Celebrity Marriages: Clip from Podcast 134

Are there any exception some pop culture that you
can kind of think of that would be a good example when it comes to their marriage and people
can kind of get it from? Dr. Kim, can you think of any? I’ll think while you talk. I’m not like huge in the pop culture
sometimes the bass or others. I will say like Candace Cameron. So like the full pop star and
now she’s on the view. She loves Jesus. She’s very have been very bold about her faith
and it seems she has a good marriage and she has written a few books about things. and it just really open and honest about even the hard
topics in marriage like submission and things like that. So I would say she’s a great example. I’ve heard great
things that I don’t watch the picture of her shows. In fact we don’t have a house yet. But Joanna Gaines from what I understand, loves
Jesus and it’s a good example with her husband. So do you think there are some exceptions out there
absolutely and then there are some like I guess you can’t call a pop culture but there’s some like
famous Christians you know like that are famous was that they lead huge mega church like Matt
Chandler and Lauren Chandler. Are they kind of celebrities? Not really but that they would be people that you can
get advice from. Atleast from pop culture. I think that’s really good. I think those are great
examples. I think Matt and Lauren, and Craig Groeschel and Amy, they’ve been really like 25 years I think now. So
they’re people are in the spotlight at different times in different ways and certainly they would be someone to
look at of what kind of marriage do they have and especially ones that are open about the
struggles they’ve had. I’m sure that there are maybe people can let us know after they hear this
they’re people were just not thinking of it’s not. I’m sure there are some couples there in that in the entertainment business that have had long marriages and have done that well andit’s just hard off the
top of our minds. I think kind of think about which kind of tells us something too. Yeah absolutely. But yeah we would love to
hear yours so if you want to tweet us at @KimKimberling and let us know which celebrities
you think our role models will reach through ears. So, yeah let us know because obviously we’re
not great at coming up with the marshals.

Michael Martin

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