Career Planning : How to Become a Wedding Coordinator

Hi my name is Stacie Royer and I’m a career
specialist from Austin, Texas. I’m going to talk to you today about becoming a wedding
planner. The first thing that you will need to know about yourself is that you are creative
and that you are very organized, those are two key components of this type of profession.
You will also need to start studying event planning and maybe even attending some free
workshops or different bridal, organizational type meetings in your area. You can also volunteer
or even work for a bridal shop in your area. This will help you in becoming an expert and
obtain the knowledge that you’ll need, you can also start working with vendors such as
catering companies, floral shops, facilities or their directors, and even craft stores.
From that point you might also want to check out on-line becoming a certified wedding planner,
and this will help, just fulfill those requirements that you’ll need for this type of profession.
Last but not least you’ll need to start networking you’ll need to get your name out into your
community and start talking to different people and letting them know the services that you
provide and offer.

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