheers and applauds) Please be seated. – Marshals, will you please escort the candidates to the stage. – Mr. President, I now present
to you those individuals upon whom a baccalaureate degree from the A.R. Sanchez,
Jr. School of Business has been conferred. Jessica R. Aguilera. (applause) Dylan Allen. (audience cheers) Priscilla Almanza Maltos. (applause) Justin Alvarado. (applause) Hector Andres Caballero. (applause) Edgar Raul Campos. (cheers and applause) Lysa Marie Canales. (cheers and applause) David Canseco. (cheers and applause) Erika Carriedo. (audience cheers) Yesemia G. Carrizales.
(cheers and applause) Juan Eduardo Castillo. (applause) Roxanna A. Castillo. (audience cheers) Jesus Alexandro Cavazos. (loud cheers) Rocio Cavazos. (loud cheers) Paulette Elizabeth Chavira.
(thunderous cheers) Nancy Colchado. (cheers and applause) Mayra Alejandra Cortes.
(audience applauds) Crystal Cristina Cruz. (audience cheers) Azalia De La Garza
Sanchez. (audience cheers) Graduating Summa Cum Laude,
Kiara Elliott. (applause) Paola De La Garza. (applause) Rogelio Adrian De La
Garza. (audience applauds) Stacy Kristel De La
Rosa. (audience cheers) Jeanette Dominguez. (audience applauds) Angel Flores. (audience applauds) Graduating Cum Laude, Jessica
Gaitan. (audience cheers) Andrea Galvain. (audience applauds) Arturo Ivan Garcia. (audience applauds) Luis A. Garcia, Jr. (thunderous applause) Adrian Garza. (immense cheering) Hugo Garza, Jr. (audience applauds) Graduating Magna Cum Laude, Linda Garza. (audience cheers and applauds) Luis Alberto Garza, Jr.
(immense cheers and applause) Graduating Magna Cum Laude,
Gabriel Guillermo Gil. (audience cheers and applauds) Sam Magruder Goldfarb, III. (boisterous cheers and applause) Christian Penniel Gomez.
(audience cheers and applauds) Tania Gonzalez. (audience applauds) Luis Enrique Hernandez.
(audience cheers and applauds) Daniel Allen Hurd, Jr. (audience applauds) Ruben Alberto Lara. (thunderous cheers) Graduating Cum Laude, Andrea
Lazalde. (audience applause) Emilia Adan Lerma, Jr. (vigorous cheers) Maria Guadalupe Luna. (audience cheers) Graduating Magna Cum
Laude, Yesenia Macias-Pena. (audience cheers and applauds) Athena J. Martinez
Serra. (audience cheers) Gloria Stephany Martinez.
(audience applauds) Nayely Alejandra Martinez.
(audience applauds) Mark Anthony Mitchell. (audience cheers) Daniela Molina Medellin. (audience cheers) Diana Mondragon. (audience cheers) Jeanette Morales. (audience applauds) Kimberly Lizette Moreno. (audience cheers) Jennifer Katherine Ochoa
Cortez. (audience applauds) Cynthia B. Ontiveros. (explosive cheers) Stephanellie Ortega. (audience applause) Beatriz Ortegon. (audience cheers) Giselle Astrid Ortiz. (audience applauds) Rafael Oviedo. (audience cheers) Graduating Magna Cum
Laude, Marianna Pantoja. (audience cheers and applauds) Adrianna Elizabeth Pedraza.
(audience applauds) Argenis Perez. (audience cheers) Jeanette Perez. (explosive cheers) Jose Luis Pichardo,
Jr. (audience applauds) Graduating Magna Cum Laude,
Jessica Isabelle Prieto. (explosive cheering) Jose Pulido, Jr. (audience applauds) Carlos Quiroga. (audience applauds) Randy Quiroz. (audience applauds) Cecilia Ramirez. (audience
cheers and applauds) Graduating Cum Laude,
Daisy Yvette Ramirez. (audience applauds and cheers) Karla Karina Ramirez. (audience applauds) Norma Elizabeth Ramirez.
(audience applauds) Juan Sebastian Ramirez
Yanes. (audience cheers) Graduating Cum Laude,
Denise Carolina Ramos. (audience cheers and applauds) Oscar Jesus Ramos. (cheers and applause) Cynthia Rendon. (audience
cheers and applauds) Fermin Rendon, III. (explosive
cheers and bull horn blows) Melissa Yvette Rendon. (audience applauds) Jennifer Joyce Reyes.
(audience cheers and applauds) David Rocha Cunha. (thunderous
cheers and applause) Daniela Rodriguez. (audience applauds) Mark Anthony Rosas. (audience cheers) Daisy Rubio. (audience cheers) Erika D. Saldarriaga. (audience cheers) Graduating Cum Laude,
Denisse Andrea Sanchez. (loud cheers and applause) Humberto Sanchez, III. (audience applauds) Paola Guadalupe Sanchez. (audience cheers and applauds) Sandy Santoyo. (resounding
cheers and applause) Carlos A. Serna. (audience applauds) Adelina J. Simpson. (audience cheers) Eduardo Selchaga. (audience cheers) Graduating Cum Laude, Erika Soliz. (audience cheers and applauds) Ernesto Valdez, Jr. (audience applauds) Kayla Vasquez. (audience
cheers and bull horn blows) Jesus Vasquez, Jr. (audience cheers) Jessica Woo. (explosive cheers) Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for the baccalaureate graduates from the A.R. Sanchez School of Business. (cheers and applause) Mr. President, I now present to you those individuals upon
whom a Masters degree from the College of Arts and
Sciences has been conferred. Ana Kristel Gamboa. (audience applauds) Oscar Leonel Martinez.
(audience cheers and applauds) David S. Santos. (audience applauds) Andrea P. Almaguer. (audience cheers) Desaree Rubio Leal. (audience applauds) Xochilt Tovar. (audience applauds) Jonathan Trevino. (audience applauds) Elia Carolina Garcia
Herrera. (audience cheers) Julia Patricia Orduna. (audience cheers) Betsy Abastta. (bull horn sounds) Hongsong Feng. (audience applauds) Tanya Yvette Garza. (audience applauds) Aldo Vasquez. (audience
cheers and applauds) Jamil Malik Villarreal.
(audience applauds) Gina Nicholette Torres. (audience cheers) Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for the Masters graduates from the College of Arts and Sciences. (audience applauds and cheers) Mr. President, I now present to you those individuals upon
whom a Masters degree from the A.R. Sanchez,
Jr. School of Business has been conferred. Eric Aguilar. (audience cheers) Linda C. Cantu. (audience applauds) Crispin Eliud Caracheo.
(audience applauds) Juan Gerardo Cervantes
Alva. (audience cheers) Joana Ines Cornejo
Flores. (audience cheers) Oscar Javier Daila Gutierrez.
(audience applauds) Ruben Omar de la Rosa
Talamantes. (audience applauds) Cindy Elizalde Ramirez.
(audience applauds) Scheiby Cristheldy Gonzalez Fisher. (explosive cheers and applause) Jennifer Vasquez. (audience applauds) Amanda Marie Garza. (audience cheers) Roque Garza. (audience
cheers and applauds) Jorge Arturo Garza Faz.
(audience applauds) Essengo Gocho Goz. (audience
cheers and applauds) Ann Elizabeth Gutierrez.
(audience applauds) Daniel Efren Gutierrez
Lira. (audience applauds) Ernesto Haynes, Jr. (audience applauds) Alan G. Jackson, Jr.
(audience cheers and applauds) Arturo Jassa Guerrero. (audience cheers) Gustavo Eugenio Leal
Ortiz. (audience applauds) Erika Lopez Rosales. (audience cheers) Orlando Lozano. (audience cheers) Mario A. Martinez. (audience
cheers and applauds) Norma Martinez. (whistles and cheers) Jose Gerardo Rodriguez
Gonzalez. (audience cheers) Lorena Rodriguez. (audience
cheers and applauds) Areli Salinas. (audience cheers) Claudia Guadalupe Sierra.
(audience applauds) Cindy Solano. (loud cheers) Starr Simone Spencer.
(audience applauds and cheers) David Villarreal. (audience applauds) Jose Agustin Villavicencio
Sanchez. (audience cheers) Patricia Alejandra Delgado
Chapa. (audience cheers) David Ed Flores. (audience applauds) Stephanie Lyn Gonzalez. (immense cheers) Anali Ines Guajardo. (audience applauds) Eduardo Hernandez. (loud cheers) Michelle Olivas. (audience cheers) Jose De Jesus Vasquez
Gonzalez. (intense cheers) Alyssa A. Gonzales. (audience
applauds and cheers) Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for the Masters graduates from the A.R. Sanchez School of Business. (audience applause) – Dr. Keck, I have the
privilege of presenting one candidate for the
Doctor of Philosophy degree in International Business Administration. Dr. Bolortuya Enkhtaivan will be hooded by her Mays professor,
Dr. Sankar and Dean Sears. (audience applauds) (thunderous applause and cheers) Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for Texas A&M International University Spring 2016 graduates. (audience applauds) – On behalf of the entire
university community, I congratulate all you gradutes upon the completion of your degree. And just in a few moments, you will go forth into
this beautiful Loredo early summer afternoon, raining, your diploma proclaiming your readiness to enter that
company of men and women prepared by a university to
labor, to lead, and to inspire. We in the university have
done what we can for you, and now it is your turn. Contrary to what is often asserted, I assure you that the world
waiting outside this campus is no more daunting or cruel or complex than the world has ever been. All literature and history,
especially the ancient writings record the same dizzying, confusing array. Cruelty and mercy,
ignorance and enlightenment, greed and charity, falsehood and truth. Different, fragile, without precedent is a government and a society conceived in liberty and
dedicated in the proposition that all men and all
women are created equal. Thomas Jefferson articulated it. George Washington brought it to life. Abraham Lincoln preserved it. Eleanor Roosevelt saw clearly
what it meant for us all. Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King brought reality and dream together. I challenge you, as you begin your work and your new life,
inspired by these examples prepared by this university, that this conviction that the dignity and welfare of each man and each woman is for all of us together, our most precious possession. May it be said when you are done, we are better because he passed by. We are better because she was with us. As with everything else in your life, you needed support to get to this day. Regent Albritton has saluted
your parents and your friends. I invite you to stand and salute and thank the faculty and the
staff of this university that mentored you, guided you, criticized you when you needed it, and loved you to this point. Join me in thanking faculty and staff. (crowd applauds) And I invite Mr. John Alaster Love to offer some words from the Texas A&M International
University Alumni Association. Please be seated. – Good afternoon, fellow Dustdevils. On behalf of the Alumni Association, I congratulate you for
all that you’ve done and invite you to become
a part of the association. Probably like me and my course, some of you will leave the university and go on to find
adventure and profession, but I hope also, like myself, some of you will come back. And so I’ll share briefly part of my experience and story with you. I graduated with a
Masters degree from TAIMU, went on to Florida,
went on to other places in Latin America. My wife is an alumnus of this school, and we moved back to Laredo. About two to three
years into my profession here in Laredo, I started to
come back to the university to participate in the myriad
of wonderful activities we have, including world
class sporting activities, beautiful art galleries, concerts, and forms of entertainment
that don’t exist anywhere else in Laredo and
that we should be much proud of. I decided one day that
I wanted to learn more about the Alumni Association and to simply be with people that I had studied in class with and to really be a part of a younger group that was focused on learning and contributing to the community, not only the university but also the greater Laredo community. We have been very successful in that. I have learned and personally benefited not only from the relationships
at the Alumni Club, but here at the university
and invite you all to do so. You will be very pleased I think. Please go forth and be very proud of all that you have accomplished. Know that the Alumni Association is here with waiting arms, other
opportunities to mentor within the Alumni
Association and the community and above all, make TAIMU proud. Congratulations. (audience applauds) – Now, I invite everybody to stand and join Claudio Arias, who will lead us in the
singing of the Alma Mater, which is printed on the
back of your program. Afterwards, Joshua
Llamas, outgoing president of the Student Government Association will offer a prayer of gratitude. (instrumental for Alma Mater) (“A Song for Texas A&M
International University”) ♫Near to Rio Grande’s waters, ♫Stately towers above the plain ♫Stands our noble Alma Mater ♫Wisdom raised for all to gain ♫Binding nations, hearts and visions, ♫Aspirations ever new ♫Hail to Thee, our Alma Mater ♫Hail to Thee, dear TAMIU ♫Here, neath sun and gentle breezes, ♫Dove and deer lodge safely by ♫May Thy children, safe in wisdom ♫Flourish ever ‘neath Thy sky ♫Pledge we faith and homage ever, ♫Joined in our diversity ♫May time ne’er efface the memory ♫Of our University ♫Binding nations, hearts and visions, ♫Aspirations ever new ♫Hail to Thee, our Alma Mater! ♫Hail to Thee, dear TAMIU! (audience cheers and applauds) – We would like to invite all alumni, family and friends, to dedicate this time for a moment of silence,
meditation, or prayer. And gentlemen, please remove your hats. As we gather this afternoon in celebration of our
academic accomplishments, we are grateful for the completion of this stage of our lives and for the opportunities and
challenges that lie ahead. We acknowledge all those
events over these past years, the joys, hard work, and
even the difficulties, at times accompanied by sadness. For without them we wouldn’t have become the men and women that we are today. We ask for the strength to
change our global landscape, for strength of mind and spirit to productively coexist with
our fellow human beings, and for achieving peaceful
solutions to our global problems. May our new alumni never
forget this part of their lives and may our efforts prove fruitful. Go in peace. – You may be seated. I would like at this time to
recognize three individuals who have served Texas A&M
International University for a combined 88 years. When I call your name, I
ask you to please stand. Ms. Candy Hein, Associate Vice President for Institutional Research
is retiring mid-June after 23 years. (audience applauds) Dr. Conchita Hickey, Dean
of University College is retiring the end of
this month after 39 years. (audience applauds) And of course, President Keck, who is leaving us to take the helm of Texas A&M University at Commerce after 26 years at Texas A&M
International University, 15 of which he has been our President. (audience cheers and applauds) We wish each of you success
in your new endeavor and please do not forget Texas
A&M International University. (audience applauds) Well, congratulations,
TAMIU’s Spring class of 2016. This concludes our ceremony. Thank all of you for joining us. Have a great day, and
celebrate your success today. You have less time than
those this morning, but you have more time than those in the later ceremony. But your journey has just begun as Regent Albritton mentioned. So, I ask that everybody
please remain in your seats until the stage party and
the graduates have left. Thank you very much. (audience applauds) (Instrumental by TAMIU’s Symphonic Band)

Michael Martin

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