CEREMONY: Every Sunday in NYC

Hello, my name is Meredith Edwards and I am the founder of The Sacred Arts Experience, an up and coming platform for creative inspiration. I am so excited to launch a new community outreach program called CEREMONY. CEREMONY is a sacred arts session happening every single Sunday from 2-4pm in the East Village here in New York. CEREMONY is a non-judgmental, all beings welcome, sacred space for us to gather, connect to our truth, explore our inherent creativity from that place of truth, and apply it, implement it, into our daily inner and outer lives. We’ll use a variety of modalities to explore including yoga, movement, guided meditation, creative visualization, reiki, ritual, sharing, etc. You don’t need any experience with any of those things, just show up exactly as you are. The cost is $20, but no one is turned away for lack of funds. I feel very passionate about this being a community service. I think in this age of digital avatars and increasing media hype, it’s very important for us to gather in community to connect to ourselves, to one another, underneath the layers, underneath the surface, underneath those masks that we wear, to really lead and create our lives from that place of truth. So… Ceremony! Every single Sunday beginning October 30th on the New Moon in Scorpio, a good time to start new projects, to access new ideas… it’s also the day before Halloween and Samhain where the veils are the thinnest. It’s going to be a beautiful experience and I hope to see you there.

Michael Martin

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